Criteo Alternatives List 2020- Best Retargeting Companies

About Criteo

Criteo is one of the biggest ad tech companies that specifically focuses on retargeting and helping advertisers increase their sales and conversions. The company has been significant in working with some of the top brands globally and is traded as a public limited company. Along with Facebook and Google, Criteo is considered as a billion dollar company that garner a huge amount of interest among top ad spenders, agencies, and trading desks.In this article, we are going to discuss Criteo alternatives which are relevant for both big and small marketers and advertisers.

The Benefits of Re-targeting

Re-targeting allows you to follow up and engage your website visitors. Instead of wasting your entire advertising budget to get new visitors, you must consider retargeting people who have already visited your website with personalized ads and messages.

  • Get Personalized Ads
  • Drive More Conversions

Why Consider Criteo Alternatives?

Criteo has been one of the top ad tech companies that work with advertisers and deliver ROI focused retargeting. They are more inclined towards performance marketing and doesn’t provide much information to the advertisers. The ad tech community and advertisers consider them non-transparent (Refer to this Reddit thread) and believe them to run on a black box model. However, advertisers agree on the fact that Criteo is able to bring sufficient conversions. But there are concerns as to how the metrics are generated which are being talked about in this report presented by Shalin Dhar. There may be reasons that advertisers are shifting away from Criteo and if this is something which you want to consider, I strongly suggest you try these alternatives.

7 Best Criteo Alternatives List of 2018

Here we take you to top 7 best Criteo alternatives to get you started. Each of these retargeting companies has their own features.  

1) AdRoll

AdRoll was founded in the year 2007 and remains one of the most competitive retargeting company till date. It is used by more than 37,000 marketers across the globe.With AdRoll you are able to create a personalized experience and drive better. AdRoll is focused on mid-sized advertisers who are looking to boost their overall conversion.

Pricing: It has a minimum monthly spend $300 and the threshold seems good enough to get started for marketers. For emerging and evolving business, the monthly spent are $1000 and $5000 respectively. Advertisers can enable custom dynamic ads for higher pricing.

2) AdWords Remarketing

AdWords, with more than 5 million advertisers is the world’s largest advertising platform. If you’re already advertising on Adwords, you need to add a code to your website also known as pixel so that visitors can get added to your re-marketing audiences through browser cookies. If it always better to use re-marketing for high paying keyword niches since the re-marketing cost will be substantially less compared to search advertisements.

Pricing: The minimum monthly commitment is much lesser and the re-marketing strategies are quite robust.

3) Facebook Remarketing

Facebook is becoming more popular among advertisers because of a plethora of targeting options which the advertisers can choose. It is relatively easier to do re-marketing campaigns on Facebook. Much like AdWords, you just need to add an add a pixel on your website and once you have sufficient data, you can also setup look-alike audience that tends to perform much better. Facebook is becoming one of the best Criteo alternatives that for marketers of all size.

Pricing: You don’t need to spend heavily on Facebook to use it’s remarketing tools. You need to have sufficient audience data to get started with Facebook re-marketing and that should be doing the magic.

4) Steel House

Steelhouse is a growing advertising company and is known to provide a plethora of advertising products to its marketers. It is a performance-based platform that enables advertisers to launch their own campaigns quite fast and keep a track of the overall spend and the ROI. The network shows clear reporting which is something which advertisers love and this has made it as one of the top alternatives of Criteo. You can get a detailed analytics of your clients and know on which websites your ads are being displayed and how the conversions are taking place. You are in control of your data and can make significant decisions.

Pricing: We need to get in touch with Steelhouse to get an update on the pricing.

5) Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience works with 1000 of premium advertisers helping them reach better ROI. The suite powers mobile retargeting, dynamic retargeting, web retargeting, and Facebook retargeting. It lets you have a 14 days Free trail where you can test the robustness of the platform. With a perfect audience, you can create audience segments, and additionally use behavior segmentation. Perfect audience enables you to create dynamic ad setup and creatives to retarget your visitors. It is one Criteo alternative that we recommend.

Pricing: Unlike Criteo, there is no minimum setup fee or minimum spend. You will be charged on CPM basis and you’re free to try Perfect Audience for 7 days. When you make a new campaign, there is an initial charge to fill up the weekly budget to whatever you set.

6) Sizmek

Sizmek has grown to be one of the top Criteo alternatives in terms of volume and global recognition. It serves 70 countries and has more than 20,000 top advertisers who are using the platforms AI to drive conversions and sales. It is been recognized for its dynamic creatives, something which all retargeting agencies are good at. It is able to drive deeper connections with consumers and visitors and the meaningful interactions result in better ROI for the advertisers. The platform offers solutions like Data Enablement, Creative optimization, and media execution.

Sizmek Features: Bid rules, Advanced targeting options, Conversion tracking, APIs, Enterprise solution, Brand Safety, Fraud protection, Retargeting, Contextual targeting

7) Retargeter

ReTargeter allows you to reach your audience – no matter where they are – with highly targeted, real-time digital advertising solutions and the best account management in the industry. If you’ve small budgets, then it is a network that you should be taking a look at. Although flexible, it seriously lacks some of the features that are provided by AdRoll as mentioned in one of the reviews on G2Crowd!

To wrap up, these Criteo alternatives are good enough to get you started with retargeting on a smaller budget and also let you test the effectiveness of their platforms. All retargeting companies sell traffic with a markup when compared with Google or Facebook from where they buy the traffic. However, the tools and optimization offered by these retargeting companies enable ROI driven strategies that can increase sales and conversions.

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