Ad Placement Optimization Tips for Increased AdSense Revenue

In this post, we’ll focus and discuss in-depth; the art of intelligent ad placement, ad unit performance analysis and how this can lead to an increase in AdSense revenue.

Ad Placement Optimization

Ad Placement Optimization

Choosing a High CTR WordPress Theme

If AdSense is your primary source of revenue, I think sticking to a AdSense theme that is performing good CTR wise is very crucial. Also, you should keep exploring the various new themes. Even a 15% increase in CTR due to theme change does help in increasing your overall AdSense revenue. So, if your AdSense revenue is doing around $100 a day, I sugguest you to at least test one good AdSense CTR optimized theme relevant to your niche in every quarter. Better if you can test two in each quarter.

While testing a theme, make sure you blend the text ads with the theme color and also use different font styles to see which performs better. This, although this not relevant to placement optimization, however, comes as a very crucial and base advice for success.

In-content ads placements

Top Header Ad unit Placement

Sidebar Ad unit Placement

A 300×600 or a 300×750 custom ad unit performs better on desktop traffic but on mobile, since the sidebar loads after the content area, this ad unit is pushed much below.

Create a experiment and test the 300×600 ad unit against the 300×750 ad unit and let Google optimize the traffic split. Run this experiment for at least 15-20 days or 6,00,000 impressions to gain a confidence. Then you may switch the the preferred ad unit based on the impression RPM.


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