For Publishers: At Blognife we help publishers make more revenue. We have listed myriad ad networks which you can use in addition to AdSense and also our placement optimization guide can help you make more money from AdSense. However, it can be difficult to read about all the ad networks, analyze your traffic and see which one is going to perform well.  Right here, we are going to help you out with the ad optimization so that you can focus on bringing more traffic to your site. If you have a blog with at least 10,000 page views a day or 300,000 page views a month, we can help further monetize your blog with a revenue increase of 20-100%. The scope of the work includes

  • Optimizing your current ad setup
  • Bringing new ad partners to your blog based on traffic
  • Enabling video ad setup for your blog

Our charges will be applicable only after you see a revenue uplift on your blog. So, there is no commitment on your part and this is purely performance based. You’re not losing out on anything. If you’re interested, feel free to connect us at.

Email id: [email protected]

Skype: ronniedey

For Advertisers: Blognife was started with the objective to help publishers monetize their ad inventory from sources other than AdSense. As the adtech ecosystm has grown to support more players, AdSense may not be the only source of monetization for publishers. Every month, we review a number of ad networks which are relevant to our users. However, with the very limited resources at our hand, we are not able to review all the ad networks. If you run an ad network and think it to be a good fit to get your ad network reviewed and published here at Blognife- you’re most welcomed.

  • We take a minimum fee of $200 to publish any ad network review here at Blognife. You can provide us with your content and 2 do-follow backlinks. One backlink will be linked to the homepage and the other backlink will be linked to the signup page. Also, while submitting the ad network review, make sure you include the looking
  • Minimum traffic requirement for publishers
  • Best performing demographics
  • Best performing website niche
  • Average/Median CPM rates for your ad network
  • Screenshots of CPM rates, Dashboard, Earnings report, Payment proof
  • Pros and Cons of your ad network
  • A brief about the company
  • A stepwise signup guide for publishers

We are proud to have worked with the following ad networks

  2. Admitad
  3. Spoutable
  4. Adnow
  5. Adpop
  6. Mediablam
  7. The Moneytizer
  8. ClickAdu
  9. Buddyad
  10. Advault
  11. Adbuff
  12. Ad-Maven and many more..

We’ve seen that reviews which contain the following points stand a better chance to garner more interest among the publishers and also rank well on search engines. You’ll be getting highly targeted signup once you publish your review here. Feel free to reach out anything if you’re looking to collaborate, advertise on Blognife, or simply say a ‘hi’ or want to connect.

Email id: [email protected]

Skype: ronniedey

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Note: Blognife has a readership of close to 40,000 publishers per month and this number is increasing gradually!