ExitIntentAdNetwork Review- Monetize your Exit Traffic

Last updated on July 22nd, 2021 at 08:53 am

Over the past few years, we have seen a growing demand for high impact ad formats which promise brand visibility and better yield for advertisers. Rewarded videos, exit intent, in-view ads are some of the advertising formats which have gained immense popularity as they further help publishers will better revenue. In this article, we are going to talk about Exit Intent Ad Network, which is one of the premium exit traffic monetization network that can help you make addition bucks along with your existing ad networks.

Why Exit Intent Ads Works?

There are quite a number of advertising networks that have focused their technology to show exit intent ads on publisher websites. Exit ads work extremely well then the ad creatives are targeted to specific niche websites where the visitors get a better opportunity to associate themselves with the advertisement, and if interested, interact with the ad in the form of an email sign-up, subscribing to a newsletter, making a trail purchase , etc. It is extremely important to capture the intent of the visitor and show them targeted ads that can bring conversions for advertisers.

Additionally, exit intent ads can work if you’re buying traffic for arbitrage, since the overall cost is much less than what you would be spending on CPC networks like Taboola, Outbrain and Facebook.

ExitIntentAdNetwork: Offerings for Publishers

ExitIntentAdNetwork is a CPA and affilaite friendly ad network where the publishers are primarily paid on effective CPM basis which is tied to certain actions which users take on the advertiser website. If you’ve quality tier one traffic, then it is one of the preferred network which you should be looking at to further monetize your website. Based on your traffic type and conversions, you can see CPMs in the range of USD 5 to USD 10. The rates do go higher for premium converting traffic. So, essentially, adding this network to your ad stack will create additional revenue stream. You can use this link here to signup with ExitIntentAdNetwork and start monetizing your website.

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Publisher Benefits: What can you Expect?

Exit Intent Ad Network provides a powerful platform for publishers to monetize their tier one inventory at higher CPMs than one can expect from other ad formats. Some of the publishers who are using Exit Intent Ad Network includes Bored Panda, Crave Online, Peggo, and others.

  • Due to strong performance, the advertisers are willing to pay premium prices (up to $10 CPM) to show their ads on your website. Maximize your ROI overnight. Also, since this ad format doesn’t interfere with your existing display or video ad stack, the revenue received is incremental.
  • Imagine having 99% click through rate on your ads. Now it’s possible by displaying exit intent ads. Any time a user tries to exit your site, you get paid. Every exit ad view will make you money.

Publisher Dashboard Overview

Here, we take you to a dashboard overview of ExitIntentAdNetwork. You can add your secondary websites, create ad zones and request payments from the dashboard. Also, you can contact their support team. The dashboard is unobtrusive and gives you a detail of the overall revenue, impressions and earnings accrued.

Publisher Payment Terms

Unlike AdSense or other ad networks, you don’t need to have $100 to cash out. ExitintentAdNetwork allows publishers to withdraw money once they have a minimum of $10 in their account.

ExitIntentAdNetwork: Offerings for Advertisers

ExitIntentAdNetwork is appropriate for publishers who are looking to buy traffic for their website. Also, it is equally applicable for affiliate marketers who are looking to drive conversions, email signups and lead. Some of the highest converting CPA verticals with this ad network includes:-

  • Free offers
  • Dating
  • Make Money Hacks
  • Casino
  • Adult
  • Downloads/Installs
  • Free Trials (weight loss, fitness, muscle products)

Also the network won’t really burn a hole in your pocket since the minimum deposit is just USD 10. The advertising  rates are based on CPM and are optimized for performance. You can expect quality tier one traffic from countries like US, UK, CA, AU, and NZ starting at just $5 per 1000 impressions.  

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Advertiser Benefits: What can you Expect?

ExitIntentAdNetwork introduces the next generation exit intent ads. Use the most premium placement, make sure that visitors actually see and engage with your ad to maximize your ROI.

  • Just like with pop-ups, with the Full Website Exit Intent ad type, your website will pop over anytime someone tries to exit a site. Less intrusive and 89% more effective than pop ads.
  • The technology works by moving mouse over to the exit button. This makes sure that every ad view is shown to real people and guarantees only high quality traffic to your website.

Popular and Longest Running Campaigns at ExitIntentAd Network

In order to have a better overview of ExitIntentAdNetwork, let us take a look at some of the popular and longest running campaign types with them. These campaigns would give you a better idea of what typically works best for exit traffic for majority of the advertisers and affiliate marketers.

  • CPA Email Submits: These type of campaigns perform the best with exit traffic. They can be anything ranging from coupons, lottery, free samples, free iphone, dating offers, how to make money tips, etec.
  • AdSense Arbitrage: If you’re a publisher who is doing traffic arbitrage- be it adsense arbitrage, video ad arbitrage, native ad arbitrage or anything else, Exit intent traffic works well on these websites. Since a catchy content creates a lot of curiosity among the visitors and they are interested to continuing reading the content, resulting in high page views.
  • Email Capture Pages: This is definitely a sure-shot when it comes to exit traffic. By mapping the exact niche, advertisers can target specific websites on the network that closely resemble their niche and thus they can create interactive lead generation pages to capture high converting leads. It can be for your own business or affiliate product promotions on virtually any niche.
  • Offer Walls: These continue to be one of the best converting pages which can generate higher results for advertisers. Normally, offer walls contain 6-9 different CPA offers which are targeted based on geography, niche, and content relevance.
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Best Practices for Higher Converting Exit Campaigns

Advertisers should continuously optimize their ad campaigns in order to maximize their ROI and conversion rate from exit campaigns. You can use the following tried and tested tips while creating your exit campaigns.

  • Use Autoplay videos: You can create your own video, upload it on YouTube and embed on the creative.
  • Enable Autoplay and Sound: The videos should be made autoplay and with sound to ensure they grab the attention of the visitors.
  • Use Attention Grabbing Phrases: Text like “Thank you for visiting us! Before your leave, check out this offer….” “Wait, here’s something that you may be interested as well” performs better on exit intent traffic and thus recommended.

To wrap up, exit intent continues to be one of the most effective ad format that can help marketers reach wide audience and generate targeted conversions. Publishers can continue to use exit ads for additional monetization of their traffic. We recommend you take a closer look at ExitIntentAdNetwork so that you can explore their features in detail. Hope this review of ExitIntentAdNetwork was helpful. 
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