How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings with Certified Partners

The Google AdSense Certified Partner program was launched to help publishers increase their ad revenue through optimization and provide ad consultation via third parties who are proficient in ad operations, optimization, analytics and adsense.

Whether you’re just starting with ads, looking for a new revenue source, or fine-tuning your ad server setup, our Certified Publishing Partners are trained experts on AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers — so they can help you achieve your goals.  ~Google

Benefits of Signing up with a Google AdSense Certified Partner

Signing up with a Google AdSense Certified partner program lets you have the following benefits.

Getting your AdSense Account Secured: AdSense partners are in direct contact with Google representatives. Each of the accounts are manually checked for policy violations and reviewed monthly, so if you have any violations (unknowingly), they can help you sort them. Also, if you get any account level warnings, they will suggest you what modifications you need to take.

Increased Ad Revenue: Signing up with an AdSense partner can get your adsense revenue increased by 30-100% and sometimes more, depending upon your existing ad setup and the AdSense partner you’ve joined.

How Certified Partners can Help Increase Your AdSense Revenue

Depending on the nature of the site, traffic volume and ad inventory and opportunity, you may opt for any of the ways to increase your ad revenue. Some can be clubbed to offer a hybrid solution. However, the three most popular methods are adsense ad optimization, adx and dfp waterfall model setup.

AdSense Ad Optimization Advanced machine learning algorithms, multi-variate testing, multi-arm testing let optimization of ad placement, colour, ad type, ad sizes and enable those ads which gets the maximum CTR across a given placement. Also, the system takes into consideration, the various ad combinations and optimize them for maximum revenue. Typically, the learning takes 20-30 days, with an average of 15,000-20,000 page views a day. So, if you have a traffic of around that volume you can try such ad optimization partners.

AdX The Google AdExchange is the premium version of AdSense and is provided to selected publishers only. This real-time bidding platform sink several other ad networks and deliver the ad with the highest bid to your placement. As such, overall CPM is higher than AdSense. Also, the revenue share is 80:20 instead of 68:32 in AdSense. Overall, this lets publishers make more money.

DFP Implementation- Publishers who have direct ad buyers, media buyers and other agencies, they require special ad inventory setup and forcasting. DFP allows publishers to setup in-house ads, direct ads and compete them with other ad networks so that the ads with highest bid are shown. You can also serve a wide range of ad formats like poups, pop-unders, interstitials, custom banners and more.

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Personalized Optimization Tips- Account managers often keep a close eye on the performance of your ad setup and provide recommendations and optimization tips that can be helpful to increase your ad revenue.

Listed below are three adsense certified partners who can help you increase your ad revenue. I suggest you try any one of them. My personal recommendation will be AdPushup or Ezoic if you have good volume of traffic. If your traffic is growing, you may try Monetizemore or the ADX version of AdPushup.

1. Monetizemore- AdX and DFP Integration

Over the past five years, MonetizeMore has grown to optimize the unsold ad inventories of  thousands of publishers that reach over 240M unique visitors per month. Google had noticed the performance and value MonetizeMore has brought to the industry and decided  to grant MonetizeMore certified partner status. It offers its publishers with AdX accounts, DFP integration with AdX, so that the publisher can create line items that can complete with Ad networks including AdX and provide the mazimum return to it’s publishers. These initiatives resulted in 20%-50% increase in ad revenues of its publishers.
  • MonetizeMore partners with Google to offer double click Ad exchange, which is a premium version of Adsense, exclusively for large websites with millions of users, for its premium publishers.
  • This ad exchange offers publishers access to the largest online advertisers in the world who pay largest CPMs.
  • Publisher websites gain access to leading ad exchange networks in the industry and MonetizeMore would manage and optimize the ad exchange ads on an ongoing basis to maximize the average eCPM of its publishers.
  • Its team of specialists are industry leaders in websites monetization who combine technology with knowledge and experience to drive better results.
  • Double click ad exchange is google Adsense + large pool of big brand advertisers who spend large CPMs for quality inventory.
  • Current publisher partners of MonetizeMore are able to realize CPM increase from 25% to 100%.
  • Publishers could connect with top performing Ad networks.
  • 24/7 expert ad optimization assistance.

