RevContent CPM Rates 2022

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 07:13 pm

One of the biggest changes that we have seen in the recent years is the use of content recommendation networks or, more popularly, known as native advertising networks. They have revolutionized the look and feel of web pages. There are many advantages of using these networks for publishers as they always end up as an additional source of website revenue. RevContent is one of the frontrunners of this sector with sending out 250 billion recommendations per month. They have built a flexible and adaptable platform for media brands and advertisers. In this post, we will discuss RevContent CPM Rates 2022, its earning model, and its payment and earnings report to help you understand this network better. After reading this article, you will have an idea of whether you should try applying for Revcontent or not.

Brief of the Company

RevContent is one of the fastest growing content recommendation networks in the world. It was founded in 2013 by John Lemp and is based in Sarasota, Florida. The network provides excellent performance and high-quality service. Thus, it is highly sought after by marketers and brand advertisers. It is extremely difficult to get approval to join the network as the company rejects 94% of the received applications. However, publishers with high-quality websites getting around 2-3 million monthly visitors can be highly benefitted by joining the network.  More than 250 billion content recommendations are given out during each month. It serves some of the top content marketers like Forbes, CBS, and NBC News among others.

Revcontent Ad Unit Widgets

In order to help publishers generate more revenue from their websites or blogs, RevContent provides them with highly responsive widgets, infinite scrolls, gallery implementations, and unlimited customization of their API. After a publisher gets the approval to join the network, they have to create a site widget from their dashboard. The javascript ad code provided needs to be copied and pasted on the website to start running advertisements. The widgets are highly engaging, completely customizable, and are very easy to use. The different topics available for the widgets include technology, entertainment, and media among others. They are fully responsive, that is, they can be served across all devices. They can be also incorporated at the end of an article to help generate more revenue. The ad formats are extremely beneficial to publishers who want to monetize their site and advertisers who are looking to buy traffic from premium websites. Here, we are listing down the Revcontent ad unit widgets—

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Standard Pic Text: Displays a customizable layout of thumbnail images above engaging content headlines.

In-Feed Video Widget: In-feed widget enables targeted and quality videos for a professional, non-instrusive and professional videos.

Pic Text + Dual Link List: Two column of link lists displayed below a standard pic text widget.

Standard Hover Block: Roll-over style pic text widget. Mouse hover will animate panel to show entire headline.

Hover Block + Dual Link List: 2 column of link list displayed below a hover block pic text widget.

In-Article: Designed to be placed within a piece of content, the in-article widget creates a non-intrusive user experience.

Standard Link List: Single column vertical list of text-only column.

Double Link List: Dual column vertical list of text-only content which can show internal content recommendation as well.

API: API implementation is the best way to create a truly native experience for your users.

Revcontent Earning Model

RevContent works well with social sites where the AdSense CPC is not high. CTR is also, usually, higher. Post widgets are also used to generate revenue. With respect to many cases, revenue generated by RevContent is usually similar to the one generated by AdSense for social websites where AdSense doesn’t perform quite well.

Revcontent CPM Rates for 2022

On an average, the CPC rates for RevContent varies and depends on the geography. CPM can go as high as USD 3 for every 1000 impressions but, it is heavily dependent on the source of the traffic. The average RPM for RevContent is about 44 cents. Note that this is the widget RPM and this would be 3X if you’re using 3 Revcontent widget ads on your website. This data is fetched for a technology, hacking news website which gets around 1,00,000 pageviews per day. 

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We are also sharing one report here. This is the latest Revcontent CPM rates as of 2022. We are testing the network on one of our educational blogs and here are the statistics. The overall RPM is a bit low since the it is Q1 and substantial volume of our traffic is from India. If you’re looking to read more on Revcontent CPC rates, please refer to the hyperlink here.

RevContent Payment Proof and Earnings Report

Here you can take a look at Revcontent earnings report. The network provides a detailed report of the overall ad clicks, CPC, and page RPM and revenue accrued through the recommendation ads.

If a publisher has a good volume of tier one traffic then RevContent provides a source of steady earning. The network shares 80% of the generated revenue with them. Their revenue share is also beneficial for advertisers.The network pays the publishers on a monthly basis. It assures sure returns ranging from  USD 3 to 10 to its clients. A minimum Payout threshold of USD 50 is needed before taking the payment. The earning is paid through PayPal.

All the site widgets that have been created get updated in real time. There is a detailed dashboard which is used for reporting. It displays all the statistics on top performing domains, by revenue. An accurate breakdown of Traffic Devices for the last seven days is available. Each widget’s performance for the last seven days is also available in a graphical format. Their impressions, clicks, CTR, Ad CPC, Ad RPM, and revenue can also be viewed.

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Publishers who use RevContent get some of the highest CPM rates in the industry. The ones who are lucky to get an account, benefit a lot from the many advantages that the network has over other native ad networks. The RevContent ad network is fully compatible with AdSense. Their ads can be displayed with AdSense as long as the design and style of the ads do not violate the terms of service. If you have the requisite traffic volume on your website or blog, then it is highly recommended to try out the RevContent ad network. We hope you’ve found this discussion post on RevContent CPM Rates 2022, earning model, and payment and earnings report to be useful.

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