How to Create Native Ads using DoubleClick (DFP)

DoubleClick for Publishers offers myriad of advertising opportunities to publishers. In today’s post, we’ll explore how to leverage the power of native advertising through DFP and increase overall traffic and site’s page views. Before we take a deep dive into native ad serving through DoubleClick, let us take some examples of how we can use native ads.


When Should You Use Native Advertising

In any niche blog, there are posts which are particularly important and require showcasing. Visitors miss out on such posts just because normal post recommendations just cannot assess the quality of post, and tends to evenly optimize posts across relevant categories and tags. However, a lot of posts are evergreen and can genuinely trigger interest among the visitors. A publisher can first make a list of such posts and then serve this posts via native advertising. Native ads tend to have 2 per cent click through rate. This means, putting two similar native ad block can increase your traffic up to 4%.

Alternatively, you can add some content which are relevant to your niche and viral in nature. If you site gets over a million visits a month, this would be a good try to increase your traffic further.

Promoting in-house products or relevant affiliate products can be quite useful. While banner ads work to make such promotions, native ads can work better. This wouldn’t give a feel or advertisement to the users and they would consume the content natively.

Native videos can help share a brand’s perspective. Also, leading publishers are turning to native adverting formats for sponsored stories and brand endorsements across their channels. It would be extremely wise to run sponsored advertisement on your blog through native channels to boost ROI of your advertisers and engage the users at the same time.

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Give to the following possibilities, we feel that publishers should seriously consider DFP’s native advertising solutions and use them in maximum potential to

  • Increase Overall revenue
  • Increase pageviews and engagement
  • Lower bounce rate

In fact native ads can be used to increase your app installs, share a sponsored post or even discuss trending topics.

How to Serve Native Ads through DFP

Serving native styled ads through DFP is easy. You need to create a new line item and choose native ad styles for the ad size settings. Also, ensure you choose a ad size for the same. Once done, you need to override AdSense inventory since AdSense ads won’t be shown with this ad type.

Once the line item is created, you need to approve the line item and add the creatives. While adding the creative, you need to select the creative type for your app or website. Once you select the preferred creative type, the next screen will ask you to provide the necessary information to create native ads. You need to provide the following information

  • Ad title
  • Ad description
  • A relevant image for the ad
  • Advertiser reference
  • Click through URL or landing page of the ad unit

There are some other optional fields which you may consider populating based on the level of tracking desired by you. Once, you provide all the details, you can save the creative and preview it. You might consider creating more than one creative. Once the creatives are loaded with the required settings, your line item is ready.

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Now, you need to create an ad unit with native settings and associate it with the following line item. Once the association is done, head to Inventory>Generate tags and find the code of the ad unit which is meant to serve native ads.

Get the code and install it where you want the native ads to appear on your site and thus, you’re all done.

Creating native ads using DFP actually helps you leverage the ad serving power of DFP and lets you visitors show non-obtrusive ads. As discussed, these ads can really help marketers and affiliates increase their conversions and also publishers can choose to display trending or evergreen content across its network sites to increase overall page views. We look forward to see you getting started with native ads for your affiliate success. If you’ve any query or need assistance with setup of native ads using DFP, feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected].
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