2. Ezoic- ADX, Native ads, Ad Optimization

Ezoic is the first and one of the kind technology based certified partner of Google Adsense. It is a website improvement program that would help its publishers earn 50-200% revenue through Google Adsense by optimizing ad placements on websites automatically.

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Ezoic follows a technology that mediates between the website and its visitors. It takes less than 5 minutes to signup with the platform by simply filling out a registration form in its web portal. I don’t see any minimum traffic requirement for a publisher which needs to be adhere to get accepted on Ezoic’s platform. However, since the entire process is automated, testing with 1000s of ad combinations, I’d suggest your site to have at least 10,00-20,000 views a day to see substantial revenue uplift.

Ezoic offers ad testing platform for its publishers, using this platform a publisher is powered to test both layouts and ad positions of the website so as to maximize their revenue. Here is how it works,

  • It helps publishers to test thousands of ad positions on the publisher’s website layout and on new layouts so help them earn double the average.
  • Testing new layouts helps in enhancing user experience through page visits, page views, bounce rates etc.
  • Improved user experiences results in improved search engine traffic and rankings.
  • It uses the best practice to enhance the speed of e website through its servers at 4 data centers around the world and CDN at 28 locations.

The system is non-intrusive and is completely automated, publishers do not have to do much work as Ezoic caters to all the technical aspects. If a publisher is not happy with its service, they are free to quit the service and their website would return to its normal layout, they would also get their fee refunded for the remaining time.

3. AdPushup- AdSense Ads Optimization, ADX

AdPushup uses advanced machine learning and multi-variate testing to optimize ads based on- placement, ad size, ad type, ad styles. The system also takes care of UX and banner blindness by showing different ad placements to users. According to the latest data, 85% of its associates found a positive rise in revenue with an average of 68% rise in RPM.


Benefits of using AdPushup

  • Ad layout optimization and testing: Ad placements, ad types, colors, sizes are optimized for more ad layout revenue.
  • Ad layout optimization: optimizing ad placements by testing multiple ad positions and formats.
  • Visual ad management services across all devices to help publishers create ad units visually on the website.
  • Defining custom ad layouts for different devices to generate higher revenue with ad units.
  • Adpushup makes use of machine learning to continuously optimize the ad layout.
  • User experience optimization to enhance ad revenues.
  • Ad layout personalization to personalize user website experience.
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Along with these, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will periodically review your AdSense account and provide tips to further increase your ad revenue and check your ad setup for adsense policy compliance. Depending upon your traffic requirement, you can either sign-up with them for an AdX account of their A/B testing. The later works well only if you have 20,000 and above page views a day.

AdPushup provides a 30 days free trial after which you will be charged 8% of the total revenue. The revenue share is managed by Google AdSense and you don’t have to pay separately.

Wrapping Up

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”″ button_text=”Signup” title=”Ezoic- Increase your ad revenue by 50-250%” description=”Use Ezoic’s advanced tools to double your ad revenue. Ezoic is a Google AdSense Certified Partner. Get started with a 1 month free trial” thumb=””]

Both Monetizemore and AdPushup can get you started in a day or two while Ezoic may take a few days depending upon the setup. You need to give at least a month’s time if you’re opting-in for Ezoic or AdPushup since they have ad optimization technology which takes some time to attain statistical significance and the selecting the best performing ad placements, units and sizes. The good thing is they offer free trial.

Our Recommended Monetization Partners:

Looking to Increase your Ad Revenue: Get in touch with me for a personalised consultation and increase your ad revenue across native, display, video (instream and outstream), in-app and other verticals. I also assist in customized DFP setup, header bidding, and content creation strategy. My skype id is: ronniedey. Feel free to connect!

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