PayClick Native Ad Network Review- CPM Rates and Earnings

You’ve worked so hard on making your website relevant and engaging and now looking for a brand new way to increase your profits? Tired of placing ads that distract your viewers and make them go away? Increase your revenue with placing recommendation widget in Native format! In today’s post, we are introducing Payclick- A native advertsing network that help publishers monetize their traffic by displaying relevant native ads.


Our network enables ALL of our publishers:

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  • More than 50 ad unit setting options: from background color to type of product/content recommendations

About Payclick:

Global coverage. We started our business in 2010 and earned trust of more than 120 thousand advertisers in 107 countries.

High CTR = high income. Advanced technology of placing native ads perfectly corresponds to the interests of customers and makes it possible to achieve 5% CTR against 2.3% average in the market.

Flexible conditions. We are always ready to offer most favorable conditions available on the market to the owners of the websites with quality traffic and audience.

Easy and fast. Installation and configuration of the widget takes no more than 5-7 minutes. Should any problem occur, our local online technical support manager will always be available to help you.

Guaranteed payments.  Our innovative approach and strict financial discipline allows us to make payments every week in a method which suits you best. You have constant access to full reports on impressions, clicks, effectiveness and income rates.

Become our partner and get access to the best available monetization tools the market can offer you!

Simply register with system and our manager will contact you and offer individual support and special rates.

Give it a try and share your experience! We are happy to answer all of your questions about Payclick system in this section.

Payclick FAQs

Q1. What is the minimum payout and the payment cycle?

1. Minimum Payout = 20$ and Payment Cycle = Weekly

Q2. What are the best performing Geos under Payclick?

2. Best Performing Geos = Europe and Asia (among them Vietnam, Indonesia, Romania, Spain)
Q3. What is the average or median CPC of Payclick advertsing?
3. Average or Mediam CPC or CPM rates across your network = ranging from $0.3-$5 (Your individual rate depends on your website, amount of traffic and it’s geo location, amount of impressions and other factors. Our support manager will contact you directly after registration to settle your personal rate. We are happy to provide our clients with most favourable conditions on the market.)

Minimum Traffic Requirement for PayClick

PayClick accept websites with over 100,000 impressions per month. It buys 100% of your traffic irrespective of your traffic origin and works on a CPM/CPC model.

A Look at PayClicks Dashboard and CPM Rates

Here is a screenshot of PayClick’s dashboard and CPM rates. Typically, the CPM tends to be around 30 cents.
Meanwhile, you can go ahead and start monetizing your blog with PayClick native advertising. We hope you have found the PayClick native ad network review useful.
PayClick- Premium Native Ad Network

PayClick help publishers monetize their website with high impact native ads with CPM $0.50. Try Payclick

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  1. Who is the best native ad s for coming and Hindi blogs

  2. Thanks for this article, It seems like only big bloggers can use it since the traffic requirement is high.

  3. hi,

    How can I put two widgets ads on AdNow in one website?
    Ex: I want to put Ads on left sidebar and another one on right sidebar.


    • Create two widgets and paste the code in the necessary locations. For sidebar, you may create a 1 column/4 row ads widget.

      • Dear Abhishek Dey,

        Thank you!

        • Hi Abhishek Da ! which native Ads Network is most trusted & Profitable for An Entertainment Downloading Website?

        • Sukumar,

          The performance of the native ad network depends on your website traffic sources and CPC. Since the advertiser base of these content networks vary from country to country, it is best to use more than one content ad networks for your blogs. Taboola for US traffic, and Adskeeper for EU traffic, Mgid for the remaining audience! No individual native ad network will work well if you’ve mixed traffic.

  4. SCAM!

    They Banned my website on payday and take my money.

  5. they will buy from you the maximum impressions they can for a budget of 0.20 or 0.25 USD with the promise of making you a better deal after checking the results. Then you will never hear from them again, or some other account manager will tell you again the same, that they can buy 300.000 impressions for 0.20USD. Not More.

    Not trustable, not serious.

  6. Ok. I want to be Publisher on a trust-able Native Ads Network. So, Which Native ads network is most suitable for an Entertainment Downloading Website without Taboola, Revcontent, Mgid,Outbrain Ads Network?

  7. Abhishek Da, How do you like Ayboll ads network? Is it trust-able ads network ? Payclick or Ayboll , Which ads network is most trustable & profitable ? Please answer me as soon as possible.

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