Infolinks CPM Rates 2023

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Last updated on January 26th, 2023 at 05:14 pm

Infolinks is a “one-stop shop” ad network which monetizes all traffic across any platform with their suite of advanced ad units. The network creates a new revenue stream from the unused ad space of the website. Their algorithm is used to deliver intent driven ads to the right users in real time. In this article, we will discuss Infolinks CPM Rates 2022 with respect to its earning model and payments and earnings report. This will help you to decide if the ad network would fit complement the monetization of your website or blog.

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    Brief of the Company

    Infolinks is an interesting and relatively unique alternative to traditional display advertising. The network intends to combat the end user’s banner blindness by introducing less prevalent ad units that get better integrated into the website’s content.Traffic across all platforms can be monetized with the suite of advanced ad units. There is no minimum traffic requirement needed to get approval to join the network. There is also no language requirements stated in the company’s Publisher Service Agreement. They get around 1.5 billion monthly ad views and are considered to be the 6th largest advertising network.

    Ad Unit Types

    Creating an ad unit in Infolinks is quite easy. One snippet of HTML code needs to copied and pasted into the end of the HTML source code. As soon as it is done, Infolinks starts to serve ads on that web page. Publishers can choose from four different ad units provided by the network: inText, inFrame, inSearch, and inTag. These units can be implemented from the “Customize” option in the control panel.  

    1. inText Ad Unit:

    It is the default ad unit which gets activated once account setup is completed. The inText ads highlight those words which are already on the web page and monetize them with ads that are displayed when the highlighted word hovers over with the cursor. The highlighting is generally in the form of a double underline which helps it to be distinguished from the usual single underline treatment that regular hyperlinks have. But, the ads which are shown usually have low relevance to the words that get highlighted.

    1. inFrame Ad Unit:

    inFrame advertisements are the standard display ads that get generated automatically to slide out from the left and right sides of the browser window when the web page load has completed. They are in the form of wide skyscrapers and are either a series of text ads or a single image-based banner ad. The final on-site looks pretty good but this, too, has an ad relevancy problem.

    1. inSearch Ad Unit:

    The inSearch ads get displayed for visitors who arrive on the publisher’s website via a search engine. A few seconds after the page loads, a small ad unit would slide up from the bottom of the browser window, containing the text, “Searching for [keyword]?”. The concept of this ad unit is very good but the network lacks the proper execution of it. The ads shown are usually not relevant to the content of the website. It is fairly unobtrusive and doesn’t show up for loyal visitors of the website.

    1. inTag Ad Unit:

    The inTag advertisements are very similar to Google AdSense’s link units in function. They appear as keywords (usually 4-5 in a single line or 8-10 in two lines) which when clicked on, take the user directly to the landing page of the advertiser or when hovered over, offers additional information on the advertiser’s product. Ad relevancy is usually very poor.

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    The advertisements get implemented using HTML and Javascript. The network is compatible with Google AdSense as long as the ad units are not styled to look like AdSense units. Mobile ad units and WordPress plugins are available.

    Earning Model

    The earning model of Infolinks counts both views and clicks towards the publisher’s earnings. Whenever visitors engage with the ads, revenue is generated. The network does not work fixed CPM rates and each advertiser sets their own price per view. Publishers receive 65% revenue share. It is one of the highest sharing percentages in the online ad sector.

    CPM Rates for 2023

    The Click through Rate (CTR) is on the higher side most of the time as the ads are placed within the website content. CPM and CPC offered for European and American traffic is much more than what is offered for Asian traffic. The CPM rate is in the range of USD 1 to 5 for every 1000 ad impressions. RPM is found to be between USD 1.5 to 4.

    Payment Proof and Earnings Report

    Payment is generated every 45 days, which is reasonable. The minimum payout threshold is USD 50. In case the threshold amount is not reached in any month, the earnings for that month will be added to the next month earnings. Infolinks provides publishers with many payment options like PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheque, Western Union, ACH, and Payoneer.  

    The reporting section of the Infolinks control panel is easy to use. The default display shows data for the trailing 7 days. Only the following headings are available – daily net page views, ad views, eCPM, and earnings. For power users who like in-depth reports, the network will be a disappointment.

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    Ezoic banner

    Infolinks lacks quality advertisers and proper technology. Ad relevancy is very poor and this leads to the generation of lower revenues. But, the network should be considered if an alternative to traditional display advertising is being sought. Sign up and implementation is easy. It can be a reasonable network to help support the earnings from Google AdSense.  We hope that this discussion on Infolinks CPM Rates 2023, its earning model, and payment and earnings report has been helpful to you.

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