10+ Best App Monetization Platforms: 2023

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Last updated on April 27th, 2023 at 08:31 am

In-app monetization is becoming one of the most crucial segments for media owners who are looking at online advertising as one of their major sources of ad revenue. The overall mobile ecosystem is on the rise— as more users are turning toward ‘mobile first’ viewership; even more, adtech startups are focusing their business models keeping in mind the market opportunities in the mobile advertising landscape. As advertising is becoming more personalized and intent oriented, targeting the right users; turning them into customers continues to be a challenge for marketers via in-app inventory. However, in this article, we will direct our focus toward in-app developers and media owners who are looking to monetize their inventory at premium rates. Take a look at some of the best app monetization platforms of 2023 to help you get started with superior monetization.

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  • 10+ Best App Monetization Platforms of 2023

    Here we take you to some of the best app monetization platforms of 2023. We have tried dividing them based on the ad formats so that it becomes easier for your to determine which ad format you should be trying and across which ad networks would give your maximum yield. Also, we suggest using a yield management platform like DFP or a similar one to further maximize your overall ad revenue.

    Best App Monetization Platforms of 2023: For Display and Native Banners

    Not all mobile ad networks would equally perform well across all ad formats- native, banner, interstitial, video, and rewarded video. This is primarily because of the demand vs supply difference and the inability of the networks to fill globally at good rates. Thus, we suggest monitoring the performance of these networks across the ad formats and geography for maximized revenue opportunities. The networks which have promised good revenue across banners and native banner formats over a wide range of app developers globally are listed below.

    1. Facebook Audience Network: Best App Monetization Platform

    Facebook continues to provide superior monetization when compared with other mobile ad networks for native banner ad format. Due to a global base of more than 2 million advertisers, Facebook can provide good CPM rates for your in-app traffic. However, the CPM rates would vary depending on the niche of your app and the advertiser conversion rate. The CPM rates for tier one traffic for native banners is in the range of 40 cents to a dollar. Whose for tier 2 traffic is in the range of 10 cents to 30 cents. You can go through this detailed article to know more about Facebook Audience Network CPM Rates.  

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    2. Epom Apps: Best App Monetization Platform

    Epom Apps is a free app monetization platform that helps app developers generate revenue from their applications. They have a full stack of top-performing ad formats including smart banners, native ads, rewarded video, interstitials, and standard banners. Epom Apps team totally handles the monetization process – from the selection of the best-performing ad networks to include into your custom SDK to ad placement optimization.

    With a quick and simple SDK integration, the developer gets access to all major ad networks, ad exchanges & direct advertisers through a single account. They receive competitive eCPMs globally with a minimum 98% fill rate.

    3. Appodeal: Best App Mediation Platform

    Appodeal is one of the fastest-growing mediation platforms that is created to help app developers with better monetization opportunities. It is integrated with a number of exchanges and has algorithms that can pick up with highest bid prices for you so that you can make more money out of every impression. Also, their mediation platform handles the refresh rates and optimizes the ad formats based on conversions. This has made Appodeal one of the preferred choices of mediation platforms. However, Appodeal primarily works with app developers who have a good percentage of tier one traffic and have more than 10k app downloads. You can take a look at this article to have a better idea of the CPM rates offered by Appodeal.

    4. Mopub: Best App Mediation SSP Platform

    Comes from the family of Twitter and boasts of integration with some of the top demand platforms and ad exchanges, the CPM rates offered by Mopub are comparatively on the higher side. Thus it finds a seat in our list of best app monetization platforms for native and banner formats. Along with a demand source, you can also use Mopub SDK for mediation to further in

    5. Inmobi:

    Inmobi is one of the oldest mobile ad networks that have a good presence across south Asia. The network does provide some good rates across specific geos and thus we recommend testing them out by filtering specific geography. You can get in touch with your account manager

    6. Smaato:

    Smaato is a mediation platform for mobile developers and those who are looking to monetize their mobile web traffic. Smaato runs its own ad exchange along with integrations with some of the top demand platforms. They are particularly strong across South Asia and is growing in the US and European market. If you’ve good traffic coming from South Asian countries, you might consider adding Smaato to your ad stack. They have competitive rates and can go as high as a dollar for tier one and tier two traffic. The insights shared here will give you a more comprehensive perspective of Smaato’s CPM rates across various traffic tiers.

    7. ADX for Mobile:

    If you have a good volume of tier one traffic then Google AdExchange for mobile can help you monetize your in-app inventory. Primarily focused on bringing more quality inventory to the top brands and media agencies, AdX for mobile does supplement app developers with additional monetization opportunities.

    Best App Monetization Platforms For Video

    These days, video demand for mobile web and in-app are purchased programmatically by agencies, trading desks, and DSPs. As the market continues to be segmented, there are a lot of adtech companies that have a growing demand for in-app inventory for video. Here we take a look at some of the top app monetization platforms that can pay you good rates for your in-app video inventory.

