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Ezoic is one of the first automated ad testing platforms for content publishers. This technology-based Google Certified Publishing Partner assists publishers in gaining results through online ad optimization and generate higher revenue. It is a multivariate venture-backed testing platform that improves the layout automatically on the basis of users action on tablets, computers, and phones. It offers the publishers the best tool to get scientific testing effortless and fruitful. Not only is it very convenient but also extremely effective but there are other platforms too that are equally competent and can suffice for Ezoic in a better manner. Before going to discuss some of the Ezoic alternatives, let us take a look at the features offered by Ezoic. 

Why Should You Consider using Ezoic?

Ezoic is one of the first AI ad optimization tool that enables you to increase your ad revenue with a host of features. It provides Cloudflare integration, a mediation that lets you mediate various of your ad networks and make them compete with Google AdSense or ADX. It has apps like layout tester, ad tester, script tester, direct orders, and more. The ad test app lets you create multiple ad sizes on specific positions and then test these combinations for maximized revenue. You can learn more about Ezoic by navigating the Features section of the website. Let us take a look at some of the best alternatives of Ezoic available in the market.

1) Spoutable

Spoutable is one of the latest advertising networks that has grown popular in a very short period and is based on exit ad concept allowing publishers to generate revenue from an ad when a user leaves the website. It also has a variety of other ad formats that allow higher engagement with the use of rich media ads and native ads. They are quite convenient and help publishers with clean and responsive ads and very competitive CPMs. We have used Spoutable and found it to be quite good on blogs with a significant volume of tier one traffic. 

  • Minimum Payout Threshold- 100$
  • Model- CPM
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 1000+ per day traffic.

2) Sulvo

The Sulvo platform utilizes the patent-pending price prediction algorithms that help publishers raise their CPM rates. These algorithms calculate the value of the impressions before the advertisers provide any information about their buying criteria. Publishers coming from Adsense experience a 25-250% lift in the matter of hours. Sulvo has seen growth that cannot be explained with help of any parameters, and its aim is the introduce something unique to the ad technology. We have used Sulvo and have seen higher CPMs when compared with AdSense. Sulvo is recommended for all publishers who have traffic in volume and is using ADX as one of their sources of ad revenue. 

  • Minimum Payout Threshold- $100
  • Model- CPM
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 1 million page views per month.

3) Monetizemore

MonitizeMore is probably the best in the industry to outsource ad operations that has been developed for online publishers. Their specialty lies in increasing the Publisher’s ad revenue by optimizing ad, doubleclick ad exchange and also the premium plan for its publishers. It is known for dramatically increasing the ad revenues of its publishers with the existing traffic level and advertisements per page. Not only the high volume publishers, but also the upcoming publishers benefit largely from it.

  • Minimum Payout Threshold- $100
  • Model- CPM
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 500,000 page views monthly

4) Adngin

AdNgin is an industry leading solution created to skyrocket ad revenue through incessant ad layout optimization. AdNgin uses unique algorithm to continuously A/B test AdSense ad units and improve AdSense revenues. It is exceptionally use to use and has the easy drag and drop option, making coding unnecessary. The installation and setup process too is very simple. The new ads can be customized, using different sizes, colors, behavior and many more exceptional, exclusive features.

  • Minimum Payout Threshold- $250
  • Model- CPC/CPM
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- SAS model

5) Marfeel

Marfeel is a company that optimizes the mobile web page layout, engages visitors, and helps monetize the mobile traffic is a better manner. Its SSP platform used the RTB approach to provide a one-point integration to multiple- ad exchanges, top ad networks, and premium advertisers. It allows publishers to auction off ad impression in a more individualized technique.

  • Minimum Payout Threshold- NA
  • Model- SSP, DSP, RPM
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 250K total visits

6) AdPushup

It is one of the best ad technology solution that assists publishers and bloggers to receive more revenue from the existing web traffic and with ad optimization. It focuses mainly on the web publishers who monetize their website based on the Cost Per Click model and offers online ad optimization service to its publishers through its advanced A/B testing system and multi-arm bandit algorithms. If you’ve got a website with high CPC earnings, then AdPushup can certainly increase your overall ad revenue since their technology is created to help AdSense publishers earn high rates. AdPushup is definitely one of the top Ezoic alternatives for both mid-sized and large publishers. 

  • Minimum Payout Threshold- $100
  • Model- CPC
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement- 10,000 page views per day or $1000 in monthly ad revenue

7) Proper.io

Proper Media is a full service digital media company that provides advertising services to large scale publishers. It owns operates and represents top ranked web properties and has come up with its own header bidding platform to help publishers earn more revenue from every ad impression. It has also recently acquired Spoutable which is an exit in-tent native ad network already mentioned in this list above. 

These ad optimization companies are the perfect Ezoic alternatives and can be used along side Ezoic’s ad testing platform. If you’re looking to make more revenue from your digital assets, we suggest you continuously look for opportunities and networks that have custom features which if integrated can substantially increase the overall revenue of the website. Do drop a line in the comments section if you think there needs a mention of any other ad optimization company.

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