RevContent vs Outbrain – CPM Rates, Payments and Earnings Report

Last updated on July 19th, 2021 at 07:12 am

Content recommendation, more commonly known as native advertising, is currently the fastest growing advertising technology that delivers ads by attracting visitors with tailor-made recommendations and thus allows the publishers to monetize their content while generating revenue. RevContent and Outbrain are two of the frontrunner ad companies in this domain. RevContent, which offers almost 250 billion recommendations per month, is a versatile platform for media brands and advertisers. Outbrain is comparatively the more seasoned player that displays sponsored content of top-notch quality.

In this article, we’ll do a comparative study of these two popular native ad networks and try to understand which network is better suited according to the features of a website.

RevContent vs Outbrain : Minimum Traffic Requirement

Both RevContent and Outbrain are known for their emphasis on the content being high-quality. This is the reason that getting started with either of these two ad networks is no mean feat.

RevContent rejects around 94% of the received applications which makes it highly difficult for publishers to join the network. The minimum traffic criterion to become a member of this network is getting at least 2-3 million visitors every month. Also, RevContent only approves websites that are in the English language.

Outbrain accepts websites only if the content is of the best possible quality. Websites need to draw 10 million US page views per month to be eligible for Outbrain, making it more suited for premium publishers. There is no restriction laid on the language of the website.

RevContent vs Outbrain : Revenue Share Percentage

RevContent provides the highest revenue share in the industry. It offers 80% of the revenue obtained to the publishers and keeps the rest for services provided.

Outbrain offers 50% of the revenue to the publishers and keeps the rest for itself.

RevContent vs Outbrain : Ad Quality

In RevContent, the quality of the ads is medium. Since most marketers and brand advertisers in the RevContent network are from USA, Canada, UK and Australia, their advertisements run on the most popular websites in those regions and thus publishers are able to monetize their ad revenue at high rates.  

As mentioned earlier, Outbrain supports high-quality content. Therefore all the advertisements in the Outbrain network are directly approved by the editorial team. Hence the ad quality is excellent providing a transparent viewing experience to all visitors.

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RevContent vs Outbrain : Publisher List

RevContent is considered to be the fastest-growing native ad network by many. Having some of the top international content marketers like Forbes, CBS, Reuters, International Business Times in its publisher list only validates that.

Outbrain boasts of an admirable publisher list with premium publishers like The Guardian, Washington Post, Men’s Health, Runner’s World and many others collaborating with them. They also have Indian media houses like Scoopwhoop and Network18 Group working with them.

RevContent vs Outbrain : CPM and RPM Rates

The average RPM for RevContent is around 44 cents. This current value came into being after the earlier one got reduced by two or three folds. CPM rates can go as high as USD 3, but that is largely dependent on the source of the traffic. The publishers who are fortunate enough to join this network get to enjoy the highest eCPM for worldwide traffic.

Outbrain reports a cost per click at 15 to 30 cents and click rates in the range of 0.50% to 0.75%, which roughly means an RPM rate of 37 cents to USD 1.12 per thousand page views.

RevContent vs Outbrain : Payments and Earnings Report

RevContent guarantees sure returns ranging from USD 3 to USD 10  to its clients. Publishers are paid on a monthly basis through PayPal. A minimum payout threshold of USD 50 is required before taking the payment. With the network sharing 80% of the revenue generated by publishers, websites with a good volume of tier-1 traffic provide stable earning.

Publishers in the Outbrain network are paid monthly. A publisher can start earning as soon they cross the threshold mark, which is set individually depending on a particular website and its location.


RevContent has fast become the best performing native ad network with the highest CPM rates in the industry and other features such as support for different geographic, contextual and demographic channels. This network is fully compatible with AdSense which again is a big advantage. Outbrain is still the best bet when it comes to monetizing a website in CPC model through sponsored content if the publisher has just the right quality of content. Websites with significant traffic can earn decent revenues in the Outbrain network with the top-level ads. Even though Outbrain is more aligned towards brands, not having any language restraints and a clearly laid out criterion for qualification of websites have helped in creating its large network and market share. RevContent still has to go some way to match Outbrain’s network size, and it can do that by coming up with clearer guidelines and somewhat improved quality of ads.  For mid sized publishers we recommend Spoutable.

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