Account Suspended: What Next?

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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 01:58 pm is one of the fastest-growing contextual ad networks that helps publishers monetize their ad spaces by showing relevant keywords tags. The network has a huge base of advertisers who are primarily advertising on the Yahoo Bing network and provides the ad space for these advertisements. The network recently got sold off at a whopping 900 million to a Chinese consortium. The company reported a net revenue of 232 million USD for the year 2015 and manages more than 450 million USD of managed ad spend. Almost 90% of the company’s revenue comes from the US and has offices across US, Middle East, and India. In this article, we are going to discuss what publishers must do if there account is suspended. 

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  • Benefits of for Publishers is the second largest contextual ad network by market share and is only after AdSense. The Yahoo! Bing Network gives publishers instantaneous access to one of the world’s largest marketplaces for keyword-targeted advertisers.

    • Innovative Ad units- provides innovative ad units which can increase the overall CTR for publishers. Their mobile ad units offer additional monetizations to publishers who have huge volumes of mobile traffic.
    • Huge Advertising Pool- offers a huge pool of advertisers and thus the quality of the ads are of high standards. Some of the top search advertisers use the Yahoo Bing marketplace and thus offers deep customization for publishers and works on increasing advertiser ROI.
    • Dynamic Optimization-  The network contextual matches the appropriate ads with the site’s keywords and help publishers in monetizing their traffic with dynamic optimization. This feature allows publishers to maximize their earnings potential and make good revenue.
    • Additional Revenue- fits well with AdSense and offers additional monetization opportunity for publishers. can bring you about 30-40% of what Adsense is generating and also diversify your ad income.
    Also Read:  Average Twitter CPM Rates 2023 Payment Methods currently offers two payment methods for its publishers. Depending on your preference, makes payments to publishers either via Wire Transfer or via Paypal. In countries where PayPal is not enabled, you can request for a Wire Transfer. Minimum Payment Threshold pays its publishers once they have accrued at least $100 in their account as earnings. The minimum threshold is equivalent to that of AdSense and I believe that this is a good payment threshold for publishers who have decent impressions. Payment Cycle pays its publishers monthly on a NET 30 days basis. It means, your earnings for the month of February will be paid to you by 30th of March. However, we have seen the payments to be received by 25th of every month with slight delays in payments once in a while. Account Suspended

    There may be a couple of reasons for the suspension of your account. Firstly, you might be breaking’s terms of service, which can be one of the primary reasons for suspension. Additionally, it might happen that your audience is not converting for and the optimization team suspends your account since advertisers are not benefiting for your traffic and chances are higher than your website niche and traffic wouldn’t really convert for and its advertisers ever. Thus, the optimization team might suspend your account and inform you about the same.

    Also, it may happen that majority of your traffic is not coming from US and Canada which is something as previously informed and thus your account can be suspended for traffic that is not converting for their advertisers.

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    Under any circumstances, should inform you via mail that the collaboration is not working and unfortunately, they have to suspend your account. Account Suspended: What Next?

    There is nothing much you can do if your account is suspended. It is done because of your own good since you’re not been able to generate profits for their advertisers and in turn for yourself and thus it is recommended to let things go off without trying much. However, if you think that you site was suspended mistakenly and needs another chance, you can get in touch with their appeal team at  [email protected] and request them to know the reason of your account suspension and also ask them to give you a chance to re-apply for since you believe that your website is a good fit for and you’d like to further test and optimize the ad placements.

    Can you run Ads Along with other Ad networks?

    Yes, definitely. You can run ads along with other contextual or CPM ad networks like Google AdSense or Google Ad Exchange ads. Many publishers are earning good amount of handsome revenue from their other partners and offers additional ad revenue for them. You can also run ads along with other ad networks in the same ad location or placement. In that case, ads will compete in real time with other ad networks to provide you with the maximum CPM value. To enable this feature, you need to contact your account manager directly.  

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    Thus to conclude, works with niche websites which are in finance, gifting, credit, parenting, lifestyle, gadgets domain with traffic primarily from US and Canada. You may get your account suspended if you don’t have enough traffic from these geographies or any other policy violation issues. In such cases of account suspension, go through the email message which is sent to you by the team and take the necessary measures to get your account recovered.  

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