10+ Taboola Alternatives List of 2018 for Publishers and Marketers

Taboola is one of the fastest growing content recommendation networks of 2018. Recently it reached half of the world’s audience according to a data released by Comscore. Over the last 10 years, Taboola has scaled as one of the most popular native ad networks and a preferred Adsense alternative for publishers. In the year 2015, it bought Covert Media and developed its video marketing segment over it. Today, Taboola help publishers monetize their editorial content by displaying both content recommendations in the form of story and video. A lot of marketers use Taboola to grow their audience and enhance ROI and brand awareness by targeting the right audience across premium websites and channels. There are very few alternatives to Taboola in the native marketplace who works on a scale and effect as that of Taboola. Thanks to their engineering team who have developed a technology called Engage Rank that ranks content recommendations that promote the highest clicked content and makes it easier for publishers to monetize. In this article, we are going to discuss top 15+ Taboola alternatives for publishers to check out this year to increase their overall revenue from native ads. Undoubtedly, Taboola is one of the best native ad networks, but these Taboola alternatives are growing popular and can beat Taboola’s CPC and CPM at specific geo, so its time that you optimize your overall native ad strategy and have profits out of it. So, let us first discuss these Taboola alternatives, and then we will show you how you can maximize your revenue from native advertisements.

Here is a list of top 15 Taboola alternatives for publishers of all scale. These native ad networks have global fill rates and offer good CPM rates. However, the minimum traffic requirement for each network varies which makes them easily accessible for small and mid-sized publishers, unlike Taboola whose minimum traffic requirement is around 1 million page views per month.

1) Outbrain

Outbrain started as one of the major competitors of Taboola and works with many premium publishers offering them rates which are as good as Taboola. However, the networks advertiser base is mostly limited to the US and a few tier one countries. Outbrain is the top alternative for Taboola especially if you’ve tier one traffic.

  • Outbrain Minimum Traffic Requirement: The minimum traffic requirement for Outbrain is 5 million page views per month. Outbrain works with top publishers globally helping them additionally monetize their ad inventory.
  • Outbrain CPM Rates: The CPM rates offered by Outbrain is at the rate of USD 1 to USD 3. The CPM depends on factors like click-through rates, CPC, number of ad widgets on the page and over rank website rank.
  • Outbrain Payment Terms: The minimum payment threshold for Outbrain is USD 50 and the payment is processed in NET 60 days.

2) Revcontent

RevContent by Clickbooth

Revcontent is one of the fastest growing native ad networks which works with premium publishers. Like Taboola, it offers a number of a widget which are customizable and the network even offers an API that can be used to develop your own widget. You can create your own widget or use their existing widgets to monetize your traffic. Revcontent offers a personalized account manager to every publisher who can be reached by Skype or phone for any queries. The network only approves sites which have high traffic and good Alexa rank. The minimum traffic volume for approval is around 1,00,000 pageviews per day.

  • Revcontent Minimum Traffic Requirement: 3 million page views per month
  • Revcontent CPM Rates: $3 and above for tier 1 traffic. USD 1 for tier 2 and tier 3 traffic
  • Revcontent Payment Terms: USD 100 via Paypal or Wire

3) Spoutable

Spoutable is an exit intent native ad network. Publishers using Spoutable have seen an increase in their overall revenue by over 20-30%. The network shows ads to visitors who are about to leave the website and thus monetizes exit traffic. The ads are typically screen overlays, beautifully designed pop-ups, interstitials triggered by exit intent and more. Spoutable is one such ad-tech company that has focused on user experience and have created ad formats which are non-obtrusive and help publishers with additional revenue. Looking to increase your native advertising revenue? Sign up with Spoutable now!

  • Spoutable Minimum Traffic Requirement: Approximately 2000 US page views per day
  • Spoutable CPM Rates: The CPM rates offered by Spoutable for US traffic is $1.5 and above. Those for tier 2 and tier 3 traffic ranges around 30 cents to 60 cents.
  • Spoutable Payment Terms: The minimum payment is $100 and they pay NET 45 days.

We have been receiving payments consistently every month and have been earning additional revenue of $200 from our sites using Spoutable. If you have a good percentage of your traffic coming from the US, we recommend this ad network for you.

