PopAds vs eDomz – CPM Rates, Payment and Earnings Report

Affiliate marketing is growing bigger and bigger with every passing year. According to a source, affiliate marketing is estimated to grow into a $6.8 billion industry within the next 3-4 years. Banner ads and pop-under ads are two of the ad formats that seem to have come up with a way to offer uncompromised user experience on publisher sites while marketing the service or product provided by the advertiser; banner ads with their passive existence and pop-under ads always opening in a separate browsing window under the main active browser window of the user. There are many ad networks that enable publishers to implement such ads. PopAds is a premium pop-under advertising network that offers efficient services and good revenue. eDomz has been in the digital advertising sector for more than a decade now and is considered to be one of the best CPM networks by a large number of publishers.It provides both contextual CPM banner ads and pop-under ads.

In this article, we will do a relative study of the two premium ad networks and try to understand the advantages and disadvantages they pose.


PopAds vs eDomz: Minimum Traffic Requirement

PopAds does not have any minimum traffic requirement. It takes the network only a few hours to grant approval to a website or blog. PopAds accepts sites from all niches and with both adult and normal content.

eDomz does not have a minimum traffic requirement either. But it makes the publishers follow some stringent policies. The network does not accept websites that carry a number of redirects. Sites with a messy layout and that lacks quality content are not approved by the network. Sites with floating ads, sites that diverts traffic from exchange sites, sites that send proxy traffic and sites with content carrying viruses and malware are strictly not approved by the eDomz ad network.


PopAds vs eDomz: Revenue Share Percentage

PopAds has not disclosed its revenue share percentage. We’ll update this page once more information is available. The network has an excellent referral program, through which publishers earn 10% of the revenue generated by a referred publisher for a lifetime.  

Their revenue sharing percentage with the publisher is 70%. The rest of the 30% is kept with the network in lieu of the services provided. eDomz too has a referral program through which a publisher stands to earn 10% of the revenue generated by the publisher he referred.


PopAds vs eDomz: Ad Quality

PopAds is a premium ad network by virtue of its content-driven advertisements that are of top-notch quality. As they result in an impressive conversion rate, publishers can earn a lot from this network. Publishers have complete freedom to choose the category of pop ads they want on their site. So if a publisher wants to stop displaying ads of a specific category, he can turn it off immediately and those ads will be replaced by ads of other categories.

The eDomz network offers a number of customized tools for its publishers, which help them design the layout of their banner ads. This makes these ads fit into the website design and offer them the look that they are part of the website.


PopAds vs eDomz: Publisher List

PopAds is one of the largest and most popular pop-under ad networks and has many publishers across the world, mostly from the entertainment sector.

eDomz is one of the oldest and most popular ad networks and has a loyal clientele of publishers all over the world.


PopAds vs eDomz: CPM and RPM Rates

PopAds offers high CPM around $2 which is a good rate for streaming, music, movies and download websites. However, the rate is not fixed and varies in accordance with a lot of factors such as country, quality of content, niche and even time and day. It is a very popular network with advertisers from across the globe. Thus publishers can earn a lot by partnering with this network. PopAds has a 100% fill rate.

(Source – forums.digitalpoint.com)

The eDomz network is preferred by a large number of publishers because they offer high CPM rates. For music, streaming, and game sites which use pop-under ad codes, the rates can go as high as USD 3-4. The rates are also high for any general purpose or educational blog. The Cost per View (CPV) model of the ad network is also very good. With this model, the publisher is paid for all visits to the sites. Websites with only 1000 visits a day can also earn as much as USD 4 to 10 in a day. Websites which have a traffic volume of more than 10,000 can make huge profits with this network.


PopAds vs eDomz: Payment and Earnings Report

PopAds does not impose a specific time frame on publishers for withdrawal of payment. It is the only network in the market that requests payments daily for its publishers. The minimum payout threshold of the Network is USD 10. The network offers a number of payment modes such as PayPal, Payza, Payoneer and Wire Transfers.

(Source – www.ramandeepsinghlongia.in)

The eDomz network makes payouts every 15 days and the minimum payout is $10. From 2013, the network has started an auto-payment system and thus publishers need not request it for their pay. Payments are released between 15th to 25th of every month on the publisher’s registered Payment ID must be submitted before the end of each month, otherwise, you won’t receive the earnings of that particular month. Its CPM accounts and pop-under accounts are different and thus publishers should submit payment ID for both the accounts individually.

The statistics reporting system of eDomz is well-maintained and easy to use. Various information like the number of impressions, revenue earned and click through rate percentage are displayed. The statistics can be viewed for any particular date range with the details like ad format, ad units, earnings, and referral earnings. These data can also be viewed on a daily basis.



PopAds is one of the most popular, secure, fast and efficient pop-under networks with a global advertiser base. However, while pop-unders are very lucrative for both publishers and advertisers, they can be quite tricky as well. Pop-unders can end up creating quite the negative impression in the wrong niche. So, it is up to publishers to figure out if pop-unders are suitable for the particular niche they operate in. If you have not been approved by Google AdSense then you should definitely try out eDomz ad network. Their pop-unders are perfect for music, streaming, video sites. While the CPM banners can be tried by publishers who don’t have an AdSense account. Since Edomz uses AdX as one of its ad networks, you can get better rates than normal CPA display banners. The high CPM rates, good fill rate and good ad inventory are the reasons why the ad network has managed to survive in an ever-changing industry.

We hope you find this article to be a comprehensive one and enjoy going through it.

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