Facebook Audience Network CPM Rates 2022

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Facebook Audience Network is a relatively newer platform which has been developed by Facebook. It is a mobile advertising network which displays ads on the Facebook mobile app and mobile web. It also feeds ads to other apps and mobile websites through what it calls the “Audience Network”. It improves performance and expands the reach of the advertisers. In this post, we will have a discussion on Facebook Audience Network CPM Rates 2022 with respect to its earning model, payment proof, and earnings report to help you decide if it can be useful for you.

Brief of the Company

The Audience Network is a collection of mobile apps where Facebook advertisers can serve ads using the same targeting and measurement tools that they use on Facebook. Running ads on the Audience Network extends an advertiser’s reach beyond Facebook and into mobile apps. It comes in both native and display format for photos and videos, and advertisers can enable their Facebook ads to run on the Audience Network by checking “Audience Network” in the placement section when they create or edit an ad. Facebook Audience Network helps publishers to monetize and create engaging ad experiences which are a right fit for their audience. Using a combination of access to Facebook advertisers and people-based marketing, publishers can increase the ad revenue and sustainable value of their business while driving better results for their advertisers. The Audience Network features real-time optimization capabilities. It supports engaging and valuable formats, like custom native units for display and video, as well as standard interstitial and banner formats.

Facebook Ad Unit Types

When using Facebook Audience Network, publishers and developers are given an option to choose between three different ad units: banners, interstitials and native ads. All the ad units have the access to the same targeting and advertisers. Therefore, they are automatically rendered to fit whichever unit gets selected. Whenever possible, clicking on the ad doesn’t take the user out of the app. Instead, users download other apps and visit web pages from within the app.

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Banner Advertisements

Banner ads are the most common type of ad unit and they can be placed throughout the app. The ad refresh rate for the banner ads can be chosen to make sure your users are seeing ads as frequently as it would make sense for your app.

Interstitial Advertisements

Interstitial advertisements are the full-screen ads which can be quite effective in catching a user’s attention. Many publishers recommend interstitial ads for pauses in gameplay or times when there is a natural break in your app’s flow.

Native Advertisements

Native advertisements give publishers the full control to design the perfect ad unit. The Native Ad API can be used to customize the look, feel and size of the ad. These ads can seamlessly fit into your app.

Audience Network Earning Model

Facebook Audience Network allows publishers to generate revenue based on Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM). It is a good network to optimize the mobile traffic for your app. In order to generate more income, the impression rate needs to be increased.

Audience Network CPM Rates 2022

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The CPM earning which can be generated from Facebook Audience Network is highly dependent on the targeted traffic. It can be anywhere in the range of 50 cents to USD 3. The more that the advertisers’ bid for that particular set of audience, the higher will be the CPM that gets generated. If the major portion of the traffic is mobile based and from tier 1 countries then strong eCPMs can be generated. For banner ads, the eCPMs are in the range of 80 cents to USD 1 while for interstitial ads, the eCPMs are in the range of USD 3 to 5. If both the two methods are used then, on an average, USD 1.5 to 2 can be generated. In case if most of the traffic is from Asia, then eCPMs generated can go as low as one-third of the one mentioned before.

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Payment Proof and Earnings Report

Bank details of the publisher need to be provided. If the earning becomes greater than USD 100 without the publisher taking out the payment then further ad display gets suspended. Facebook launched the “Advertiser Outcome Score” in October to help publishers figure out how to make their ads more impactful. It shows publishers how their inventory is performing as calculated by a combination of ROI-focused metrics.

The Audience Network API can be used to automatically download performance data for your apps. The reporting is based on parameters like the number of ad requests,  filled ad requests, impressions, clicks, 10-second video views, and estimated revenue. The metrics can also be broken down by county and by placement.


Facebook Audience Network is a relatively newer ad optimization network. It can be used to monetize the mobile traffic. This network is has proven to be worth testing, particularly for campaigns that have a proven target audience on Facebook. We hope that you’ve found this discussion on Facebook Audience Network CPM Rates 2022 with respect to its ad unit types, earning model, and payment proof and earnings report useful.  The following video answers quite a few questions about the Audience Network. Take a look at it and for more information, check out this link which will take you to the help section of the network.

Note: Facebook is now shifting to Instant articles and no longer supports Audience network for mobile web traffic. While Audience network is still there for mobile app developers, publishers should be using instant articles to monetize their mobile web traffic.

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