8 Best Adsterra Alternatives List for Publishers: 2023

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Last updated on May 18th, 2023 at 06:02 pm

Adsterra is one of the top pop-under networks that has grown significantly in terms of popularity and scale. The network mainly runs campaigns from affiliates and advertisers who are looking to increase their app downloads. It serves more than 10 billion impressions per month and has a reach of more than 190 countries. With more than 20k successful campaigns, the network has covered more than 6000k leads in the last month. Adsterra has been growing as a network in terms of scale and volume. All publishers who sign up with Adsterra are provided a dedicated account manager with a Skype handle and a calling number. Advertisers are also provided with account managers who can set up the campaigns on their behalf. However, recently Adsterra was in the news because Google banned a few AdSense publishers who were using Adsterra as the former notified the publishers that they were having redirects and malware which was promoted by Adsterra and the decision was taken to preserve the interest of the visitors. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 Adsterra alternatives which are recommended for publishers to try!

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  • Adsterra Alternatives List of 2023

    Take a look at the top Adsterra alternatives list for 2023. We have provided a mix of pop-under ad networks and native ad networks which doesn’t have high traffic requirements. So, publishers with moderate to low traffic can also get accepted to these ad networks without many ordeals.

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    1) Hilltopads


    Hilltopads is a recent pop-under ad network that has gone native due to the restriction from Google ad blocking and safe ads checks. Within a short span of time, it has been able to draw a huge base of interested publishers who are using its native and pop-under ad formats to monetize their traffic and inventory. With much cleaner ads when compared to other ad networks, Hilltopads is one of the best Adsterra alternatives we can vouch for

    2) Clickadu


    Clickadu is a growing pop-under advertising network that has more than 6500 active campaigns. The network has more than 4500 publishers and offers high CPMs across more than 240 countries. With over 240 million daily impressions and 210 conversions, Clickadu is one of the top alternatives to Adsterra. Addon to this, you get a dedicated account manager and a multilingual customer service team who is always there to assist you.

    3) Popads


    Popads has been one of the evergreen pop-under advertising networks for more than a decade. It is used by many leading websites because of its strong optimization algorithms which are able to bring good revenue to the publishers and webmasters. Popads claims to be one of the most lucrative ad networks out there in the market which can help publishers make great revenue if they have quality traffic from tier one countries. 

    4) Ad-maven


    Ad-maven is known to be a pop-under network that is particularly strong on entertainment and gaming niches. Ad-maven offers various ad formats like interstitials, on-screens and others which offers better CPM rates to publishers and this is one of the most recommended Adsterra alternatives for mid-sized and large publishers. Ad-maven also allows adult publishers to use their ad codes. 

    6) Infolinks


    Infolinks has been a popular ad network for a very long time. They have been the pioneers of in-text advertising. However, the technology behind Infolinks lacked innovation and there is a substantial drop in the overall CPM rates offered by Infolinks. The network has come up with additional ad formats, but the rates and offerings remain higher only for top-tier traffic. Normally, publishers with tier 3 traffic can’t earn good rates with Infolinks. Still, we see a number of publishers using Infolinks as a secondary source of ad revenue. 

    7) AdSense


    AdSense is one of the best-performing ad networks that helps publishers monetize their traffic at premium rates across the globe. The network is significant in helping publishers monetize their ad spaces with the help of display ads, search ads, native ads, in-feed ads, link ads, anchor ads, and more. Its auto ads enable publishers to add a line of code and leave it to their machine learning algorithms to display ads at positions that are most likely to convert for a click. With a number of ad formats like banner ads, link ads, text ads, in-article, and in-feed ads, AdSense provides a plethora of options to publishers who are willing to increase the overall revenue of their website through contextual ads. 

    8) Spoutable


    Spoutable is one of the first native ad networks that work on exit intent and helps publishers monetize their exit traffic. The network focuses on additional revenue which is anywhere around 20-30% of the total revenue earned by the publishers. Spoutable takes into account the overall user experience and optimizes the ads that best match the UX of the visitor. This ensures ads are displayed and also minimizes the potential risk of hampering the user experience with too many ad units. 

    9) Content.ad


    It is a native ad network with mobile pop-up and desktop pop-up functionality. It is a mix of CPA and CPC and the metrics are recorded in CPC and eCPM. Content.ad has a good market cap in the EU and if publishers have EU traffic, they can surely try content.ad as an option. The CPC rates of Content.ad for EU traffic is quite high.

    Ezoic banner

    So, if you’re using Adsterra and looking for an alternative to the same, I believe these ad networks are good to get started! You should test more than one ad network to see the best-performing ones! If you have any other Adsterra alternatives in mind, feel free to share those in the comments section and we shall include them here on the list.

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