Adsterra vs AdSense- Review 2022

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 06:55 pm

Adsterra is one of the top pop-under networks that has grown significantly in terms of popularity and scale. The network mainly runs campaigns from affiliates and advertisers who are looking to increase their app downloads. It serves more than 30 billion impressions per month and has a reach of more than 248 countries. With more than 100k successful campaigns, the network has covered more than 6000k leads in the last month. AdSense is the world’s largest contextual ad network and has more than millions of publishers who are using it across their sites.

Adsterra vs AdSense: Minimum Traffic Requirement

Both AdSense and Adsterra don’t have any minimum traffic criteria. However, publishers who are willing to run AdSense ads on their websites should have some organic traffic volume, and the site should be at least a few months old to be approved by AdSense. If you already have an AdSense account, you can run the ads on any website and don’t have to worry about the approval part. On the other hand, Adsterra requires low traffic volume and your website should be approved even with 1-2k page views a day.

Adsterra vs AdSense: Revenue Share Percentage

AdSense keeps cut of 32% for display ads and 50% for search ads. Thus publishers receive 68% from AdSense for Content and 50% from AdSense for search. AdSense for search is applicable and can generate good revenue if you’ve got a website where a substantial volume of your visitors use the search functionality of your site and thus, incorporating AdSense for search can boost your overall revenue. Usually, the CPC rates for AdSense for search is 1.5 times higher than AdSense for content.   

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Adsterra vs AdSense: Ad Quality

Adsterra is most famous for its Pop-unders and Web Push. Also, they just released a brand new ad format: Social Bar.
Social Bar is highly customizable, and it comes with 5 highly-engaging ad types: Custom Banners (any Html/CSS features), In-Page Push, Chat, Survey and Video Bars. Social Bar is a five-in-one deal, so you can mix and match as many types as you want in a single campaign. A few proven benefits of the Social Bar: Click-Through Rate (CTR) 20x-30x higher and leads to a higher conversion rate (A/B testing) compared to web push.

AdSense is known to maintain a top quality for all the ads displayed under its network of publisher sites.

Adsterra vs AdSense: Publisher List

Adsterra works with 14K+ direct publishers. A lot of major publishers are also working with Adsterra.

AdSense as a program is run by all major publishers across the globe.

Adsterra vs AdSense: Advertiser List

AdSense has more than 4 million advertisers globally. It works with all the Fortune 500 clients

Adsterra vs AdSense: Ad Formats

Adsterra has a variety of ad formats: Popunders, Web Push, Native Ads, Vast (video), Social Bar (NEW FORMAT), Banners (Display).

AdSense provides several ad formats to its publishers. The ad formats include display ads, text ads, link ads, in-feed native ads, in-article ads, vignette ads, anchor ads, and auto ads. The recent addition to the ad formats family is the auto ads that scans the content of the website and automatically place ads on the site and optimize the performance based on machine learning. Adsterra mainly has pop-unders as the original ad format.

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Adsterra vs AdSense: CPM Rates

The CPM or RPM rates offered by AdSense depends on the niche of the website, the audience geography, quality of traffic and the ad placements. Since AdSense is a PPC network, publishers are paid based on clicks. However, the CPC rates depend on an engagement and conversion metric. Niche websites running AdSense can see CPCs of anywhere around 50 cents to $5. However, the prices are lower for general purpose and viral sites. Adsterra performs well on torrent, gaming, downloads websites and the CPM rates can be around $5 and above for tier-one traffic and $1 for tier 3 traffic. Since most pop-under networks are CPA based, you need to

Adsterra vs AdSense: Payments and Earnings Report

The minimum payment is only $5 for Webmoney & Paxum and about $100 for other payment systems.

Payments are processed by AdSense once your account reaches a minimum of $100 and is paid on NET 21 days basis. So, you should be expecting your payment hitting in a bank account by 25th of every month. Adsterra pays on NET 15 days, and they have an auto-withdrawal process. So publishers need not request for payment! Thus both AdSense and Adsterra offer a swift paying process and on-timely payment.

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Adsterra vs AdSense: Final Verdict

AdSense is an essential ad network for publishers of all kind. The network pays the best rates for niche traffic and can be quite lucrative for small and mid-sized publishers. With AdSense, you don’t need to worry about the revenue returns from your content, and you can focus on building more quality content. However, there are many websites which are not eligible to run AdSense ads and thus needs an alternative. Adsterra is one such network that runs decent pop-under ads and allows publishers to monetize their traffic at fair rates. However, we don’t recommend publishers using both AdSense and Adsterra since there were some malware concerns raised by Google on publishers who were using Adsterra ad tags. Hope this article on Adsterra vs AdSense helped make a sound choice between the two and have also given you some insights on these two popular ad network.

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