Average Twitter CPM Rates 2022

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Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 12:42 pm

What are Twitter Ads: Who does not like the little blue bird, containing the words to a given limit and sharing opinions at all times? But the same has not been restricted to being only a social media platform, providing people an occasional fun and spin, and has spread out to become a full-fledged marketing strategy, that provides to brand with the needed brand presence and increases conversion. They promote your tweets to show your message to even those who do not follow you already and increase your reach really quickly by getting you high-value followers and driving word of mouth by promoting your account. They are very effective and provide impressive results.  

How Does Twitter Ads Work?

For starters, one has to choose their target audience, to assure that they cater to the correct audience, by focusing on interests, geography, gender, device, or users similar to your followers. Other than that, it helps increase the relevancy of the messages that are being displayed. One should amplify messages to get their account before people who are interested. And finally, one has to specify a budget and then pay for what works.

Benefits of Running Twitter Ads for your Campaigns

It has various benefits and just to list a few:

  • One pays for the performance, that is you only pay for the achieved objective, whether it is website conversions or Twitter engagement.
  • Their keyword targeting is existentially very effective interesting and a basic manner to go after specific people who have demonstrated intent on Twitter and even the people with a specific hashtag or word in one of their posts can be targeted.
  • They have engager targeting which is quite an effective and unique method that helps you remarket to people who recently saw or engaged with your tweet.
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Twitter Ad Formats

They have a plethora of ads that one can select from and the newly launched one is controversial ads that would make engagement with the brand easier and spread campaign message. Other than that, they have an app card, lead generation card, photo card, gallery card, website card, player card, summary card, product card and more.

Twitter Ad CPM Rates

The average CPM Rate is $5.92, which earlier was $5.19 and had seen a rise of 14%. Twitter ads CPM rates continue to grow due to its higher click through rates and engagement factors. You can take a detailed look at this post. Also, it continues to understand mobile advertising trends from its ad mediation platform called Mopub. This enables Twitter to be in a competitive position when compared to other ad networks and exchanges. 

Twitter Ads Pricing

There is no average pricing for Twitter ads and one can spend the negligible amount. What you will be charged for depends on the campaign objective you choose. Each campaign objective has a different billable action, and you’re only charged when that action occurs. In other words, billable actions are what you’re charged for. For example, when you choose the Website clicks and conversions objective you will only be charged when someone clicks a link to your website. A link click is the billable action of the Website clicks and conversions campaign objective.

Twitter Ad Optimization Tips

One should always put up an explanation for everything and not blatantly presume that the viewer would be aware of their product or services.

  • They should try to connect the call-to-action with the outcome they expect.
  • An ad or tweet with a question mark tends to get 25% more clicks, so one should attempt to make sure that they frame it in such a way.
  • One should experiment with different themes, images, copies and more to find out just what suits them the best or generates the best results.
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Twitter continues to be one of the preferred medium for marketers to advertise and share their brand stories. Also, the quality of the audience and reach makes Twitter a strong platform for political campaigns and other type of brand campaigns which needs a shout out. If you’ve already advertised on Twitter and wish to share your experience, feel free to share in the comments section!

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