Mobile eCPM Rates in the US 2020

Programmatic and video is growing in the US marketplace. Also, the in-app purchase trends are much higher in the United States than many tier one countries. With a huge number of advertisers and marketers competing for the US traffic, the in-app CPM rates have gradually increased for top performing ad units. App developers in today’s date enjoy high CPM rates from ad formats like video ads, rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, and native ad units. However, the rates for banner ads are still on the lower end as the industry is slowly moving towards native banners and going away with display banner ads. In this article, we are going to discuss the mobile CPM rates in the US for 2018. Also, we will discuss how app developers and publishers can increase their overall ad revenue with good mediation networks. Also, if you’ve just started with app monetization, you can get a closer look at the various mobile ad networks and the CPM rates offered by these mobile ad networks for US traffic (both Android and iOS).

Admob eCPM Rates in the US 2018

Admob is the most popular mobile ad network with 100% fill rate across all geography. Normally, if you’ve US traffic, you will be having high fill rates across a majority of the networks. The US in-app banner rates are anywhere around 30 cents to 40 cents. The interstitial CPM rates for Android is around $6 while that of iOS is around $10. Also, the CPM rates for Rewarded video ads for Android and iOS is around $13 and $16 respectively. Thus we see that the rewarded video ads have higher bids compared to other in-app ad formats mainly due to higher engagement levels from the users.


  • Banner  0.32 (53%)
  • Interstitial 5.92 (37%)
  • Rewarded Video 12.77 (25%)


  • Banner 0.30 (62%)
  • Native Ads 1.2 (72%)
  • Interstitial 10.13 (44%)
  • Rewarded Video  16.4 (15%)

Tapjoy eCPM Rates in the US 2018

Tapjoy is yet another very popular mobile ad network which has a good presence in tier one countries. The company specializes in video ad and works with premium advertisers and Fortune 500 companies. The CPM rates offered by Tapjoy for US traffic is around $12 for rewarded video ads on Android and that of $14 for iOS. If you’re considering normal video ads, the CPM tends to be more for iOS. Overall, you can use Tapjoy to mediate with Admob to see higher CPM rates for Rewarded video ads.


  • Rewarded Video 12.7 (34%)
  • Video  3.25 (47%)


  • Rewarded Video 13.38 (44%)
  • Video 11.9 (39%)

Facebook eCPM Rates in the US 2018

Facebook has grown to be one of the top in-app ad networks across all geographies where Admob is performing well. With its vast advertiser base of more than 2 million, the network has a stronghold in the in-app market segment in the entire US. Although there are a number of adtech companies coming up every month, the market share of Facebook and Google combined dominates the US market. Here, let us take a look at the CPM rates in the US for Facebook in-app ads. Facebook offers native, interstitial, and rewarded video ads for app developers. The CPM rates for rewarded video ads is comparable to that of Admob. The CPMs are around $12 for Android and $16 for iOS. For native, the rates are in the range of $1-$2 for Android and iOS. The interstitial rates are particularly not very rewarding on Facebook when compared to Admob. The banner with a CPM of around 10 to 20 cents remains at the bottom in terms of app monetization ad formats


  • Rewarded Video 12.4  (52%)
  • Native 0.99 (42%)
  • Banner  0.21 (34%)
  • Interstitial 5.4  (42%)


  • Rewarded Video 16.29 (47%)
  • Native 2.24 (82%)
  • Banner 0.10 (26%)
  • Interstitial 4.3 (43%)

Vungle eCPM Rates in the US 2018

Vungle is a leading mobile in-app video advertising platform that was founded in the year 2011. The network provides a CPM rate which is somewhat on the average side and should be used in your ad stack only as a backfill. The rates for rewarded video is in the range of $4 to $6 and those of video is in the range of $3 to $5. There are other networks which have better monetization rates, but there might be niches where Vungle might perform well.


  • Rewarded Video 4.4 (33%)  
  • Video 2.33 (40%)


  • Rewarded Video 7 (30%)
  • Video 5 (33%)

Adcolony eCPM Rates in the US 2018

Adcolony is yet another popular mobile ad network that offers good CPM rates for Rewarded video ads for US traffic. This ad network has some good presence in US market and also maintains an up-to-date blog on the latest happenings around the mobile ad tech ecosystem. Publishers and app developers can expect CPMs to be ROUND $5-$8 for rewarded video ads. The CPM rates for mobile video ads is comparative much lower when compared with other ad networks.


  • Rewarded Video 5.87 (47%)
  • Video 2.43 (34%)


  • Rewarded Video 8.12 (48%)
  • Video 2.14 (38%)

Unity eCPM Rates in the US 2018

Unity is particularly strong for game developers. The network has premium advertisers and has good rates for converting traffic. Most of the advertisers are in the gaming segment and thus the network performs well for video ads, which creates a high level of engagement for gamers. The CPM rates for rewarded video ads on Unity Ads platform is around $8 for both Android and iOS. For that of normal video, the CPM rates tend towards $5. It needs to be mentioned that the fill rates are particularly higher on Android devices as compared to iOS devices.


  • Rewarded Video 8.65 (71%)
  • Video 4.66 (79%)


  • Rewarded Video 7.78 (35%)
  • Video 5 (46%)

Summing up the overall mobile eCPM rates in the US for 2018, we can come to the conclusion that

  • The CPM rates for iOS is comparatively higher when compared to that of Android by at least 30%.
  • The industry is seeing a rise in the CPM rates for rewarded video ads and for tier one traffic the rates can go as high as $15 and above.
  • Using a mobile mediation network like Appodeal can increase your overall revenue and thus is strongly suggest if you’ve got a growing traffic on your app.

We hope that the mobile eCPM rates for the US mentioned here gives you an idea of the app monetization potential. As stated above, use a mediation network like Admob or Appodeal to increase your overall revenue from Apps.

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