Chitika Review-Best Contextual Advertising Network for Publishers

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Chitika is an eminent display advertising network that renders its services to both advertisers and publishers. It offers online advertisements in the form of audio, images and video through rich media or banner ads so as to help businesses communicate to their customers directly.

Brief about the Company

Chitika was founded in the year 2003, and is one of the top Ad networks for Publishers that works equivalent to Google AdSense. Chitika serves thousands of Ads around the world and has a huge customer base that stands as a testimony for its reputation as a leader in the industry. Chitika has been announced as the most credible and a worthy alternative for a number of the top ad networks such as Google Adsense, AdWords and Yahoo publisher’s network.

Advertisements offered by Chitika are search targeted and thus is effective in offering relevant ads in web pages. Chitika also serves ads on mobiles and is thus a leading Ad networking firm in both mobile and local advertising.  It is an excellent way to monetize a blog or a website for bloggers, publishers and website owners, and they could generate revenue, every time a visitor clicks on the Chitika Ads both from clicks and conversions.

Chitika also offers its publishers a number of ad types and formats to choose from and could be used in conjugation with other ad networks to gain a better return on investment.

Requirements for a Publisher to Join Chitika

Publishers need not wait for approval from Chitika to start displaying ads on their websites, as they would be able to add ads with mere sign up with the portal. Chitika takes its competitive edge over other ad networks in this regard, as other networks have made their publishers wait for days with approval decision.

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No minimum traffic is required for websites to get approved with Chitika. It offers ads on other languages apart from English as well with prior approval. It deserves the right to refuse service to any website that might promote excessive profanity, adult content, hacking, etc. Its services are also restricted for websites that sell prescription drugs, hazardous substances, weapons, ammunition and fireworks. It also rejects websites that contain manipulative techniques to improve search engine rankings.

After getting approval from Chitika and installing their ad code, the network would track the traffic quality and deliver ads on publisher’s sites accordingly. Detailed instructions in terms of service for publishers are found at <>.

How does Chitika Work

Chitika takes context into account while allowing its publishers to display advertisements on its web pages. This way, it matches ads with the websites that promote similar content. There are a number of advertising options to choose from including, list units, text ad units, mobile ads and display ads. Such staples are good enough for a successful campaign program and all of their ads are driven by the search queries of individual visitors on contrary to other famous advertising networks that display ads based on the content of each web page.

Creating and customizing ads with the network is very easy and publishers after choosing their preferred ad size could take the ad codes from the network. Chitika has the best ad fill rate and is thus useful for even newbie blogs to generate good revenue. Publishers are also free to block ads based on keywords that are popping up on their site.

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  • Its user interface is extremely competent, quick and is simple to set ads for the website. Its control panel is capable of setting up ads instantly on tablets and smartphones as well.
  • Its robust reporting ensures publishers to measure their success, click metrics and revenue generated real time.
  • It makes regular payments with a minimal threshold of $10 and also offers a referral program.
  • Its intuitive service and easily navigable interface help even beginners to learn and grow at ease.
  • It is possible to customize ad color, themes and ad placements on the website through Chitika.
  • It has an excellent customer support service with a live representative on email chats.


  • They have only a handful of advertisers to choose from, getting problems with ad relevancy and ad fill rates.
  • After ads are placed on the website, publishers find that they are not that relevant to the content.
  • Chitika displays ads for the same company, irrespective of the website.
  • Its display algorithm needs fine tuning and its ads are based on search results and not web content.
  • Its in-text advertising services are generally not relevant to the website, they also get the site look clumsy.

Chitika Payment Structure and Payout

The Chitika display advertising network serves predominantly search targetedAds and the income generated by publishers per click depend on what the advertisers offer. Earning start from 0.05 per click, more the website competes for an ad space, and more is the earning per click.

Chitika pays through PayPal and Check and pays its customers on a Net 30 basis. The minimum payment threshold is $10. This is advantageous for blogs that do not derive good traffic as they need not wait for a threshold of $50 or $100, applicable with other ad networks.

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Ad networks like Chitika are best alternatives to generate revenue when blogs does not attract much of search engine traffic and affiliate marketing tactics. Chitika is one of the most popular alternatives for Google AdSense as it has a minimum payment threshold. Any blogger could easily reach its threshold of $10 even with blogs attracting less traffic. It shows quality and relevant ads for all its publishers to help them generate good income.

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  1. SCAM! Beware of this scam AD Network. My first cooperation with Chitika was in June 18, after I got 50$ they sent me email that my account blocked because they don’t like organic traffic from search engines (200 visitors / 3000 views daily). I asked them to withdraw my earnings via support center and they didn’t answer. OK! I registered again with new website (3000 visitors / 6000 views daily), got 50$ in balance aaaaaannnnndddd they sent me the same email but now support answer to my message, providing me that when account blocked – they don’t have possibilities to withdraw money. Don’t lose Your money for this CHITIKA SCAM.

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