4) Google Native Ads

Google has started offering native ads in the form of Google matched content, Google in-article ads, and Google In-feed ads. These ad units are responsive in nature and can be customized based on the look and feel of the site. Native ads are generally auctioned via Doubleclick Bid Manager and appear on publisher websites based on targeting presets. The CPC for native ads is comparable to display ads. However, it can vary based on the niche of the site and the number of available advertisers bidding for your traffic. None the less, these native units are giving a tough competition to existing native ad players in the market and is certainly one of the top Taboola alternatives of 2018 in our list.

  • Google Native Ads Minimum Traffic Requirement: Standard threshold of AdSense applies here.
  • Google Native Ads CPM Rates: The CPM rates vary and is based on the niche of the website and geo of the audience. You can expect the CPM rates to be anywhere between 30 cents to 5 dollars.
  • Google Native Ads Payment Terms: Payments are processed every 21st of the month and is paid via direct bank deposit. The payment terms in NET 21 days. It usually takes 4-5 days to high the bank accounts.

5) Content.ad

Content.ad has also emerged as one of the promising native ad networks of 2018. It has a solid presence in entire Europe and there are a lot of advertisers who are bidding for EU traffic via Content.ad marketplace. If you have good EU traffic, I suggest you use Content.ad along with Taboola as a backfill (We will discuss this later in the post). Content.ad offers high CPC in finance niche and also works well for viral publishers. The network offers a mix of CPC, CPM, and CPA ads so the revenue generated by the clicks depends on the conversions, and thus the CPM rates can fluctuate a bit. If your traffic converts well for Content.ad, you should continue using this network for additional revenue. However, we would like to state that content.an ad doesn’t approve website for all goes, and their approval criteria generally depend on the availability of the advertisers for a particular geography.

  • Content.ad Minimum Traffic Requirement: 1000 page views a day is the minimum threshold. However, the network can disapprove your website if they don’t have advertisers for your traffic. Under such cases, you should apply again to the network after a few months.
  • Content.ad CPM Rates: USD 3 and above for EU traffic. USD 1-2 for other goes.
  • Content.ad Payment Terms: You need to have a minimum of USD 50 to request a payment. Content.ad pays in NET 30 days.

6) Adnow

Adnow has emerged as one of the top native ad networks catering to small and mid-level publishers. The network works with more than 150,000 publishers who monetize their inventory by showing widget based ads. The network has a 100% fill rate across all geo with high CPC rates for European traffic. For well optimized setup, we request you to use 3 ad widgets on the website to monetize from it.

  • Adnow Minimum Traffic Requirement: There is no minimum traffic requirement set by adnow. However, publishers are expected to have at least 1000 page views per day and an overall professional site designed to be approved by the ad network. Approvals generally take 24-48 hours.
  • Adnow CPM Rates: The CPM rates offered by Adnow is not consistent across all geographies mainly due to the variance in the availability of the advertisers. The CPC rates are around 1-2 cents for Indian traffic and around 10 cents for US traffic.
  • Adnow Payment Terms: Adnow pays its publishers bi-weekly for a minimum threshold of $20. You can get paid via Paypal.

7) Mediavenus

Mediavenus is a recent addition in the list of native ad networks that help publishers monetize their ad inventory with good rates. Although the network runs on a CPC mode, the advertisement teasers promoted on the website are mostly offers. If you’ve got a website with a good volume of traffic, you can implement a mediavenus widget.

  • Mediavenus Minimum Traffic Requirement: You need to have a minimum of 500 page views per month and content which adds value to the visitors and advertiser.
  • Mediavenus CPM Rates: The CPM rates offered by Mediavenus is at the rate of $1-$2. Since this is a new native ad network, the rate can vary a lot based on the geo.
  • Mediavenus Payment Terms: Mediavenus offers a NET 7 days payment with a minimum threshold of USD 15. The network offers payment via Paypal, Wire transfer and has few other options as well.

8) Earnify

Earnify is a leading programmatic native advertising platform that help advertisers and marketers promote their products across a network of premium publisher sites via OpenRTB.Earnify runs on a cost per click model with the soul of a CPA. This means that publishers will be paid on a cost per click and the CPC value will only continue to remain high if the clicks/visitors from the publisher site are actually converting for the advertiser. If not, then the CPC would gradually decrease dramatically, leading to low overall earnings for publishers. There are several sites for which Earnify brings good revenue for publishers.

