Vungle eCPM Rates 2022

Last updated on January 19th, 2022 at 07:04 pm

Vungle is one of the leading mobile in-app video advertising platform that was founded in the year 2011. The network is know to provide a CPM rate which is somewhat on the average side and thus can be recommended to be at a lower position on your ad stack. The average rates for rewarded video ads is in the range of $4 to $6 and those of video is in the range of $3 to $5 for tier one traffic. It can perform well on geographies where Admob doesn’t have any demand for video and rewarded video since most of their advertisers target global traffic. This growing mobile ad  network has programmatic advertising solutions for brands and advertisers. Additionally, you can make use of their user acquisition model which works on cost per install. Now, let us take a look at the overall eCPM rates of Vungle and how publishers and mobile app developers can use this network to monetize their apps.

Vungle Minimum Traffic Requirement

App developers need to have a decent volume of traffic to get started with Vungle. You should have an app which has at least 1000 installs and a decent traffic. There is no minimum traffic requirement mentioned by Vungle and thus developers with decent app traffic can work with this mobile video ad network. 

Vungle Ad Quality

Vungle offers high and interactive video ads which are optimized for better engagements and conversions. Their video ads ensure high view-ability and have strong engagement rates for advertisers. This enables publishers to earn better revenue owing to Vungle’s cutting edge technology. 

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Vungle Ad Formats

Vungle offers in-app advertising solutions for app developers. They run video ads and rewarded ads to help developers earn the maximum revenue. The flexible placements offers better revenue and with almost 100% fill rate, there is nothing to lose with Vungle. The Vungle SDK can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Vungle for Advertisers

The Vungle Exchange is the first-ever exchange for in-app video ads which enables marketers to programmatically buy video inventory at scale. Also, Vungle’s programmatic solution helps marketers and advertisers to gain access to various DSPs and validate the audience before targeting them. Additionally, advertisers and agencies can streamline buying decisions and increase the efficacy of their ad campaigns.

Vungle eCPM Rates for Video and Rewarded Video Ads

The video ecpm rates and the rewarded video ecpm rates for Vungle is on the mid range. Publishers who have good US traffic can see eCPMs in the range of $5. However, networks like Admob, Facebook ads, and others offer much higher CPM rates compared to the same above. As you can see here, the ecpm for Indian traffic for Vungle is in the range of 30 cents which is on the lower end. It is almost same for other tier 3 countries as well. Vungle’s eCPM is a bit higher for iOS when compared with that of Android.  Here, check out Vungle eCPM rates 2022 for different countries. 

Video Rewarded Video Rewarded
Country Android Android iOS iOS
India 0.33 0.35 0.44 1.03
US 2.33 4.4 5 7
UK 2.48 4.49 5.29 4.75
Canada 2.38 3.93 1.77 1.43
Pakistan 0.23 0.28 0.76 0.77
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Vungle Payments and Earnings Report

Publishers are paid on a NET 60 days basis by Tipalti which is Vungle’s preferred payment platform. The payments are processed every month and once the publisher crosses the minimum threshold, the amount is sent to the publisher. Paypal is the quickest way to receive funds and the minimum threshold for the same is USD 50. For Wire transfers, the minimum amount needs to be $1000 and a $15 transnational fee is incurred per process. If you want to hold your payment, then you can contact their payments department and inform them to pay your once you’ve accrued your minimum threshold. 

Vungle Final Verdict

Vungle is a decent network for tier 2 and tier 3 traffic sources. The rates are comparatively lower when compared to tier 1 traffic. Vungle’s eCPM rates for tier 1 traffic is normally on the lower end and thus we recommend this network only when you’re seeing better rates. Additionally, there are mainly niches which would perform well with the kind of advertisers Vungle have and the eCPMs can be higher than Admob and Facebook. However, for this you need to try out the different ad formats (like rewarded videos and normal videos) and see which formats are generating the maximum revenue on your app. Note: The data for the CPM rates mentioned above on the table is taken from Appodeal’s reports. Hope this article on Vungle eCPM rates 2022 was helpful for app developers who are looking to try out this network.

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