Top 10+ Video SSP List for Publishers 2018

The ad tech industry is one of the most dynamic ones out there and it keeps on evolving. Technology has revolutionized the way online advertising is bought and sold. Brand advertisers have often found it unfairly difficult to buy impressions, or rather ads, as they have to go through salespeople who can be unreliable and expensive. Programmatic advertising is a technology in which the process of selling and buying of desktop display, video, FBX, and mobile ads is streamlined by automation using real-time-bidding, and thus removing human intermediaries from the process.

Many advertisers nowadays are opting for programmatic advertising and Demand-side Platforms (DSP) are driving this change. A DSP is a software used by marketers and agencies to buy ads or impressions across a range of publisher sites through real-time bidding. Publishers make the ad impressions available through ad exchanges and DSPs automatically decide which impressions an advertiser should buy, depending on certain attributes such as where they’re served, and which specific users they’re being served to. This process is a lot cheaper for advertisers as it involves no negotiations and the highest bidder wins.

Now for publishers, the problem is that programmatic advertising may drive down the value of their inventories. This is where SSP or a Supply-side Platform comes into play. An SSP is a software used by publishers to sell ads by connecting their inventories to multiple ad exchanges. In an SSP, publishers can set ‘price floors’ which dictate the minimum prices for which inventory can sell to buyers. The idea is that by opening up impressions to as many potential buyers as possible, publishers can maximize the revenue they receive from their inventory. SSPs help publishers to more efficiently aggregate and manage their relationships with multiple networks and ad buyers.

Video advertising has become an intrinsic part of the marketing strategy of brands. Almost everyone aims to create a compelling online presence through video ads. So, more and more video ads will sell now and publishers have to be ready for that. To make the process a little easier for publishers, especially beginners, we will discuss a list of video SSP here. In this article, we are going to list the top 10 video SSP companies for publishers who can use them for better yield management.

Top 10 Video SSP List for Publishers

Here, we have created a list of top video SSPs which can help publishers manage and increase their overall ad revenue. These video SSP platforms are robust and are defined by state-of-art technology including header-bidding to ensure maximum revenue for the publishers. Most of these video ssp companies are tied to ad exchanges and performs well for English speaking countries with CPM rates ranging from $2-$20 and above for specific niches. Since most of the video inventory is bought programmatically, you can expect good revenue if you have quality tier one traffic.

1) Verta Media (currently Adtelligent)

Verta Media is the top video Supply-side Platform that enables publishers to maximize their inventory through programmatic advertising. This video SSP company has an advanced technology that uses a unique predictive algorithm, called the VertaMedia™Intelli algorithm, to instantly link publishers with the best demand source for each impression. This SSP delivers a fill rate of up to 45% where most other SSPs average 15-20%.

2) is said to be revolutionizing digital video advertising. It is the inventor of outstream video advertising. Publishers partnering with Teads create an unparalleled level of premium inventory. The platform serves more than 650 million video views monthly, all over the world. Forbes, The Washington Post, Reuters, CNBC, Vanity Fair are only a few of the international brands that are on board with as publishers. Teads remain one of the top video SSP companies with a huge stream of premium advertisers and publishers. 

  • Fill rates: 20% (higher for EU traffic)
  • CPM rates: $10 and above
  • Minimum traffic requirement: 1 million and above
  • Quality: Premium and High-quality news websites
  • Strong Geos: UK and parts of Europe

3) SmartyAds

SmartyAds SSP is an RTB-based technological platform, using which the publishers can sell their web inventory to advertisers on the most beneficial conditions. SmartyAds SSP is designed to meet the publishers’ need to sell inventory in the environment that ensures sufficient demand and highest bids delivery for effective inventory monetization.

In order to protect the publishers’ safety and empower them with a better control over their web inventory, SmartyAds SSP offers a set of convenient campaign restrictions such as: blacklisting and whitelisting specific advertisers, pre-defining the future placement and format and the setting the floor prices (under which the deals won’t happen), etc.

The benefits:

  • Easy and fast RTB inventory trading
  • Access to the highest-paying advertisers
  • Insightful campaign analytics

4) Altitude Digital (currenly Genesis Media)

Altitude Digital is the largest independent video advertising technology that streamlines ad selling and buying through its programmatic platform called Altitude ARENA. Arena is Altitude’s customizable self-serve video SSP. Altitude also has a separate mobile platform, extending its suite of monetization tools to help publishers thrive within the quickly evolving programmatic video marketplace. Currently, with the takeover, Genesis media is providing the best outstream solution to all publishers who are looking to create video inventory across their editorial content. Genesis media is integrated with buying platforms and trading desks like TubeMogul, Mediamath, theTradeDesk, Eyeview and more. Publishers can sell their inventory via Direct deals, Private marketplaces or via RTB exchanges. 

