Does Increasing the Number of Ad units Result in Higher AdSense Revenue

A lot of publishers use 4 AdSense ad units and still compare that their earnings are not as expected, and in fact, it’s on a decreasing trend. We have seen a decreasing trend in RPM for most of the publishers whose mobile traffic have increase over time.

Testing More Ad units… When can we…

If your account is AdX approved, you can run 5 adsense ad units on your desktop traffic. However testing more ad units may not necessarily increase your advertising revenue if the placements are not optimized.

When 4 to 5 Ad Units Perform Well


For blogs which have long and highly engaging niche content, increasing the number of ad units doesn’t really dilute the CPC because the

  • Ads are highly targeted
  • Overall conversions are good because the ads are contextually placed and blend in well with the content

When 4 to 5 Ad Units Doesn’t Perform Well

If you’ve a blog with less content and have more of viral based content, what is more crucial than increase the number of ad units to 4/5 is to optimize the ad placements. Here is a complete guide to AdSense ad placement optimization which you can have a look.

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Shouldn’t we Test More ad units then

If you’ve the permission, you should test more ad units. However, the best thing to do while testing is to periodically check the ad unit performance reports to see much placement is performing better in terms of revenue.

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Google Now allows Publishers to run More than 3 Ad units

As mentioned above, Google has lifted the limit restrictions. As long as your ads do not exceed your content, there is no upper limit on the number of ads on a single page.

It’s important to note that while picking the number of ads, you should think about the short posts on your blog. If you decide to place more than 5-6 ad units, and you are placing them site-wide using a plugin, you might be spamming your own short posts with a large number of ads.

Ad Dilution- Facts and Myths

AdSense is a contextual ad network. In order to show targeted ads, there must be enough context for the system to analyse the scope of the content, target keywords and pull the appropriate ad creatives.

However, if your content length is less, and if its caters to a broad niche, AdSense may not be able to contextually target the ads properly and may result in show ads with low CPC bids. If you’re running 4 to 5 ad units, the 4 and 5 ad unit might have a low CPC value. As the ad density increases, overall CTR of individual ads reduce and thus this might also effect the CTR of the highest CPC ad. Overall result might be a stagnation in AdSense revenue even if you’ve increased the number of ad units to 4/5.

The Solution

Always, remember that increasing the number of ad units doesn’t help you optimize your ad revenue. It is the proper ad placement strategy that will let you earn more money in the long run.


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