Mopub CPM Rates 2020

MoPub provides a powerful, flexible solution designed to maximize your mobile revenue by combining network mediation, ad serving, and MoPub Marketplace, our real-time bidding exchange. Mopub connect you with over 180 global demand sources and enable dynamic competition for every impression. Their easy-to-use platform, trusted by leading mobile app developers around the world, leverages rich data signals to increase yield on every impression and provides you with the transparency, control, and insights you need to grow your business.

MoPub’s network mediation solution empowers publishers to work with the partners of their choice through one platform. The flexible mediation system allows publishers to target the right inventory with the right mobile ad network partner, and our certified partner connections reduce the overhead of working with multiple demand sources.

What is Mopub?

MoPub offers a three piece platform for mobile publishers, founded by app developers who appreciate the use of an open source SDK. The platform enables publishers/developers to choose between monetising between direct ads, ad networks or its real time bidding system. This provides unmatched transparency and enables full maximisation of advertising potential without sacrificing the user experience. MoPub also offers substantial analytics and control and provides real time controls to monitor campaigns and maximise their revenue. The platform can also be used to run cross promotions on apps to share impressions, clicks and installs to drive traffic from one app to the other. It works on all HTML browsers and supports any size of ad on screens, phones or tablets.

Benefits for Publishers

Publishers and app developers can directly mediate the ad networks using the platform and help increase their overall ad revenue. The robust technology behind Mopub is instrumental in driving revenue growth in terms of numbers. You can bring in your own advertisers and make them compete with Mopub’s marketplace and also other ad networks.

How Does Mopub Works?

No, each connected network pays you individually. MoPub has a “Market Place” that you can choose to serve ads from and MoPub pays you for that. The purpose of MoPub is to manage multiple ad networks, in-house ads, and prepaid(direct) ad orders. MoPub attempts to get you the most revenue for each impression based on which advertiser on which network is willing to pay the most at the moment the ad is being requested.

Mopub Ad Unit Types

Video- Video ads are one of the most powerful ways to engage with consumers. On mobile, video provides an unmatched experience: the fullscreen format captivates the user and brings the advertiser’s message to life.

Native- Native ads on MoPub are high quality, content-driven experiences that engage consumers by matching the look and feel of an app’s user interface. Because the ads complement the in-app experience, consumers are more likely to consume and engage with your ads.

Native Video- Native video ads pair the non-intrusive user experience of native advertising with the interactivity of video to deliver a compelling ad experience in a high-quality setting.

Opt-in Video- Opt-in video, or rewarded video, gives the user a choice to engage with a video ad in return for in-app reward, encouraging the user to interact with more video ads. Opt-in video provides strong completion rates and gives advertisers more flexibility and time to get their message across.

Rich Media- MoPub supports MRAID so buyers can reach their audience with rich and interactive functionality designed for mobile.

Display- Display ads, including fullscreen ad units, medium rectangles, and banners, help our buyers scale on mobile with images or rich media.

Mopub CPM Rates

The CPM rates for native banners across Mopub’s marketplace depends on the traffic sources and is ususally around $1 for US traffic and around 30 cents for Asian traffic. Since the impressions are CPM based, click through rate is not a priority for you to earn for Mopub, but a higher click through rate generally results in higher CPM rates. 

Mopub Interstitial CPM Rates

The interstitial CPM rates for Mopub varies from $3 to $10 and depends on the geography of the traffic, niche of the app, and the engagement rates. If you’ve visitors with higher engagement rates, the Mopub interstitial CPM rates can be much higher.

Mopub Mediation

MoPub’s network mediation solution empowers publishers to work with the partners of their choice through one platform. Our flexible mediation system allows publishers to target the right inventory with the right mobile ad network partner, and our certified partner connections reduce the overhead of working with multiple demand sources.

Mopub SSP

The Mopub SSP is a tool created to help streamline the revenue opportunities for publishers. Designed to maximize the revenue of the publishers through programmatic bidding, the Mopub SSP help publishers increase their overall revenue.

Mopub DSP

MoPub Marketplace, the  real-time bidding exchange, provides demand-side-platforms (DSPs) access to high-quality in-app supply from over 1.5 billion mobile devices worldwide. Mopub takes supply quality seriously and have strict quality control measures in place. The bid requests are rich with valuable first- and third-party data to help their DSP partners reach their target audience.

Mopub Payment Methods and Minimum Payment

MoPub aggregates all of the payments from Marketplace demand partners into a single, simple payment to you, the publisher. After entering your payment method in the MoPub UI (electronic funds transfer or Paypal), subject to the MoPub Terms of Service, we will pay you once your cumulative balance through the Marketplace exceeds $100 USD

MoPub makes monthly payments. Payment is made 60 days from the Invoice Date (first day of the month) in which your cumulative balance exceeds $100 USD. Invoices are presented on the first day of the month for revenue share fees generated during the previous calendar month. Refer to the examples below.

Thus, Mopub is a nice alternative of Admob as a mediation network and app developers make the option of using Mopub to increase their overall app revenue even if they are banned from Admob or any similar network. If you’ve used Mopub, kindly share your revenue and CPM rates with the reads.

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