Applovin eCPM Rates, Payments, and Earning Reports: 2023

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Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 04:28 pm

Mobile Marketing platforms have been on a hike since the expansion of internet marketing and more technological insight being put in the same. Owing to that, many such platforms have been designed to increase the hustle about ads to serve the same to the larger audience. One such platform is AppLovin, which promises to grow mobile users, as its marketing platform will exponentially increase its reach to being new users, display relevant content by optimizing the insightful information provided by consumer actions and reach your marketing goals by driving app engagements and more. This article studies its pros and cons to understand the benefits provided by it and the probable results it can cater. Take a look at Applovin’s eCPM rates and see if it is suitable for app developers like you to get started.  

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  • Applovin Minimum Traffic Requirement

    With no minimum traffic requirement being provided AppLovin provides a way in for both the high volume and low volume apps to pose as publishers.  However, having said that you 

    Applovin Ad Quality

    With a global reach, and a variety of ad formats, AppLovin provides a fairly good ad quality. It also works with developers across top-ranking iOS, Android and Amazon Apps, and with the use of their lightweight SDK, monetization can occur quickly with quality in-app ads in all major formats for mobile.   

    Applovin Ad Formats

    It offers all the major ad formats to one and also gives a fair amount of options to ensure that the interests on one is catered to, in the best of ways. Any of the ad formats can be used, which includes native, video, interstitial, banner ads and more. One may also choose a mix if that suits their users the best. Whatever be it, it strives to provide the ideal experience and help optimize revenue in the process.

    Applovin eCPM Rates

    The eCPM rates offered by Applovin is in par with some of the top mobile advertising networks like Admob, Facebook, and Tapjoy. However, the rates are higher for US traffic and the demand across the Applovin network is high for US audience.  Thus, we would recommend Applovin if you’ve a higher volume of US traffic. The rewarded video CPM rates for US traffic is in the range of $12 to $15. While those of video ads are in the range of $10. Applovin’s eCPM rates for native ads vary and is based on the type of the apps. Generally, app developers can earn anywhere between $2 and more from native banner ads using the platform.

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    Applovin Payments and Earnings Report

    AppLovin vouches to deliver profitable net results to its advertisers, assuring higher revenues. Working with top Publishers across the world, provides it with the desired global reach that help cater ads to the publishers around the world. Their payment is on terms of Net 15, i.e. payment is received 15 days after the end of the month, with a fair amount of options for the same too i.e. one can make use of PayPal, where the minimum payout threshold is of $20 or Wire Transfer where the minimum payout threshold is of $150.

    Applovin Final Verdict

    Ezoic banner

    Applovin is performance marketing suite that help advertisers with better ROI and allows developers to make robust revenue out of their inventory. The network can be used along with other popular mobile ad networks to boost your overall ad revenue. Especially, when used along with a robust mediation network, premium mobile ad networks increase the overall competition for every impression and thus generate much higher ad revenue. Hope this article on Applovin eCPM rates for 2023 was helpful!

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