8 Self Serve DSP (Demand Side Platform) List 2018

With the increase in technology, there have been quite some developments in every sector. It has exceptionally affected the advertising industry and the same has seen a lot of changes, owing to same to rapid developments. One such progress is the instituting of self serve demand side platforms. These provide the advertisers with features to buy ad placements in  a time efficient manner across a network of publisher websites. They provide the advertisers, agencies and trading desks with the ability to concentrate on their desired audience, thereby taking care of the sophisticated technology which is geared towards ROI metrics as defined by the buyer. Self-serve demand platforms are effective for small advertisers to get started and also allows them to experiment before signing up with any contract based DSP which requires minimum spend. Here in this article, we discuss 5 popular self-serve DSP (demand side platforms) which marketers can take a look. 

8 Self Serve DSP (Demand Side Platform) List 2018

It is always good to get started lean and small. We recommend self-serve DSPs if you’re getting started with media buying and have limited knowledge about it. Also it is a good frontier to venture into since there are very few media buyers who are doing this effectively! So, this list of 7 best self-serve demand side platforms are perfect for entry level marketers.

1. Xapads

With a sound name in the market of online advertising, Xapads, is purely transparent, global and premium online ad network, that serves a combination of Innovative and engaging creatives that would be instrumental in increasing both the performance and demand metrics. They guarantee to advertisers maximum brand exposure with millions of quality ads, and for publishers, they assure global access to huge range of video ads from hundreds of demand partners across all geos & verticals.

  • They use a couple of models that includes CPM,CPC,CPa and CPV and use Revenue Share, Flat Fee, CPC and CPM to pay publishers.
  • They only allow publishers with a minimum of 10,000 traffic each month and 1,000 minimum monthly uniques.
  • They mostly make use of Video Ads but other Ad formats include Native Ads, In Banner Ads and Pre Roll Ads.

2. G2Mobi

Go2mobi is a mobile advertising DSP that leverages first-party data to generate measurable return on ad spend for brands, agencies, and marketing companies. Go2mobi has just released its one-to-many integration with BidSwitch, a powerful routing technology that enables access to 150+ supply partners. Advertisers can now access more users, through more channels, apps, and sites! It is more focused on the mobile sector, helping advertisers with better ROI opportunities with its robust targeting tools and advanced algorithms.

3. Targetoo

Targetoo specializes in mobile advertising and is the leading Programmatic Advertising company with technology of highest standards for Demand Side Platforms in the market and they offer to their clients the opportunity to reach and target the right kind of audience, worldwide. They offer some special inventories like around 9 Billion daily impressions from mobiles.

  • They are based on a couple of models that include CPM,CPC, CPV and CPA.
  • The minimum spend required to sign up for it, ranges from $1 to $500.
  • They have a couple of Ad Formats that includes Banner Ads, Custom Ads, Interstitial Ads and more.
  • They make payments on the terms of Net 30 Days, using PayPal or Wire Transfer.

4. Basis

Basis Demand Side Platform is a programmatic ad buying platform that allows marketers and agencies to manage mobile, desktop, video and social campaigns. It is one of the leading self-serve DSP in the market and hosts a number of advertisers, marketers, and agencies. It provides performance driven optimization across search, social, programmatic and direct media buying.

5. Rubicon Project (No buyer fees)

An online advertising technology firm with the mission to automate buying and selling for the global advertising industry, Rubicon constantly innovates to serve both the publishers and advertisers. It is used by the world’s leading publishers and applications to connect with top brands around the world.

  • Rubicon requires 5 million page views per month for anyone to become a publisher so the quality of the supply is premium.
  • Rubicon keeps us with the ad qualities for good, and has certain Guidelines to ensure the same. This helps maintain the fairly good ad quality that it has.
  • Rubicon mostly makes use of Mobile Ads that is In Apps and Video Ads, both of which have proved very impactful and has engaged viewers to a large extent.

6. Peak226 DSP

Peak 226 is an innovative DSP with real time Al capabilities and provide partnering with the leading SSPs and help reach quality traffic by helping choose your supply from the top SSPs globally. Not just that, they have a superior optimization algorithm with an accelerated learn rate that guarantees that the CPV and CPC targets are fulfilled efficiently and also a tech, that learns quickly, adapts to your needs and communicates to you the intelligent buying decisions. They provide you with all the details about the audience, traffic sources and media channels, and also, with dynamic and effortless UI and reporting that is customizable.

  • Integrations with the worlds’ leading SSPs.
  • A holistic view of audience, traffic sources, and media channels
  • Multiple ad formats with CPLV and CPI pricing for display campaigns
  • In-banner and interstitial video buying across mobile in-app and mobile web. Also connect to a marketplace of premium video supply.

7. myDSP.io

Also called Matomy, myDSP, is a self-serve, demand-side platform that provides everything advertisers would need to maximize mobile advertising’s reach and results, which includes full transparency, data-driven audience targeting, custom automation, dedicated support, and direct access to the Mobfox SSP and other leading SSPs. If you’re looking for CPA campaigns, you can target this DSP to maximize your revenue. 

  • They are based on only the CPM model.
  • They have specified no minimum spend also, they have no minimum traffic requirements, allowing all kinds of websites to be a part of their team.

8. Platform.io

It is a self-serve, demand-side platform that stands by “focusing on business, and not its infrastructure” and assures assures connectivity between your Ad Exchange seats, SSPs, DMPs, and Header Bidding sources to ensure there are no hidden fees and margins.They offer customizable attribution and analytics, in a quick manner and allow exporting and importing of data.

  • It is based on CPM, CPA, and CPA model.

We hope this list of self-serve DSPs give you some idea to go live with your campaigns with a small budget. Initially, while setting up it is always suggest to get started with someone who has hands on experience with media buying! Since there are a lot of factors which comes into play for media buying, you should start with a low investment and then shall gradually increase your overall spend. Do check out our article on Media buying tips and tricks for dummies [hyperlinked soon] to get started. Feel free to share your experience with us if you’ve campaigns running on any of these DSPs.

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