5) Convert Media

ConvertMedia is an outstream video ad specialist that offers highly prized video inventory. The company’s sell-side platform optimizes publisher revenue across biddable inventory and direct campaigns and generates reports. In 2016, the video SSP platform was acquired by Taboola, the largest content marketing platform globally. Convert Media and Taboola together forms one of the top video SSPs in the world to share native videos. 

  • Fill rates: 40% (higher for US traffic)
  • CPM rates: $5 and above
  • Minimum traffic requirement: 1 million and above
  • Quality: Focused on traffic volume
  • Strong Geos: US and Canada


Beachfront Media offers video solutions for publishers, advertisers, enterprises, and anyone else looking to manage and monetize video across mobile, online, and TV. Todo Vision, Kids videos, YouTube, Vimeo, Blip, DailyMotion, Hulu, CBS, Vevo are some of their esteemed publishers. is connected with 30k sources of video in one place. Also, the network reaches to more than 500 million users per month. Beachfront works as an ad server and a holistic yield management tool for publishers along with integration capabilities across its exchange. You can use the fill here to sign up with Beachfront. Prior to onboarding, you will be asked a number of questions which includes your monthly volume, coverage, current ad stack etc. 

7) Fyber

Fyber is an independent advertising technology company that connects app developers and media companies with advertisers through the power of technology across every device. The SSP, Ad Server, Exchange, and Mediation products empower thousands of the world’s leading app developers and publishers to generate business-critical revenue streams and serve over half a billion monthly active users globally. PikPok, Pixelberry Studios, Melsoft Games, Cheetah Mobile are some of their publishers. Fyber is essentially a mobile video SSP helping app developers monetize their inventory at higher rates. Additionally, Fyber also offers video demand for web publishers who are looking to further increase their revenue from video ads. With integration to more than 150 DSPs across desktop and mobile, the rates and fills are quite high with Fyber for tier one traffic. It is one of the best mobile video SSP out in the market and can be recommended to all publishers and app developers. 

  • Fill rates: 50% (and above for tier one traffic)
  • CPM rates: $5 and above
  • Minimum traffic requirement: NA
  • Quality: Good quality websites
  • Strong Geos: US

8) AppNexus

The open, unified, and powerful programmatic platform of AppNexus empowers customers to more effectively buy and sell media, allowing them to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses. As the world’s largest independent ad tech company, AppNexus is led by the pioneers of the web’s original ad exchanges. The network is backed by WPP group and has some of the top Fortune 500 companies as its advertiser. Thus, it is definitely one of the top video SSP giants out there that are competing at full legs with Google and DoubleClick. Appnexus is the main source of all demand for WPP and has a major requirement for desktop banners, followed by video ads. However, if you have good US inventory, you should closely monitor Appnexus. 

  • Fill rates: High for US traffic
  • CPM rates: $5 and above
  • Minimum traffic requirement: 30 million impressions
  • Quality: News and Branded websites
  • Strong Geos: US


LKQD® is a leading video SSP for publishers offering “video everywhere” ad delivery through a proprietary VPAID compatible player and enterprise ad server. The platform’s mission is to provide a single advertising solution that truly streamlines digital video operations.LKQD is one of our top picks in the video SSP list and can definitely help monetize publishers who have traffic volumes in the range of 5 million and more monthly. Apart from providing ad serving and management to publishers, it also offers a marketplace for media partners to maximize their ad revenue. 

10) Adform

Adform’s unique platform incorporates display ad serving, Rich Media, video, mobile, dynamic ads, personalized targeting, and Real-Time Bidding through integrations with major inventory players, making display advertising simple, relevant and rewarding for media agencies and online advertisers. Admeld, Appnexus, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Exchange are some of its partners. Adform is one of the best video SSP platforms for a complete integration. It offers features like DMP integration and header bidding capabalities to ensure that the publishers ad spaces are auctioned at the highest possible rate, thus providing better rates to the publishers. 

11) Aerserv

AerServ is the leading inventory and audience management technology for mobile publishers and advertisers, specializing in mobile video technology, with proprietary yield optimization tools that increase revenue across all formats and ad units. AerServ works in alignment with thousands of apps, from premium publishers to independent developers, to optimize their existing ad network revenue through mediation, and tap into aerMarket’s demand inventory to supercharge their earnings. It is another premium mobile video SSP which every app developer should keep an eye on. Recently, AerServ has joined inMobi to build the largest mobile video advertising and monetization solution. 

2018 is the year to see more top video SSPs coming into the limelight as the video ecosystem is growing and more money is shifting online against the traditional TV. We hope this list of video SSP companies was helpful to all our publishers who are looking to monetize their video inventory at premium rates. Also, for app developers, we believe the mobile video SSPs must have been helpful and you’re going to try them out for sure. From contextual to interest-based, and now personalized ad serving, the adtech ecosystem is seeing a fast trend to value the consumers and all platforms are becoming more sophisticated to maximize buyer ROI. These video SSPs will continue to emerge since the market is just young, and the scope is immense. As informed publishers, you should make use of these top video SSPs to maximize your overall yield.

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