How to Create a Video Line Item in Google Ad Manager?

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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 07:49 am

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  • We understand that beginners may find it a little difficult to wrap their heads around the countless properties of DFP. This is why we, at Blognife, seek to make the process of understanding DFP a tad bit easier for new publishers by explaining some key features on our blog. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a video line item in DFP.

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    A video line item is created by a publisher to set up video advertisements that can play on web pages, in an app, or before, during or after a video. To learn more about line items in general, click here.

    How to Create a Video Line Item in DFP?

    Step – 1

    To set up a video line item, select the order for which you want the video line item or create a new order (To learn how to create a new order in DFP, click here).

    So, login to your DFP account, go to the Delivery tab and either create a new order or click on All orders on the left-hand navigation and select the order for which you will create the new line item.

    Step – 2

    After selecting the particular order, click on the New line item button.

    Step – 3

    Give the line item a useful name that is unique within the order. Below the name, click on the Video VAST radio button, and provide the size you want for your video ad.

    640 × 480 pixels and 400 × 300 pixels are full-screen videos like the ones that appeared on old CRT televisions. Choose one size. Alternatively, you can enter your required size manually. While the size you choose is the size of the actual video, the ad will display in a form that suits the device in which it is playing.

    You can also choose a companion creative if you want to.

    Step – 4

    Enter the length of the video in seconds manually in the Max Duration field.

    Step – 5

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    Labels work for video line items in the same way it does for other line items. We will discuss labels in another article.

    There is also a checkbox called Allow same advertiser exception which means that if two ads have the same label and are from the same advertiser, they can display in the same pod.

    Learn about the line item settings portion by clicking here.

    Step – 6

    Scroll down to the Add targeting section below. By default, this line item will target all video content and positions. If you want to target specific videos, click on video content on the left-hand navigation and then the video content folder. Then select the specific videos to which the line item will serve. Now set up the video position. Select Include for the position at which you want to display the video ad. You can also select a specific position for the ad in the pod of your choice.

    Step – 7

    Once you are done with all the above steps, click on Save.   

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    We hope this tutorial has been successful and helps you in creating video line items seamlessly. Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list for more interesting topics on DFP, Web Monetization and Advanced AdSense guides.

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