Mobile eCPM Rates in UK 2022

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 07:23 pm

The UK digital advertising ecosystem has been growing steadily in the last few years with programmatic and video advertising taking a lion’s share. Additionally, we are seeing an increasing trend in in-app purchases. With the huge number of advertisers and marketers competing for the UK traffic, the in-app CPM rates have gradually increased for top performing ad units. Today’s app developers enjoy higher CPM rates for top ad formats like video ads, rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, and native ad units. Here, we are going to discuss in detail,  the mobile CPM rates in the UK for 2022. Also, we will discuss how app developers and publishers can increase their overall ad revenue with good mediation networks. Also, if you’ve just started with app monetization, you can get a closer look at the various mobile ad networks and the CPM rates offered by these mobile ad networks for the UK traffic (both Android and iOS).

Admob eCPM Rates in UK 2022

Admob has been a pretty consistent player in the mobile market and provide global coverage for app developers. This should be your primary mobile ad network and others can be mediated by it. Rewarded video ads are getting more popular with advertisers since the conversion rates are higher for this ad format. The CPM rates for interstitial ads in the UK is around $5-$7. The CPM rates for Admob rewarded video ads is around is around $10 in Android for UK traffic and $16 for iOS. Admob ads provide a high fill rate across all geographies. The fill rates shown here are different since the data is taken from a mobile mediation network and the if you’re using Admob alone, you should get fill rates closer to 100%.

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  • Banner  0.25 (64%)
  • Interstitial 4.91 (35.6%)
  • Rewarded Video 9.77 (33%)


  • Banner 0.25 (62%)
  • Interstitial 7.6 (39%)
  • Rewarded Video  16.64 (19%)

Tapjoy CPM Rates in UK 2022

Tapjoy is growing mobile video ad network that focuses on the better conversion rate for advertisers because of its intelligent algorithms and data points that can tap into the user intent. The network is known to have a good presence in tier one countries and works with premium advertisers and Fortune 500 companies. The CPM rates offered by Tapjoy for the UK traffic is around $10 for rewarded video ads on both Android and iOS.


  • Rewarded Video 9.63 (32%)


  • Rewarded Video 9.61 (45%)

Facebook CPM Rates in UK 2022

Facebook has been growing its user base and advertisers across all countries. With its vast advertiser base of more than 2 million, the network has a strong hold in the in-app market segment in the entire UK. Although there are a number of adtech companies coming up every month, the market share of Facebook and Google combined dominates the UK market. Here, let us take a look at the cpm rates in the UK for Facebook in-app ads. Facebook offers native, interstitial, and rewarded video ads for app developers. The CPM rates for rewarded video ads is comparable to that of Admob. The CPMs are around $8 for Android and $14 for iOS. For native, the rates are in the range around $1 for Android and $3 for iOS. The interstitial rates are particularly not very rewarding on Facebook when compared to Admob and app developers shouldn’t be using their interstitial formats, according to the CPM rates it provides for interstitials.

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  • Rewarded Video 8.8 (58%)
  • Native 0.62 (38%)
  • Banner  0.08 (31%)
  • Interstitial  1.81 (32%)


  • Rewarded Video 13.9 (52%)
  • Native 2.73 (86%)
  • Banner 0.05 (23%)
  • Interstitial 3.84 (45%)

Adcolony CPM Rates in UK 2022

Adcolony is yet another popular mobile ad network that offers decent CPM rates for Rewarded video ads for tier one traffic. Although this mobile ad network has some good presence in US market, it’s rated doesn’t seem to be quite promising for the UK traffic. Publishers and app developers can expect CPMs to be around $3-$5 for rewarded video ads. Also, the video CPM rates are quite low. So, if you’re getting much higher rates with other networks, we don’t suggest developers use this network in their ad stack.


  • Rewarded Video 3.44 (47%)
  • Video 1.73 (34%)


  • Rewarded Video 5.68 (47.66%)
  • Video 1.6 (44)

Unity CPM Rates in UK 2022

Unity is particularly strong for game developers. The network has premium advertisers and has good rates for converting traffic. Most of the advertisers are in the gaming segment and thus the network performs well for video ads, which creates a high level of engagement for gamers. The CPM rates for rewarded video ads on Unity Ads platform is around $8 for both Android and $5 for iOS. For that of normal video, the CPM rates tend towards $4. It needs to be mentioned that both the fill rates and CPMs are particularly higher on Android devices as compared to iOS. devices.


  • Rewarded Video 7 (82%)
  • Video 3.54 (86%)


  • Rewarded Video 5.11 (35%)
  • Video 3.52 (36%)

Thus, to sum up, we see the top mobile ad networks for the UK market is mainly Admob and Facebook. However, Tapjoy seems to have comparatively higher CPM rates for rewarded video ads than compared to other networks. So, you can mediate Admob, Facebook, and Tapjoy for rewarded ads, and Facebook and Admob for the remaining ad formats unless you have some better local ad networks that can compete. Also, developers should also focus on gaining traffic from tier one countries if they have to increase their overall CPM rates. Hope this article on Mobile CPM rates in the UK for 2022 was helpful for publishers and developers in understanding the average rates for the banner, native, video, interstitial, and rewarded video ads in the UK.

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