ClickAdu Review- Payment Proof and CPM Rates 2020

ClickAdu is a popular pop-under advertising network for web and mobile channels with excellent expertise, unique capabilities, and experience in revenue maximization for publishers and advertisers. With more than 150 million pop-unders and 210 K daily conversions, ClickAdu is one of the fastest growing pop-under advertising networks. You might need to take a look at the benefits offered by this network before signing up!

Requirement for Publishers

ClickAdu is a very welcoming network as it accepts even completely new publishers who have just launched their sites. It does not levy any minimum traffic requirement on publisher sites and accepts new publishers at a much higher rate than other networks. So, publishers who haven’t started generating steady traffic yet can boost their earnings using this pop-under network, keeping their niche in mind.

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ClickAdu does not accept websites that promote gambling and other illegal activities. It also does not accept sites with adult content.

How to Use ClickAdu

The process of getting started with ClickAdu is simple and pretty fast. The network manually reviews all publisher requests and are expected to take not more than a day to grant approval.

The process of implementing ClickAdu ads is simple. You just have to insert a JavaScript code into your site and blog to have pop-unders displayed on your site. The publisher has the freedom to designate the number of pop-under ads he wants to showcase and also the categories of ads that he feels comfortable to display on his website.

Pros of Joining ClickAdu

  • Good ALTERNATIVE to Google Adsense for publishers who find Google’s stringent policies to be obtrusive and those who have been banned from AdSense owing to the same policies.
  • Pop-unders, in general, generate more revenue in proper niches than traditional display advertising formats! ClickAdu is one of the front runners in this domain.
  • ClickAdu provides higher CPM rates in comparison to other networks. For some geo, rates can reach up to $14. 
  • 100% FILL-RATE for all traffic.
  • Advertising campaigns with 100% clean ads because of ANTI-MALWARE protection tools
  • 24/7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT over email, Skype, phone and ticketing system. The network assigns a PERSONAL MANAGER to each publisher.  
  • USER-FRIENDLY dashboard makes it easier to navigate through.
  • Ontime automatic payouts on NET 15 & NET 30 bases – very convenient to plan your income.
  • Multiple methods of payments (The minimum payout for Paxum, Payoneer, E-Payments, Epese and Webmoney is $50. Payment fees vary according to the payment system and paid by the publisher. The minimum payout for Wire Transfer is $1000).
  • REAL-TIME statistics.
  • 5% REFERRAL PROGRAM – some extra income for existing publishers.

Sign up with a Reliable Partner for Your Traffic Monetization!

Being an owner of a website I have a wide experience of monetizing my traffic. I’ve been working hard on growing my audience for months, and now I have an opportunity to monetize the website. There is a number of pretty reliable ways to do that, and I studied almost all of them. Finally, I came to the conclusion that displaying ads would be a good idea, as I can make money on showing different types of ads on a CPM basis when paid per mille or thousand impressions, or share the revenue with the advertiser (RevShare model).

Both ways are good, but for me personally, it’s more convenient to work on fixed CPM, because I can always check with the data on my stats and learn how much money I’ve made.

Doing business with one or a couple of advertisers would seem less complicated, but only to newbies in traffic monetization. In fact, there are a lot of disadvantages:

  • It might be very risky as anytime one or some of your advertisers may drop off, and you will have to look for the replacement
  • Okay, you will get money on a monthly basis for, say, showing a banner, while you could have been earning more if you get paid on a CPM basis.  
  • Direct advertisers are usually limited with creatives, settings and budgets. You always depend on such things. Besides, not all of your traffic will be working for you, which means, you will be losing money!  
  • They do not have any smart software allowing to install ad codes and run ads.
  • They may want to run their advertising campaigns during the certain day or night hours or, probably, display their ads only once per 24 hours. If you don’t work with any special platforms you won’t guarantee that.
  • Finally, you would barely interest any advertiser unless you are a long-standing website with a huge volume of unique multi-geo traffic. Are you?

So, I strongly recommend selling your traffic to numerous advertisers through an ad network running a lot of advertising campaigns with different settings. There are not many ad networks ensuring a 100% fill-rate which is very important, as you already know.

What is important for you is to find the most profitable and easy-to-launch ad format. I’ve tested banners and pop-unders. I really found it easy to work with both, however, there are some strong advantages of using pop-under ads you should know. 

  • Pop-unders give better CPMs in comparison to banners. In fact, pops may give a 30% boost in profit.
  • You can run pops on any kind of site. And you may combine pop-up or pop-under ads with any other formats, including Adsense.
  • Popunder ads give an opportunity to monetize your site if you can’t prove the origin of its content to Google AdSense.
  • Popunder ads do not contain more malware than other ad formats. Ad networks normally have a number of tools for anti-malware protection.

Having tested some networks I realised that Clickadu CPMs are a bit higher than those of other networks. What I really appreciated is a helpful technical support system. When I signed up with the network and added my website into their system, I got an email from my personal manager who finally helped to install a JavaScript earning.

First, there was some misunderstanding about the rates as I had chosen to work on a fixed daily basis and got money per day no matter how many impressions my website delivered. On my dashboard, I saw CPMs for different GEOs per thousand impressions, and I made some calculations which proved that I could actually have earned more if I’d been on a fixed CPM basis. So, we discussed it with my personal manager, and she fixed it for me. After that, I started making more money with Clickadu.

ClickAdu CPM Rates

ClickAdu provides a higher a CPM rate than most other networks. It is especially good for US traffic.

ClickAdu Payment Proof:

As for payouts, there is a choice between NET 15 and NET 30 which means that you can get paid every two weeks or once per month. For me, a monthly payment system works better as it is much easier to plan my profit and life expenses. Another pleasant thing is their referral program. You can promote your referral link everywhere on forums, social networks, tubes and even in email signatures to bring new publishers and get 5% from their revenues. Good, isn’t it? Some extra cash.

If you want to learn more about Clickadu Ad Network, you may surely go to their website or read some other reviews on the web. The network has around 5.5 thousand active advertising campaigns promoting different products. They accept only high-quality mobile and desktop traffic worldwide. So, guys, if you are looking at pop-under ad networks to boost earnings, I do recommend joining Clickadu.

ClickAdu- Leading Popunder Network

ClickAdu is a leading popunder advertising network for web and mobile channels with excellent expertise in maximizing revenue for publishers.

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