Admob vs Doubleclick- A Detailed Comparison 2020

Admob is undoubtedly the biggest mobile ad network for worldwide traffic. The network was founded in April 2006 by Omar Hamoui and was later acquired by Google in November 2009. Google built its mobile advertising technology in Admob and currently, it is the biggest network helping app developers monetize their apps and also help them with audience acquisition. On the other hand, Doubleclick is an ad server run by Google to help publishers both big and small serve ads to their websites. The tool is free for small publishers with less than 90 million impressions per month and is priced for premium features. The premium version of Doubleclick provides more tools and is appropriate for publishers who have direct advertisers. In this article, we are going to do a detailed comparison between Admob and Doubleclick, and how they help app developers with ad network mediation.

Admob Minimum Traffic Requirement vs Doubleclick Minimum Traffic Requirement

Publishers need to have an approved account to use both Admob and AdSense. It is important that an AdSense is linked with Doubleclick to fill the remnant inventory. Similarly, an Adsense account is required for Admob so that the earnings on the Admob account can be made payable via AdSense. Once you’ve got an approved AdSense account, you don’t necessarily require any minimum page views for your site or app to get started with a double-click or Admob. However, it needs to be mentioned here that your App will be reviewed by Google’s App Review team before it can get approved on PlayStore.

Admob Mediation vs Doubleclick Mediation

Admob offers mediation for app developers which lets them earn higher rates since the mediation network optimizes the ad rates and shows the ones which have the high earning CPM, and lets developers earn higher rates. Doubleclick doesn’t provide a network mediation but the platform can work on a waterfall model when there are a number of ad networks and can run on price priority. While this can work best for web publishers, the same

Admob Fill Rates vs Doubleclick Fill Rates

The standard fill rates for Admob is almost 95-100% and it is true for all geographies. However, for Doubleclick, the fill rates depend on the campaigns being served by on the publisher website. However, if the publisher has enabled AdSense as a backup, it can be used to monetize the remnant inventory through targeted AdSense ads. So, essentially, both Admob and Doubleclick can offer 100 percent fill rates for your traffic.

Admob Ad Quality vs Doubleclick Ad Quality

The ad quality of AdMob is in standard with the quality of ads maintained by Google. The network is extremely careful when choosing the right advertisers, and thus maintains a strict approval policy for all its ads. The quality of the ads served by Doubleclick has to do more with the publishers and their tie-ups with the advertisers. Since most of the ads served by Doubleclick are from direct orders, it is up to the discretion of the publishers to review the quality of the ads.

Admob Revenue Share vs Doubleclick Revenue Share

Google takes a revenue share of 40% with Admob. This means, if an advertiser is paying $1 for a click, the publisher gets 60 cents and Google takes a cut of 40 cents for providing the technology platform and the services. On the other hand, Doubleclick is essentially a free tool for publishers and Google doesn’t have any revenue share or impression cut for ads being served through Doubleclick. However, Doubleclick runs on a SAS model, and the premium features of Doubleclick is available for specific rates. Generally, the premium version of Doubleclick is available by Doubleclick Resellers at $10,000 per month. The Doubleclick Premium version is applicable for publishers who are doing more than 90 million impressions per month.

Admob Earnings Report vs Doubleclick Earnings Report

The AdMob earnings report can be found on the Admob dashboard once you navigate through the dashboard. Here you can see the CPM rates, earnings report, and the revenue earned by you for the current month. For Doubleclick, you don’t have any earnings report. However, you create reports and deliver those to the advertisers. The reports can be custom created by the publisher and have tabs like CPM, impressions, Number of clicks, click-through-rates, and more. This is however not an earnings report for the publishers, but rather a revenue report for the advertiser.

Admob vs Doubleclick: Payment Terms

Admob pays its app developers on a NET 30 days basis. The payment is made by to the AdSense account of the app developer once he or she has accrued the minimum threshold of $100. If he or she is running Adsense on other digital properties, then the total cumulative payment threshold is counted a $100 and not AdSense alone. For DoubleClick, Google need not send any payment to the publishers. Also, Doubleclick doesn’t accept payments on behalf of the advertisers. The tool only offers reporting, billing, and invoice for advertisers.

Final Verdict: Admob vs Doubleclick

FillAdmob is one of the best mobile ad networks for ad developers. The mediation platform offered by AdMob is robust and helps developers make more money. Doubleclick is a recommended for app developers if they want to show in-house ads on apps like sticky banner ads or mobile in-app interstitial ads. However, mobile mediation with Doubleclick is a bit difficult and Admob is the recommended network to get that worked. We hope that this Admob vs Doubleclick comparison has been helpful for app developers.

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