A List of AdMob Ad Types

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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 11:42 am

Admob has been there for over a decade now. It specializes in targeted mobile advertising services and providing large-scale app promotion, and provides intelligent in-app sales insights via Analytics. Founded in 2006 and later purchased by Google in 2010, it has integrated core Google Ad network functionalities to provide exclusive toolkits for mobile advertising across the globe.

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  • Admob runs over 1 million apps with over 100000+ Google advertisers facilitating high fill rates and competitive eCPMs. The network has been attaining 200% increase in CPMs since 2013. It is indeed a preferable platform for developers to generate good revenue from mobile traffic. AdMob’s operates on a CPM based revenue model, although there is CPC advertising available too.

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    Why join Admob?

    AdMob offers top-notch technology utilities on a single platform so that publishers can not only keep a track of their traffic but also maximize their revenue. Hence, as an Admob Publisher, you don’t have to worry about combining tools or use development resources to create your own ad solutions.


    Here’s a List of AdMob Ad Formats

    Ad type basically describes the kinds of ads that are shown to the users by an ad unit. Admob supports several ad formats to the publishers to choose from, and each ad format specializes in showing different ad types. Here are the ad types supported by Admob

    1. Banners: Banner ad formats appear at the top, bottom, down right or left sidebar of a particular device screen. These ads are image-based and not text-based. Hence, banners are most popular ad formats for website advertising.

    2. Interstitial: These are the full-screen ads that appear at natural breaks points & transitions, such as game levels or while switching web pages. These ads also support video content. Since they take up the entire screen space, the message becomes visually compelling. you can get a complete guide on how to create Interstitial ads here.

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    3. Rewarded: Rewarded ads are integrated into the apps and served only after a user explicitly chooses to view it. The reward value needs to be specified for viewing the ad and it may vary depending on the different ad units. The users receive the reward for viewing the ad even without needing to install anything.

    4. NativeThese are “in-feed” content and naturally non-disruptive to the user experience.  Native ads are customizable ad formats that match the look & feel of the app. 

    AdMob Ad Types

    On selecting the ad type for an ad unit, you actually are choosing the kind of ads you want your users to view. So when this ad unit requests an ad from AdMob, it can only receive an ad that matches one of its designated ad types. These include –

    • Text, Image & Rich Media: This includes all the text, image (static & animated), and HTML5 / rich media (user interactive) ads.
    • Video: These are ads involving both video and audio content. The banner ad videos are always muted, which users can unmute when desired.
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    However, the ad types accessible to an ad unit completely depend on the ad format publishers select while creating it. For complete information on Admob CPM rates, earning model and payment proof, you can click here.

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