Instant Article eCPM Rates 2023

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Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 04:13 pm

Facebook has been a relied platform for a really long time and not just for communication and getting to know people, but also to spread information about one’s brand to make it famous. When a platform is being this appreciated, it is just quite natural that new developments would take place to enhance it and make it better, to make user experience better and not let the same be restricted to only one spectrum and let it go far and wide to put under their reach other spectrums too. One such inventory is Instant Articles, which is a mobile publishing format that allows news publishers to pass articles to Facebook’s app that load and display 10 times faster than the standard mobile web. It certainly is the new way in which a publisher can create fast, interactive articles on Facebook.

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  • They make use of the same tech that they make use of to display photos and videos in a quick manner on the Facebook apps, so that the articles do not take much time to get loaded and the same happens in moments or instances on one’s News Feed and readers quite like the speed. People are likely to get more engaged in Instant Articles than any other articles there is 70% less chance that they would abandon the article or go back midway. The in-house analytics or their party measurement services provide complete data about what people read and how people read and engage with the articles so that you contemplate the same and put it to good use like to increase conversions and better targeting. This article certainly is about Instant Articles and a complete analysis of the profit it can potentially generate. 

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    How to Apply for Instant Article Ads?

    They have opened it to all kinds of publishers, irrespective of where in the world they are located, or what their traffic is. They would assist you in delivering a quite a fast and immersive and engaging reading experience for people on Facebook. One has to follow really simple steps and they will be good to get started with Instant Articles. For starters, one has to set up their account and gain access to the publishing tools by logging into their Facebook account, clicking on the given link:, and selecting the Facebook page they had like to use to manage their Instant Articles and agree to their terms. To access the tools,one has to click on Publishing Tools on their Facebook Page, and go to Instant Articles in the left navigation bar. Once that is done, one has to import content from their content management system and cater them as Instant Articles and submit those for review, and their team would check up on the same and either approve or request you to make some changes to make sure you keep up with the terms and policies. After that, all that is left for you to do, is Publish and assure the readers of a good and fruitful experience.

    Instant Article Ad Formats

    They have a good amount of options for Ad Formats from which one can select. These include  Banner, Interstitial and Native, all of which allow highly engaging and impactful ads that would assure a good conversion rate.

    Instant Article eCPM Rates 2023

    One of the widely asked questions is about CPM rates and the same depends on many factors. Usually, CPM that ranges between $3 to $4 is considered incredible but it is next to impossible to find a CPM like that, because the same varies depending on country, audience, niche, content and more. One should consider all of these factors before putting their hopes high about high CPMs. In USA the average CPM is around 3$ and in Asian countries CPM is relatively low. In India, the average CPM ranges between 0.5 – 0.8$ but technology niche you can expect 1$ CPM in India.

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    Instant Article eCPM Rates in India

    CPM rates are based on niches, so even in India, you might get really high CPM rates, like that of USA for some niches. But if average CPM is taken in consideration, the same for Instant articles in India varies from 0.5$ to 0.8 $. But it is quite likely that in some cases you may get CPMs as high as $1.5 in India. You can check the average CPM for each day on the performance dashboard of facebook audience network, where you can also find the total ad impressions of day and CPM for the day, along with the total earnings for the day.

    Instant Article eCPM Rates in US

    It is already established that the CPM rates are higher in countries like the USA as that is so, mainly because the purchasing power of the citizens is taken into consideration while deciding on CPM for ads. The same is quite high among the people in the USA, which is why the average CPM rate for Instant Articles is quite about $3 in around and in some cases, even more.

    How to Increase eCPM of Instant Articles

    Ezoic banner

    As has been said, the CPM depends on a large number of factors and influencing some is in our hands. For eg, it depends largely on the niche and if one write on niches like technology and finance, ads relating to the topic would be displayed and the ads of such generate higher CPMs, as compared to other niches.  The proper placement of ads can make much of a difference and they affect the CPMs more than you think they do, so make sure that is done right. Facebook has introduced ad units like that of recirculation units, to better the engagement of Instant articles readers and adding the correct meta tag can make a huge difference. Hope this article on Instant article eCPM rates was helpful for app developers and publishers to monetize their inventory with additional demand. 

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