Earnify Minimum Traffic Requirement: Publishers who are looking to place Earnify widget on their website needs to have content which is family friendly and advertiser complaint. You need to have at least 500,000 page views per month to be eligible to run Earnify widget ads.

Earnify CPM Rates: You can expect the Earnify widget CPM to be anywhere around USD 1-3. So, if you’re running 2 Earnify widgets per website, you can make anywhere around USD 2-6.

Earnify Payment Terms: Payments are made monthly for a minimum threshold of USD 100.

9) Mgid

Mgid is one of the oldest internet companies which has now shifted its focus to native advertising. The company has a strong presence in latam and generally works with publishers turned advertisers who are looking to drive traffic to their website and earn from traffic arbitrage. The network has a number of popular sites and those having viral content tend to perform best with Mgid ads. You will be provided with a personal account manager who will be helping you with the onboarding and generate tags for you, suggest optimization strategies to further increase your overall ad revenue. If you’ve got a viral site with a substantial volume of traffic and adsense doesn’t work on that site, mgid can be a good recommendation for the same. Mgid is definitely one of the recommended Taboola alternatives for small to medium-sized publishers who are looking to implement native ads to their ad stack.

Mgid Minimum Traffic Requirement: You need to have a minimum of 5000 page views per day in order to be eligible as an Mgid publisher. Along with that, your site should be running family friendly content.

Mgid CPM Rates: The CPM rates offered by Mgid is particularly higher for viral and news websites which have a good volume of latam traffic. You can expect the rates to be around 50 cents to USD 2.

Mgid Payment Terms: Mgid pays on a NET 30 days basis with a minimum threshold of USD 100. The payment options include Paypal and bank transfer.

10) Media.net

Media.net is a contextual ad network like Google AdSense. The network has a huge pool of search advertisers from the Yahoo Bing ad network. This network works on a display to search mechanism where visitors are shown targeted native keyword blocks and when they click on any of the keywords, they are taken to an intermediate search page which is loaded with search advertisers. If the user clicks on any of those search advertisements, then the publishers get a revenue. While all the revenue accrued is calculated in terms of CPM for the publishers, however, media.net works on CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPE methods with the advertisers. So, what publishers sees as CPM is the effective CPM and depends on the conversions, clicks, and outcomes of the interactions. Media.net ads are native and responsive in nature. The network performs extremely well on products based sites which have a high volume of US and Canadian traffic. For tier one traffic, Media.net is one of the top Taboola alternatives.

  • Media.net Minimum Traffic Requirement: Publishers are expected to have a minimum of 5000 page views per month. Approvals generally depend on the percentage of the US traffic.
  • Media.net CPM Rates: $2 and above for high converting US traffic. CPMs can dip after a few days if the traffic is not converting. Under such cases, you need to contact your account manager and ask them to active display ads.
  • Media.net Payment Terms: Payments are made once you reach the minimum threshold of USD 100.

11) Adskeeper

Adskeeper is one of the fastest growing native content ad network from the UK. It is similar to other native ad networks like Mgid, Taboola, and Revcontent and help publishers monetize their ad inventory by showing native content recommendations on sidebar, after content or in-line on publisher websites. This network works on a CPC basis and has a good volume of advertisers across Europe.

  • Adskeeper Minimum Traffic Requirement: Adskeeper currently doesn’t have any minimum requirement for publishers. However, the websites which works best with Adskeeper are downloads, torrent, and file sharing sites.
  • Adskeeper CPM Rates: The CPC rates for asian and tier 3 traffic is around 1-3 cents while the CPC rates for tier 1 traffic would be around 8-10 cents, if not less.
  • Adskeeper Payment Terms: Adskeeper pays on NET 30 days for a minimum payout of USD 100 via PayPal. If you’re looking to withdraw funds via Wire, you may request for additional information via [email protected]

Native ads have become one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense to monetize your overall website traffic. Also, these networks work where AdSense is not applicable due to language barriers, content type etc. The growth of native ads networks have created new revenue opportunities for publishers and the number of these native ad networks are continuing to grow in the years to come. Content SSPs like Adsnative(Polymorph) will become increasingly popular since they help publishers get the most across a number of native ad networks by uniting the demand from topic networks and monetizing it at premium rates. We hope this list of 10+ Taboola alternatives was helpful in making you choose the native ad network of your choice.

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