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ExoClick is an online advertising company that is based in Barcelona. This ad network provides services to both advertisers and publishers all over the world using the device like the web, mobile, tablet and smart TV. The customer base of this company includes advertisers, advertising agencies, traffic distribution partners, and publishers. In this post, we will discuss ExoClick CPM Rates 2018 with respect to its ad unit types, earning model, and payment proof and earnings report to help you decide if this is the right network to monetize your blog or website with. 

Brief of the Company

ExoClick was founded in December 2006 by Benjamin Fonzé. Within a few months, the first version of the self-service ad system had appeared online. The service was open to the international market and reached 20 million impressions per day on an average. Within four days, the number had increased to 500 million daily impressions. It was ranked the second fastest growing advertising technology in the world by BuiltWith in 2011. By 2012, the platform had also taken a step in mobile advertising. As of January 2016, ExoClick serves a total of 5 billion daily ad impressions. It has been ranked as the 4th largest ad network in the world by W3Techs. The network also serves advertising agencies and traffic distribution, partners. All the advertisers are provided access to a large network of publishers who are from a varied range of niches such as entertainment, games, lifestyle, tech, etc. The audience gets targeted based on the location, browser, mobile carrier, language, OS, and device. 24×7 support is provided to the publishers and the quality assurance team regularly checks for fraudulent activities and violations of guidelines both of its advertisers and publishers.

Ad Unit Types

An HTML tag has to be copied and pasted into the source code of the page. The size of the banner has to be correct and should fit the page. The strongest asset of ExoClick is that it serves a number of different ad formats like in-video ads, display banners, text ads, links, and mobile redirects. The following ad units are available:t

  • Display banner: The display banners are available in a number of different sizes. These are normal advertisements which get placed alongside the content that is posted on the website. The different sizes in which it is available are –  300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600, and 315×300.
  • Instant Message: This ad unit actually has the look of a chat box and gets displayed at the right bottom of the page. It has a 250×150 dimension. These ad formats work best for dating sites and live cam products.
  • Pre-roll in-stream video: Whenever a customer clicks on the video content of a website, the videos get played automatically. These provide very good conversion rate and work with all the major video players. They can also be customized with the call to action option.
  • In-video ads: The ads which get displayed in the video player are customizable and can be displayed to the audience with a number of attractive effects. These ads have a dimension of 300×250 and 400×600. They also provide very good conversion rates.
  • Propounders: The propounder ad unit comes in the dimension of 1204×768. It will get triggered every time that the user clicks on the page. These remain hidden behind the main window. These do not get noticed until after the browser window is minimized or closed.
  • Direct links: The direct links advertisements are based on Cost per Click (CPC). These get used by publishers as blind links. These ads are suitable to be used by advertisers who want a large volume of traffic at a much lower cost than the usual rates.
  • Text ads: The text ads also have the basis of the CPC model, just like direct links. These are used to connect advertisers with their audience.
  • Sticky Banner: The sticky banner ad types is used to display banners. It’s added feature is that it sticks at particular positions of the desktop screen. These are available in a number of different sizes and can be fixed at a total of nine positions.
  • Interstitials: The interstitial type ads are similar in nature to propounders. The difference lies in the fact that these get displayed either before or after the web page is opened. Thus, it can be used to leave the impression that it is actually a part of the website that the user was visiting.

Exoclick Earning Model

The effective Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM) method is used by ExoClick to calculate how effective an advertising campaign has been. It doesn’t take into account the actual pricing model that the advertiser uses like CPC or CPM.

The formula for calculating the price model is Click Ratio (CTR) x Cost Per Click (CPC) x 1.000 = eCPM.

The formula for calculating the publisher earnings is (Impressions /1.000) x eCPM.

The earnings get generated according to the campaign. Since different pricing models are used for different advertising campaigns, the eCPM has become the most important criteria to analyze in the statistics. It can be used to determine the level of revenue that a publisher can expect based on the volume of the traffic that is sent.

Exoclick CPM Rates in 2018

Publishers on ExoClick are paid on the basis of three different models: CPM, CPC and Smart CPM. With the Cost per Click or CPC model, they get paid for each and every click on their ad. With the Cost per 1000 Impressions or CPM model, they get paid according to the total number of impressions. With the Smart CPM, the maximum CPM bid is chosen by the system.  The minimum price listing can be checked by publishers, after registration, in their user interface. The CPM rate offered by tier 1 countries like UK, USA, Australia, and Canada is around USD 2. But, the CPC rates quite low. It is in the range of 10 cents per click. The rates offered are comparatively low for Asian countries.

Exoclick Payment Proof and Earnings Report

The ad network Exoclick provides the following two options for payments.

  • The weekly payments can be availed every Monday.  The only condition is that the minimum payout threshold has to be reached by the start of the previous week.  For PayPal, Paxum and Payoneer users, it is 20 Euros/Dollars while it is 200 Euros/Dollars for WebMoney users.
  • The monthly payments can be availed on the 20th of every month. For this, the minimum payout threshold has to be reached by the end of the previous month. PayPal, Paxum and Payoneer users need to have 20 Euros/Dollars while for WebMoney users it is 200 Euros/Dollars. To avail the Wire Transfer option it is 500 Euros/Dollars.

In order to receive the payments, you need to keep your ad zones active. If there is any earning from the current year or previous year, the publishers are entitled to it. Earnings from before this time period will get deducted from any future payment.


ExoClick provides publishers with an account manager, depending on the importance of the account. This gives the option of a much deeper analysis. The help that is provided by the support team is also very useful as the response speed is also quite fast. We hope that you’ve found this discussion on ExoClick CPM Rates 2018 with respect to its ad units, earning model, and payment proof & earnings report helpful.

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