AdMob vs AppLovin- CPM Rates, Payment, and Earnings Report

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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 11:06 am

Mobile-specific advertising networks are the best ways to serve ads on the users’ mobile screen. Nowadays, people spend much more time on their phones than on their computers. So, it is essential for ad networks to exclusively serve ads to mobile devices and thus efficiently streamline the process. AdMob is Google’s very own premium mobile ad network that allows publishers to monetize their mobile apps with relevant ads from a huge inventory of advertisers. AppLovin is a popular mobile advertising company which was founded in 2011. They are one of the most trusted mobile advertising networks that enable both mobile apps and games monetization, and also helps mobile app developers to earn higher revenue through it.

In this article, we will do a comparative study of the two premium mobile ad networks and try to understand their pros and cons.

AdMob vs AppLovin: Minimum Traffic Requirement

Since AdMob is owned by Google, it has no minimum traffic requirement. It does not impose any language requirement either. But to become a publisher in this network, you need to have a prior approved AdSense account, and your app’s content shouldn’t be explicit.

AdMob vs AppLovin: Revenue Share Percentage

AdMob has a revenue split ratio of 60:40. The network shares 60% of the generated revenue with the publishers and retains the rest 40%. We didn’t find any revenue share percentage for AppLovin on their site.

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AdMob vs AppLovin: Ad Quality

AdMob, being a Google product, has global reachability and displays high-quality advertisements. It supports cross-platform monetization (Android, iOS, and Windows). Publishers can customize text ad units with specific colours and fonts to maximize visibility and click rates.

They support all major mobile ad formats such as video, native, interstitial, and banner ads which are very useful to optimize your revenue. Their lightweight custom SDK is designed for your app platform to deliver higher quality ads for both mobile and Apple TV apps.

AdMob vs AppLovin: Publisher List

AdMob is used by top app developers around the world like Etermax, Cheetah Mobile, Backflip Studios and Fingersoft.

DoubleClick AdX is an inventory partner of  AppLovin.

AdMob vs Applovin: CPM and RPM Rates 

The earning model of AdMob is based on a CPM basis, though there is also some CPC advertising available. The revenue is highly dependent on the location of the traffic. AdMob provides lower rates of CPM compared to AdSense. The average RPM on Android platform lies in between 15 cents to USD 1.50 while on iOS, it is between 20 cents to USD 2. They have excellent fill rates and competitive eCPMs. Interstitial ad units have an RPM rate of USD 2 to 4 for Android platform and USD 3 to 5 for the iOS platform.

AdMob vs AppLovin: Payment and Earnings Report

AdMob follows the monthly payment cycle. The minimum payout threshold is USD 20. It supports payment through several portals which include ACH, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. AppLovin pays publishers on a NET15 basis through several options such as PayPal, ACH and Wire Transfer. The minimum payout threshold is USD 20.

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While Admob is a whole ad network to monetize global traffic, AppLovin has expertise in monetizing traffic from North America and parts of the EU. Also, the revenue varies from ad formats, and both these mobile ad networks can be used together with any mediation platform like Mopub, Mobfox or Supersonic. We hope this article has been useful and expect your continued support to help us create more engaging content.

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