Taboola vs Adblade – CPM Rates, Payments and Earnings Report

Native advertising is the fastest-growing advertising technology and will continue to grow at an exponential rate owing to its ability to attract almost 60% more traffic than traditional advertising. This advertising technology has managed to find a balance between profitability and user experience by seamlessly integrating related ads with quality content. All major ad networks are taking native advertising seriously. Taboola, one of the oldest and largest native ad networks, enjoys a notable market share and is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Adblade is the largest content-style ad platform on the internet and their ads are distinguished from native ads only by the ‘advertisement’ label in the corner.

In this article, we’ll do a comparative study of the two ad networks and try to figure out which ad network as well as which advertising technology is more suitable for a particular website or blog.

Taboola vs Adblade : Minimum Traffic Requirement

Taboola requires publishers to have at least 1 million monthly page views. After signing up, the publisher registration will be reviewed and the publisher will be asked to sign a NDA if a minimum traffic threshold is needed. The ad codes are set up once all this is done.

To become a publisher in the Adblade network, a website or blog requires a minimum of 500,000 monthly page views. Adblade is quite stringent when it comes to giving approval and they do not accept publishers with adult content.

Taboola vs Adblade : Revenue Share Percentage

Taboola offers a 50% revenue share to publishers which is quite steep when compared to industry standards.

Adblade offers 60% of the obtained revenue to publishers and keeps the rest 40% as charges for the services rendered.

Taboola vs Adblade : Ad Quality

The ads from Taboola are of high quality. This network has a strong regional advertiser base across the world which results in great variety in creatives and nature of the ads.

The content-style ads from Adblade often end up having clickbait-style headlines which can sometimes give a spammy impression. Otherwise, Adblade has a standard ad quality.

Taboola vs Adblade : Publisher List

Taboola has some of the biggest brands like Forbes, NY Times, TMZ and USA Today on its publisher list.

Adblade ads are displayed on some of the biggest content driven sites like Yahoo!, Esquire, BusinessWeek and Fox News.

Taboola vs Adblade : CPM and RPM Rates

Taboola is a PPC network where publishers only get paid for clicks. Average CPC varies from 2 cents to 5 cents but is usually low for Asian traffic. The RPM of a Taboola ad can up to $2 and more depending on the traffic quality and location. Taboola has a fill rate of almost 100%

Adblade mostly offers 50 cents to $1 per click, depending on the vertical. The CPM rate is usually $2 on an average. CPA and CPM rates are lower for Asian traffic. Adblade also has a  100% fill rate for US traffic.

Taboola vs Adblade : Payments and Earnings Report

Publishers in Taboola network are paid on a NET 30 basis once they have managed to attain USD 100 in their accounts. The payment comes as direct deposit through Payoneer to Indian publishers, after their accounts and PAN details are verified.

Adblade pays publishers through Paypal or Wire Transfer on a NET 30 basis once they have accrued USD 100 in their accounts. Adblade also offers a 10% referral commission which is added when billing is done at the end of 30 days.


Taboola and Adblade are currently the two biggest advertising networks. In terms of ad quality, Taboola is very good and even Adblade has more hits than misses. The signing up and payment withdrawal processes can be quite arduous for Taboola. But that can be understood considering the kind of services they provide. Such is not the case for Adblade. Even though it is difficult to associate with Adblade due to its vague but strict guidelines, it is worth the hassle for publishers who draw significant traffic. Thus advertisers and publishers can look forward to using the services of these two ad networks as sponsored content keeps growing at a high pace. For publishers have traffic lower that 1-2 millions, we recommend Spoutable.

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