Taboola vs AdSense- CPM Rates, Payments, and Earnings Report

When it comes to website monetization, online advertising continues to scale new heights. Online advertising makes use of sophisticated tools to customize the user experience, which results in a direct response from the intended user. Various advertising technologies have come up to serve ads better in a more tailor-made way. Native advertising is the fastest-growing advertising technology and will continue to grow at an exponential rate owing to its ability to attract almost 60% more traffic than traditional advertising. This advertising technology has managed to find a balance between profitability and user experience by seamlessly integrating related ads with quality content. Taboola is one of the oldest and largest native ad networks, enjoying a notable market share and recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.  Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising in which ads are placed only when they correlate with the text content on the website or blog. Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network that has been around for a long time and has more than proved its worth in monetizing a website. AdSense is considered to be the largest and best ad network by many.

In this article, we will do a relative study of two of the largest and most popular ad networks in the world, namely Taboola and Google AdSense.

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Taboola vs AdSense: Minimum Traffic Requirement

Taboola requires publishers to have at least 1 million monthly page views. After signing up, the publisher registration will be reviewed, and the publisher will be asked to sign an NDA if a minimum traffic threshold is needed. The ad codes are set up once all this is done. It accepts all sites.

Google AdSense does not have a specific traffic criterion for becoming a publisher. The only criterion on the part of the network is that the website must have substantial-quality content posted with regular frequency. The network accepts sites in all languages supported by Google. Google AdSense has strong policies that websites need to abide by to sustain their membership in the network. The network does not accept sites that have adult content or content related to violence, racial intolerance or any other illegal activity.

Taboola vs AdSense: Revenue Share Percentage

Taboola shares  50% revenue with the publishers, which is quite steep when compared to industry standards.

AdSense offers 68% revenue to publishers who display content advertisements. However, the publisher revenue share drops down to 51% if the ad platform is primarily used on the search platform. Google keeps the rest as an acknowledgement of the services rendered.

Taboola vs AdSense: Ad Quality

The ads from Taboola are of high quality; although sponsored content units can sometimes appear spammy. Taboola has a robust regional advertiser base globally, which results in great variety in creatives and nature of the ads.

Google AdSense delivers very high-quality ads of all its brand advertisers across all its publishing networks. This is a huge factor that makes it hard to beat the network. AdSense supports a variety of ad formats. The banner ads and video ads served by AdSense are especially noticeable.

Taboola vs AdSense: Publisher List

Taboola has some of the biggest brands like Forbes, NY Times, TMZ and USA Today on its publisher list.

AdSense has an unparalleled global reach and is used by everyone ranging from large companies, medium-sized businesses to small-time users. Mashable, Times Network, eBay, HubPages are a few of its top publishers.

Taboola vs AdSense: CPM and RPM Rates

Taboola is a PPC network where publishers only get paid for clicks. Average CPC varies from 2 cents to 5 cents but is usually low for Asian traffic. The RPM of a Taboola ad can get up to $2 and more depending on the traffic quality and location. Taboola has a fill rate of almost 100%. Additionally, if you’ve traffic from the US, Taboola video ads can get you additional revenue from it. 

Adsense offers CPM rates in the range of USD 1 to 3. The average AdSense ad RPM lies in the range of USD 5 to 10 for a broad niche. In the case of competitive niches with more excellent CPC, the rate is around a much higher USD 100. AdSense has a fill rate of 100%.

Taboola vs AdSense: Payments and Earnings Report

Publishers in Taboola network are paid on a NET 30 basis once they have managed to attain USD 100 in their accounts or even if it is lower. The payment comes as a direct deposit through Payoneer to Indian publishers, after their accounts and PAN details are verified.

AdSense follows a monthly payment schedule. It pays publishers through several modes such as transfer through cheque, Western Union, EFT and Rapida. The minimum payout threshold of AdSense is USD 100. AdSense provides detailed reports about ad clicks in real-time.


In terms of ad quality, Taboola is very good. The signing up and payment withdrawal processes can be quite arduous for Taboola. But that can be understood considering the kind of services they provide. The performance and eCPMs provided by Google AdSense are unmatched and getting started with it is not much of an issue either. This is the reason that AdSense has such an extensive network of almost 14 million websites. While partnering with Google AdSense is not strict, publishers can get disqualified due to Google’s stringent policies. Such is not the case with Taboola. The Taboola network does not impose any restrictions when it comes to content on publisher sites. Thus, for publishers who get banned by AdSense or those who do not get accepted in the first place, Taboola can be a great alternative.

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