Facebook Ads CPM Rates in India

CPM rates have been a deciding factor for publishers when it comes to joining new ad networks. Smart publishers do a background check on ad networks before they finally give a shot to the ad network. With the ever-rising ad tech companies, sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which ad network one must opt. However, if its Facebook, the story is different. You can try audience network ads on your instant article pages or your mobile app.

In this post, we are going to discuss Facebook CPM rates 2018 for Indian traffic. A lot of media publishers are using instant articles since they drive traffic through Facebook and overall revenue from audience network seems to be better than Adsense.

Adsense typically performs worst for social traffic since it is a contextual ad network and the CPMs are highly tied to sales and conversions on advertiser website.

Facebook Ads CPM Rates in India

I got started with audience network on the mobile web which Facebook has currently discontinued. Audience network seems to be a better opportunity for both Facebook and publishers in the long run and off late, I have been testing audience network CPM rates for Indian traffic. We started instant article ad setup on one of our blogs and drove some traffic from the page. This was a test to see the overall ad CPM offered by facebook audience network. So, I am going to share with you the average CPM rates for facebook which you- an Indian publisher can make it you’ve Indian traffic on your page.

To get started with Facebook Audience Network ads, your page must be approved. Previously, Facebook used to allow mobile web publishers monetize their content with audience network ads which is currently discontinued. Thus, currently, publishers can only leverage the audience network platform to drive traffic from their pages.

Starting from the left, these are the columns- Date, Requests, Filled, Impressions, Clicks, Fill rate, CTR, eCPM, Estimated Revenue.

  • Request- the number of times an ad is requested.
  • Filled- The number of times an ad is delivered by Facebook
  • Impressions- The number of times an ad is seen by a visitor or a Facebook user.
  • Clicks- The number of times an ad is clicked
  • Fill rate- The percentage of times an ad is delivered by Facebook
  • CTR- The click-through rate of the ad
  • eCPM- The revenue per 1000 impressions.
  • Estimated Revenue- The estimated revenue earned by the publisher on that given day. The estimated revenue may be slightly different than the actual revenue.

As you can see here, the CPM rates are around 30 cents to 80 cents with a media of 50 cents. Thus, if your article is displaying 4 ads to a user, then your overall page RPM is $2 for Indian traffic. The CPM rates for Facebook ads tend to vary from USD 0.30 to USD 1.5 and depends entirely on the content niche and the audience engagement. Thus, we see that the audience network CPM rates are most likely to be under a dollar if the ads are targeting Indian users. However, if your post content is long, you can place 3-4 ads per post and can easily generate a page CPM of $2-$5 for your traffic depending on in niche and quality.

Facebook Ads CPM Rates for Social Traffic

AdSense is able to monetize niche websites due to contextual targeting. However, for social sites, the monetization scope of Adsense is limited. So, publishers are left with the option of either using AdSense and native ad networks or instant article ads. It is seen that most of the publishers are adapting to instant articles because of better pay rates from Facebook. The page RPM from Adsense for Indian traffic is as low as USD 1 whereas Facebook pays a page RPM of around 2$ and more depending upon the number of ad units per page. (Facebook is able to pull off higher revenue because of better ad targeting and also because it show in-banner video ads which have higher CPM rates). 

Tips on How to Increase Facebook Ads CPM Rates

If you’re planning to increase the overall revenue from Facebook ads, there are the list of things that you should keep in mind while setting up the ads. Use the standard ad density where Facebook will display ads at every 250 px of gap. This will ensure that the impressions are higher and your overall ad revenue will be high.

  • Ensure that the ads are optimized for fill.
  • Create engaging content that users like to read
  • Asks users to take action to action on your site and use Facebook’s call to action units.

Facebook Ads CPM Rates for Technology Niche in India

If you have a blog which is purely based on technology content, you can expect higher CPMs from Facebook. Since, instant articles tend to have 1.5X higher page views that website traffic, it can be a boost to your overall earnings. The CPM rates for Facebook ads for technology niche are around $1.5 so, if you’re running 3-4 ad units, you can easily ache an overall page RPM of $5-$6.

Thus to wrap up, audience network ads or Facebook ads are appropriate for websites and blogs which have high facebook page likes and can drive traffic from them. Since the competition has increased quite a lot in this domain, you need to create unique and more engaging content that can help leverage the use of Facebook likes to further monetize your content. Hope you enjoyed going through our article on Facebook ads cpm rates in India.


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  1. Hi, is it possible to monetize the same domain/website with both adsense and audience network. Thanks.

    • Hello Rich,

      Certain yes! But for Audience Network you need to setup instant articles first and the monetization can only happen with Facebook’s ecosystem. So, the same website/domain can be monetized with AdSense and Audience Network, but not simultaneously! Hope this helps!

  2. how can i raise my eCPM of facebook instant article it is just 0.2 $
    pls help me to raise it