Increase Facebook Audience Network eCPM and Earnings

Last updated on July 10th, 2021 at 12:25 am

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is a premium mobile-specific ad network developed by Facebook. Mobile devices have overpowered the world and are on the way to replace computers and laptops in most functionalities. Nowadays, people are on their phones for almost one-third of an entire day. So, keeping up with this trend, mobile ad networks are in vogue. The Facebook Audience Network allows advertisers on Facebook to improve their performance and expand their reach by showing ads on third-party apps and mobile web. Facebook is one of the most dominant players in today’s digital market and displays high-quality advertisements in its audience network across all mobile devices. 80% of the Audience Network’s ads are native, which draw 7x greater cost-per-impression and 20% to 40% higher revenue per user than its banner ads.

However, in spite of all these, the revenue generated from the Audience Network is quite low when compared to other premium networks. One of the best ways to increase revenue is to ensure high conversion i.e to increase the eCPM. In this article, we are going to discuss a few ways in which you can increase your Audience Network eCPM.

How to Increase Facebook Audience Network eCPM

1) Optimize for CPM

Optimized CPM is the default option for your ads. A default option is required as even pros don’t know the proper price for a specific page post ad targeting mobile placements for, say, 35-year-old females in the U.K. The optimized CPM bid not only bids on your behalf, but also helps you with targeting, choosing the subset of the target audience you selected that is most likely to click, become a fan, or perform whatever action you feel is important. Choosing optimized CPM improves CTR, conversion rates etc.Optimizing for CPM increases the average RPM by raising the price floor for your audience. This setting is best used with the banner and interstitial ad formats.

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2) Set Price Floors or CPM Thresholds

The Audience Network uses price floors, just like the ads on Facebook. This ensures that users only see an ad when the winning bid is above a certain price. Another powerful revenue optimization tool is the setting of CPM thresholds or CPM targets. This tool – CPM Targets – allows publishers on Audience Network to increase their earning potential by setting price targets for each of their ad placements serving Audience Network ads. Facebook explains that CPM Targets is different to price floors, as it will help deliver the bid that a publisher decides, rather than a minimum bid.

3) Keep Audience Network in your Ad Waterfall at an Appropriate Position

Waterfalling is a process used by publishers to sell remnant inventory and it is very important to keep the right ad network at the right position in an ad waterfall. Once the ad server is able to predict the CPM bid for a particular ad unit, the publisher must be careful about placing the Audience Network in an optimum position in the ad waterfall to ensure that the network wins the impression.

4) Focus on Tier-1 Traffic

If your website receives a good amount of traffic from tier-1 countries such as the US, UK and Canada, most importantly from the US and UK, you have good chances to earn more with Facebook Audience Network. The logic behind this is simply the high bids for keywords from these countries, and the traffic you get from there will see the Geo-targeted ads, that can pay you high!

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Facebook Audience Network is a relatively newer ad network. It can be used to monetize mobile traffic. This network is has proven to be worth testing, particularly for campaigns that have a proven target audience on Facebook. We hope that you’ve found this discussion on Facebook Audience Network with respect to its eCPM useful. 

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