How to Manage AdSense Revenue for a Multi Author WordPress Site

If you’re a group of friends who have started a blog together, and the blog is getting you good revenue, you might consider getting your pie of revenue for the amount of content you produced.

Also, consider a case where you’re running a team of content writers and want to reward them based on the revenue their content generates from AdSense,,,

Multi Author Site Revenue Management
Manage AdSense Revenue for Multi Author Site

This is a general concern for a lot of webmasters or site owners or a blog having multiple co-founders. We have a fix for this and fortunately you don’t need to install any WordPress plugin for this. Also, this is possible for any custom website. The idea is the segment the AdSense revenue based on the url parameter=author name and use the url channel feature of Google AdSense to track the earnings report.

Here, in this post, I am showing how to do this for a WordPress blog

Login to your WordPress site and then click on Settings. Under settings click on permalinks and then choose the Custom permalink unit and update your permalink to re-write the author name. (i.e. %author%/%postname%)

Url Channels

Now, you need to login to your Google AdSense account, under the My ads section click on Url Channels and then click on a New Url Channel.

Type the urls one by one as shown in the image below. Once done, you can click on “Add url channels”




If you have multiple authors, you can export their WordPress usernames from database to an excel sheet and do the append action to include the site name and copy them in bulk and add them on the URL channels list. You can have 500 URL channels at max which I hope is a sufficient number.

Once done, check back after something, and view the url channel reports within updated earnings. This is a very easy way to monitor the revenue for a multi author WordPress blog.

You might have one concept about the SEO friendliness of the url rewrite to author/post-title. However, from an SEO perspective, since the title has the keywords, there wont be any problem in rankings. Do let me know if this has been helpful.

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