Mobile eCPM Rates in Indonesia 2022

Last updated on April 6th, 2022 at 08:58 pm

Indonesia, South Korea, and the Philippines are amongst the world’s 10 biggest contributors of new ad dollars over the next three years, which also includes China and India says a blog post on Exchange Wire. With ever-growing connectivity and a large population of net-savvy users; Indonesia has emerged as one of the world’s leading countries to adapt to internet advertising. As an emerging market, it offers great potential for Adtech companies to capitalize on this growth. If you take a look at the projected trends in the current market, Indonesia would be soon one of the top 10 countries to spend billions of dollars on online advertising. Media agencies, publishers, and app developers should focus on these markets. In this article, we are going to discuss the in-app advertising rates in Indonesia or you may also consider it to be mobile eCPM rates in Indonesia.

Average eCPM Rates in Indonesia

In this article, we have discussed the average CPM rates for Indonesian traffic for mobile developers, especially for in-app inventory. There is a growing demand for this inventory as most Asian countries are becoming mobile-first when it is coming to devise usage and average usage time. Thus targeting users on mobile platforms is becoming easier for advertisers when compared to desktop and laptops. Get an idea of the CPM rates across various ad formats and segments like– native, banner, video, interstitial, and rewarded video. Read this article to know more about Ad CPM rates in Indonesia.

Best Mobile Ad Networks in Indonesia 

There are quite a number of popular ad networks that can monetize in-app Indonesian inventory at good rates. While Facebook and Admob are good to help you get started, adding a few more ad networks to your mediation can increase the overall in-app revenue and thus you can see a higher yield for your impressions. Take a look at some of the best performing ad networks for Indonesian traffic.

  • Admob: Good eCPMs for native, rewarded video, and interstitial ad formats.
  • Facebook: We recommend using their interstitial and rewarded video formats.
  • Vungle: Video and Rewarded video ad formats. They are performance-based and run on the CPI model.
  • Iron Source: Very good rates for video and rewarded video ad formats.
  • InMobi: Particularly good rates for MREC and banner ad formats
  • Chartboost: Can be used in addition to your top ad networks to fill remnant traffic.
  • Adcolony: Good for video and rewarded video ad formats.
  • ADX for Mobile: Recommended for banner and video ad formats.
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Rewarded Video eCPM Rates in Indonesia

Rewarded video is an innovative ad format that ensures high viewability and better retention. Rewarded video eCPM rates are the highest among all the ad formats. For Admob, the eCPM can be anywhere around USD 4 and above. Facebook can offer you a CPM of USD 3 while other mobile ad networks like Iron Source, Vungle, and Unity Ads can offer rates between USD 2 to 3 for iOS inventory. When we are moving to Android, the rates are a bit lower, Facebook and Admob pay in the range of USD 2 while all the other networks hover between USD 1 to USD 1.5.

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Interstitial eCPM Rates in Indonesia

Interstitial ads continue to be one of the most engaging ad formats for gaming and mobile developers who are looking to make additional revenue from their inventory. It works on specific niches and can provide you with higher returns. Admob continues to dominate when it comes to this ad format. You can expect eCPMs to be close to USD 3. While other ad networks like Iron Source, Facebook, and Smaato will give you a rate close to a dollar and above for iOS inventory. Speaking of Android, you can expect a 30% bid reduction, which would approximately come to USD 2 for Admob and less than a dollar for other ad networks. However, a lot depends on the quality of your traffic and the rates can go up if your traffic converts well for advertisers.

Video eCPM Rates in Indonesia

Unlike Rewarded video, normal video ads don’t require to be seen for a minimum of 15 or 30 seconds and can be closed by the user. Vungle, Unity, Adcolony, and Tapjoy are primarily good networks if you’re looking for video demand. The eCPMs are in the range of 50 cents to 2 dollars for iOS traffic. For Android, apart from these networks, InMobi is a good addition. Again, for Android, you can expect a 30% reduction in the overall eCPM when compared to iOS.

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Native Ads eCPM Rates in Indonesia

Native banner ads continue to be one of the most popular in-app advertising formats. Over the last few years, we have seen a growing demand for native banners and the overall conversions are seen to be higher for advertisers embracing native formats when compared to traditional banner ads. Admob offers good CPM rates for iOS traffic which is in the range of 40 cents followed by Facebook. There aren’t many alternatives for native banners except these two networks. For Android, the eCPM for native banners is in the range of 10 cents to 20 cents.

Facebook Audience Network eCPM Rates in Indonesia

Facebook has emerged as one of the alternative sources of monetization for web publishers and app developers. It offers competing rates and thus a lot of app developers use Facebook to monetize their in-app inventory along with other networks. The table here gives you an overall idea of the eCPMs offered by Facebook for Android and iOS traffic. As you can see that the CPM rates for rewarded videos are quite good for iOS traffic. The interstitial rates are almost comparable for both platforms. However, there is some significant difference in the CPM rates of native banners. So, if you’re looking to monetize your inventory with native banners, you should high consider focusing on and creating an iOS version of your app or else Android should be good to go for other formats.

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We hope this article was insightful in helping you understand the CPM rates offered by various ad networks and across an array of mobile advertising formats. App developers can analyze their potential revenue from apps by calculating the average impressions and multiplying them by the CPM rates. This would give you an idea of how much you can generate from your Indonesian traffic. For more interesting reads, keep visiting Blognife.

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