Poptm Review- Best Pop-Under Network for Publishers

Since inception, we have reviewed several ad networks, be in CPM networks, native ad networks, CPC or any other. In today’s post, we are going to review a pop-under ad network. Not all pop-up ad networks are great! Most of them are junk, with limited campaigns and aren’t backed by technology. However, there are a handful of networks which can generate decent eCPMs for publishers, given to the availability of huge number of campaigns and a data driven technology. Poptm works with thousands of publishers and advertisers across the globe, ensuring a 100% fill rate.

About Poptm

PopTM is a relatively new pop-under advertising network that is making big waves with publishers and advertisers alike. It has some of the best campaigns and several premium advertisers on its base. Additionally, Poptm takes reputation seriously and only works with quality advertisers who promote quality software/products. Here, I am sharing a screenshot of Poptm’s publisher dashboard.


Websites that can Make Good Money with Poptm

I would suggest you to run Poptm on sites which doesn’t generate you much RPM from AdSense. Since this is a CPA based network and caters to software/app downloads/ and other downloads, you might not be willing to use Poptm on content rich sites. However, forums which are focused on downloads, torrent sites, music, video and wallpaper sites have a huge potential to earn from Poptm. This pop-under ad network can in fact work with any website which has a good number of desktop traffic. The overall CPM is better and the quality of ads are superior compared to that of other ad networks.

Requirements for a Publisher to Join Poptm

Poptm doesn’t have any minimum traffic threshold. Any publisher can sign up with Poptm and once the ownership of the website is verified (by adding a line of code or meta file), the site is automatically applied for verification. Once the site is verified, it will be shown as approved. Following which, you can implement the ad tags. Poptm accepts all websites and across any niche including gambling and adult content which is otherwise restricted by Google AdSense. However, it should be noted that the site should have a decent volume of desktop traffic since most of Poptm’s ad campaigns are targeted to desktop traffic users.

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Pros of Poptm

  • High paying Pop-ad network
  • Relatively easy setup
  • Quality advertisers
  • All Poptm creatives are checked multiple times a day to ensure
  • Good rates for Indian traffic
  • Clickjacking free codes

Cons of Poptm

  • Impressions are counted only once per user
  • Not very high rates for US, UK traffic

Payment Structure and Payout, CPM Rates of Poptm

Poptm has one of the most flexible payment structure. It pays users once they have reached $50. Also, there are multiple payment options available with the most common being Paypal. The other payment options are Bitcoin, Payza.

CPM rates for Poptm vary and is around $1 and more. If you’ve a substantial volume of Indian traffic, Poptm can be a great source of monetizing your Indian traffic, which is otherwise difficult to monetize with AdSense. I am sharing the CPM and overall earnings report of my Poptm account. The advanced reporting section of Poptm allows webmasters and publishers to traffic eCPMs specific to any country. This gives a deeper insight into the traffic which is converting well with Poptm. I am sharing the earnings report of my poptm account where you can see the CPM rates offered by Poptm.


As you can see that the CPM rates are close to $1. If you’ve good volume of traffic, you can use Poptm to additional make money from your site. This network is particularly useful for publishers with huge number of Indian traffic since the CPM rates of Indian traffic with Poptm is quite competitive.


As you can see here, Poptm has almost $1 CPM rate for Indian users which is good source of additional revenue. You can use Poptm along with Edomz, Revenuehits, Popads.net and Propeller ads.

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Referral Program

Poptm provides a general referral commission to its promoters. For every valid referral, Poptm pays a flat fee of $25. Poptm provides gif banners for promotions that you can access by clicking on the Referrals link under your account name on the top right side of the screen. In order to refer customers to Poptm, you need an approved publisher account with Poptm.

Poptm has also developed its in-house technology to pass adblockers through its rotating ad script. So, if you have a significant high number of adblock users, we recommend you to use Poptm’s rotating ad units.

Our Verdict

We have tested Poptm on one of our sites and found it to be performing good. CPM is $1 and above for desktop traffic. However, the impressions are recorded less, since Poptm doesn’t work well with mobile traffic and the ad impression is capped to 1 time per user. However, the pop-unders from Poptm are from quality advertisers and you can additionally use them along with AdSense to supplement your overall revenue.


Unlike other Pop-under advertising solutions, Poptm is extremely particular about the QC. All the ad creatives pass through a rigorous screening and then only made available on the publisher websites. This ensures that you can use Poptm pop-under ads along with AdSense and other ad networks. Interestingly, Poptm is becoming one of preffer Pop-under advertising network for a lot of publishers. You can use Poptm along with other pop-under networks and also along with AdSense. Hope you’ve found Poptm’s review useful and you will consider trying this ad network to boost your overall revenue.
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