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    8. Index Exchange:

    There are a lot of exchanges, demand platforms, and media agencies that buys inventory through Index Exchange in particular. This has led to the increasing demand for in-app inventory and Index Exchange continues to be one of the top platforms for buying in-app videos. The in-app video CPM rates for Index Exchange hovers between USD 5 to USD 7 for tier one traffic.  

    9. Tapjoy:

    Tapjoy has continued to be one of the most promising video ad networks that can effectively monetize your in-app video inventory. It offers good rates across major geographies and can be used with top video ad networks.

    10. Vungle:

    Vungle helps app developers monetize their in-app inventory with targeted video and rewarded video ads. The CPM rates are pretty robust across tier one and tier two traffic sources. However, Vungle runs on a CPI model and thus if the conversions are good, publishers and app developers can expect good returns from their inventory. The CPM rates for tier one traffic are in the range of USD 5 and above while that of tier two traffic hovers around USD 2-3. You can take a closer look at Vungle CPM rates here.  

    11. Unity Ads:

    Unity has been one of the strongest mobile ad networks when it comes to monetizing through video ads. They also do have a robust SDK that makes the integration quite seamless. You can expect the video CPM rates to be always above USD 5 for tier one traffic. It is also one of the best app monetization platforms for worldwide traffic if you’ve video inventory. The CPM rate for tier two traffic is around USD 2.

    Best App Monetization Platforms For Rewarded Video

    Rewarded video ads have emerged as a new ad format for mobile advertising where advertisers pay flat cpm rates for viewable video ads. As a publisher and an app developer, you can show rewarded video ads to your users and once the video ad is seen by the user, certain features of the app are unlocked. Additionally, these ads can be intermittently displayed to the users so that they can continue using the app. Here let us take a look at the best app monetization platforms for rewarded video ads.  

    12. Admob:

    Admob is the pioneer of rewarded video ads and has a significant volume of advertisers who are targeting rewarded video ads as their preferred ad format to reach a new audiences, and bring more engagements and conversions. Rewarded video ads are extremely popular for tier one traffic where the CPM rates go as high as USD 15 and above. The in-app advertiser base for tier two traffic is slowly maturing and the rewarded video rates for the same gradually increase. You can take a detailed look at Admob CPM Rates in the article here.

    13. Facebook:

    Facebook continues to provide superior monetization when compared with other mobile ad networks for rewarded video ads. Due to its strong presence of advertisers and better conversions, the CPM rates for rewarded video ads are quite high and are one of the best in the industry. You can expect the rates to be similar to that of Admob or even more at times on specific niches.

    14. Unity Ads:

    We have already mentioned Unity Ads as the best app monetization platform for video. It is one of the strongest mobile ad networks when it comes to monetizing through video ads. They also do have a robust SDK that makes the integration quite seamless. You can expect the rewarded video CPM rates to be always above USD 7 for tier one traffic. You might consider filling using Admob and Facebook Audience Network as your preferred ad network for tier one traffic and backfill with Unity for remnant impressions (especially for tier 2 and tier 3 traffic). You may also use Unity along with Adcolony and Chartboost which have moderate fills for tier 2 and tier 3 countries.

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    15. Adcolony:

    AdColony is a premium video advertising network, which provides advertisers and brands with an engaged audience; also it offers monetization solutions to publishers and developers. It is best suited to be used as a pass back to monetize your remnant inventory since the rates offered are comparatively much lower than those of Admob and Facebook. The CPM rates for tier one are in the range of USD 5 to 7. Also, the rates will hugely vary since it is more of a CPI network where the revenue is converted to CPM based on the conversions.

    16. Iron Source:

    Iron Source is a video mediation platform and also provides good revenue opportunities for publishers who have good US and EU traffic. The network offers good CPMs for video and interstitial ad formats. Also, the mediation platform offered by Iron Source is robust. The rewarded cpm rates for tier one traffic are in the range of USD 8 to 10.

    The two other networks which you can consider for rewarded video ad monetization along with the above include Tapjoy and Chartboost. Tapjoy

    The Future of Header Bidding for In-App Inventory

    Header bidding has emerged as one of the strongest tech forces in the online advertising sphere and a lot of web publishers have seen incremental benefits upon implementation of header bidding technology. However, there requires significant work when it comes to in-app header bidding as most of the exchanges are not ready and even the mobile monetization platforms are far distant from implementing header bidding tech.

    Well, the good news is most ad exchanges are getting started to target in-app inventory across and thus in the years to come when may see more brands and agencies directly buying in-app inventory from major exchanges rather than going through particular mobile ad networks. This would eventually give rise to a stronger ecosystem that can get started with an in-app header bidding solution for app developers. Meanwhile, mediation platforms and yield management tools should suffice to help app developers increase their overall revenue.

    How Mediation Platforms can Increase your In-App Revenue?

    Ezoic banner

    Mediation platforms are known to increase your overall in-app revenue significant since the algorithms pick the best monetization partner for your traffic from an array of mobile ad networks. Also, refresh functionality and creative optimization result in more revenue for app developers along with increasing the overall advertiser competition for your inventory. We hope this article on 10+ best app monetization platforms of 2023 should be instrumental in driving better revenue results for your app.

    Our Recommended Tools for Publishers:

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