Rewarded Video eCPM Rates 2023

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Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 04:40 pm

Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing demand for in-app inventory. This is mainly because in-app inventory offers better ROI for seasoned advertisers and marketers as they get to tap into the intent of the users. We have seen a global surge in in-app advertisements. However, over the past few years, ad networks have been busy understanding the ad formats that have a better engagement for in-app visitors so that advertisers get better ROI. While banner ads are the poorest of all ad formats in terms of performance. In this article, we are going to discuss rewarded video CPM rates for 2021 as this ad format has seen growing popularity among app advertisers, and developers see strong CPMs when they implement this ad format on their apps. In this article, we take a detailed look at the rewarded video eCPM rates of 2021. 

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  • Rewarded Video eCPM Rates for Android

    Rewarded video ads have the highest CPM across all in-app ad formats. The average CPM rates are around $12 for Android for tier one countries and $5 for tier 2, and close to $3 for tier 3 countries for Android. However, the rates are average and have to do a lot based on the conversions, engagements, and niche of the app.

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    Rewarded Video eCPM Rates for iOS

    The rates for iOS are comparatively higher than compared to Android, mainly because of a more mature audience and better conversions and hence ROI for advertisers. The average CPM rates are around $16 for tier one countries, $10 for level 2 countries, and close to $5 for tier 3 countries. However, the rates vary a bit depending on the ad network and the specific country. So, following this, we are going to discuss the average rewarded video CPM rates for popular goes like the US, the UK, and India.

    Rewarded Video eCPM Rates in India

    India is a growing market for in-app advertising. As such, there aren’t many advertisers who are using in-app advertising apart from global brands. As a result, the overall CPM rates for rewarded video ads are comparatively lower. We expect the numbers to grow in the next 2 years as more digital initiatives are taking place. As the rewarded video is a new in-app ad format and would take some time to gain popularity among local advertisers. The rewarded video CPM rates in India for Android are around $1. This is way lower when compared to the CPM rates for tier-one countries. However, the same rewarded video CPM rates for iOS are in the range of $5. We believe most of the advertisers using this ad format are actually targeting global traffic, and well-converting traffic should see higher CPM rates.

    Rewarded Video eCPM Rates in the US

    The US has a more mature market when it comes to advertisers and marketers. Also, the demand for US traffic is higher. This makes the CPM rates go higher in the US, and the rates for rewarded video ads are also high. If you’re using Admob, the rate is around $13 for Android and $16 for iOS. The rates are somewhat similar to Facebook ads also. Both Admob and Facebook account for the largest market share in the in-app advertising segment in the US. There are a few other mobile video ad networks in the US that offer good rates for rewarded video ads. The ones that need a mention here are Tapjoy and Unity ads. Tapjoy’s CPM rates are around $13 to $14 for rewarded videos. The network works with some of the top Fortune 500 companies and has good advertising spent across its network. This enables Tapjoy to offer great rewarded video eCPM rates for tier-one traffic in the video segment. Unity ads, on the other hand, have tie-ups with top gaming advertisers and can offer CPMs as high as $10 on apps that have to convert traffic for their advertisers. So, overall the scenario of rewarded video ads in the US looks like this—

    • Admob- $13 on Android and $16 on iOS (average)
    • Facebook- $12 on Android and $16 on iOS (average)
    • Tapjoy- $13 on Android and $12 on iOS (average)
    • Unity Ads- $9 on Android and $8 on iOS (average)
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    Rewarded Video eCPM Rates in the UK

    The programmatic, video, and in-app market segments are continuing to show strong solidarity in the UK market. The rates are steady, and the in-app inventory is being utilized by all leading brands across the UK to drive engagement, sales, and app installs. Similar to the US, we see good engagement for rewarded video ads in the UK market as well. The rates for rewarded video ads on Admob for the UK market are anywhere around $10 (Android) and $16 (iOS). Facebook also comes as tough competition by taking the second position in terms of revenue returns to its app developers with $9 (Android) and $14 (iOS). The only other network which is worth a mention is Unity ads which has a rewarded video eCPM of around $8 which can go as high as $15 to $20 if the ads are targeted towards the right app and the audience where the conversion would be pretty high and consistent.

    • Admob- $10 on Android and $17 on iOS (average)
    • Facebook- $9 on Android and $14 on iOS (average)
    • Tapjoy- $9 on Android and $9 on iOS (average)
    • Unity Ads- $7 on Android and $5 on iOS (average)

    The Future of Rewarded Video Ads

    Ezoic banner

    Over the last few years of introducing the rewarded video ads, both app developers and advertisers have benefited from this ad format. While programmatic is becoming more hard-wired on advertising campaigns, we hope in-app advertising will continue to grow, and the engagement for in-app advertising will be high as well. The average CPM rate for rewarded video ads has been pretty consistent in the last few years, and the growth potential for the same seems to be high. While we would see more in-app ad formats that can benefit app developers in the long run with superior monetization opportunities, the rewarded video ads have been a great source of revenue after interstitial ads came into existence. We believe that developers are integrating this ad format into their apps since the rewarded video eCPM rates are highest across all geographies.

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