MonetizeMore Review: Best Programmatic Yield Management Platform for Publishers

MonetizeMore is one of the best in industry to outsource ad operations that has been tailored for online publishers. They specialize in increasing the ad revenues of its publishers through ad optimization, double click adexchange and also offers premium plans for publishers.

About MonetizeMore

Monetize more is the best choice of outsourced ad optimization for publishers who wish to monetize  their websites and blogs. MonetizeMore offers doubleclick adexchange platform which increases the ad revenues of its publishers dramatically with their existing traffic level and advertisements per page. Both big and newbie publishers benefit from this, double click Ad exchange plan which carries the mission of realizing best ad monetization for its publishers.

MonetizeMore was found in January 2010 and is based in Victoria BC, Canada. It was founded by Kean Graham, who currently leads the company. It has been a practice for publishers to monetize their content by placing Google AdSense ads on their page and later target on building unique content, SEO, direct sales etc. Of all these practices, MonetizeMore proves the ad optimization is the most viable way to yield sustained profit growth from a website.

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Over the past five years, MonetizeMore has grown to optimize the unsold ad inventories of  thousands of publishers that reach over 240M unique visitors per month. Google had noticed the performance and value MonetizeMore has brought to the industry and decided  to grant MonetizeMore certified partner status. It offers its publishers with AdX accounts, DFP integration with AdX, so that the publisher can create line items that can complete with Ad networks including AdX and provide the mazimum return to it’s publishers. These initiatives resulted in 20%-50% increase in ad revenues of its publishers.

Requirements for a Publisher to Join the Network

MonetizeMore portrays a top notch performance through proprietary ad optimization methods and technology and is a tough rival for a number of ad optimization websites that exists. It prevents the ad network accounts of its publishers from getting banned and secures their ad revenue streams. There are few requirements for publishers to partner with MonetizeMore, its policy team would make sure that its publisher’s websites are Google Compliant, it also takes needed measures to block invalid website traffic. For premium publishers it charges a fee when it has increased their ad revenues.

Integrating with MonetizeMore is pretty simple and easy, publishers have to create an account with MonetizeMore, they screen the website and offer access to Google Ad Exchange and publishers have to copy paste their ad tags into the website or ad server to start generating revenue. It helps in 30% to 70% increase in ad revenues and risk free pricing for its publishers. Its dedicated Ad optimization team helps with monetization consulting for ad placements, content and data strategy, so as to offer real time assistance to its publishers. My personal experience with Monetizemore chat support and email support has been so far great. They ensure all request are adequately taken care of and the email queries are replied with 30 minutes.

How Does MonetizeMore Work

Doubleclick Ad exchange is a paradigm that has been designed for premium publishers and advertisers. MonetizeMore is able to offer this consolidated source of demand across the ad purchasing market to all its publishers that partner with it. Its doubleclick ad exchange platform benefits its publishers than any other demand source in the following ways,


  • Programmatic exchange offers access to demand across a number of ad networks and platforms.
  • Its Ad optimization tools help in further enhancement of RPM performance
  • Its advanced targeting technology results in engaging ads for publisher’s websites
  • It avoids channel conflict and avoids anonymous ad tags so as to prevent premium advertisers buying ad impressions for a cheaper cost.
  • MonetizeMore offers its customers a more customized teaching on how to get their website Google Compliant.
  • It links google analytics with the Ad Exchange to help publishers take their data driven business decisions, based on websites and their ad performance.

Double click ad exchange offers websites real time access to major ad demands available with Google Adsence, this along with complex targeting technologies would drive the publisher’s site towards better performance. Monetize More takes advantage of these additional optimization tools on a 24/7 basis to maximize the ad revenues of its clients. It tackles ad optimization through a combination of proprietary manual optimization techniques with the latest technology to yield better results, optimization flexibility and to maintain direct ad network and publisher relationships throughout the optimization process.

Monetize more allocates a dedicated ad optimization expert for all its premium publishers  to yield the maximum revenue out of the ad optimization process. Its performance based pricing model helps increasing the ad revenues of its publishers as quickly as possible, they also make needed connections and suggestions to improve all aspects of the business such as SEO, traffic suppression, paid traffic etc., that affects the ad revenues of its publishers.

MonetizemoreMore Plans

i. Double Click AdExchange Plan- Meant for medium and small publishers who can have an access to ADX account and thus the premium advertisers. Since the revenue split Publisher:Google :: 80:20, websites end up earn more with an AdX plan.

ii. Premium Publisher Plan- Monetizemore will assist the publisher to increase their ad revenue by increasing the competition for the ad slots by participating across a network of sites, monetize unsold inventory and generate incremental revenue. They take a percentage of the incremental ad revenue.

iii. MonetizeMore Demand- Monetizmore Demand is a header bidding solution that provides incremental revenue. Header Bidding is a true auction environment where top demand sources bid for each ad impression at the exact CPM value that they pay within your DFP account. It’s dynamic allocation outside of Google! I overcomes the nuances of the traditional Waterfall model and help achieve much better CPM rates. I applied for their Header bidding solution and received a mail which reads as:-

We accept applicants with a minimum of 10,000,000 pageviews per month, however our research indicates that your pageview volume is below that.  We are instead forwarding your application to our Google Ad Exchange screening team to see if you qualify.

Monetizemore CPM Rates 2017- Earning Opportunity

I have seen around 25-30% increase in my overall earnings after I started using MonetizeMore recently. My overall RPM use to hover around $1.5 to $2. After using MonetizeMore I am seeing the RPM to be hovering around $2.2-$2.5. As a simple one stop solution, so far I am happy with their service since I dont make much revenue from AdSense display ads on my blog.

Here is a screenshot of the earnings report,

Beamingnotes.com_Channel earnings report in CAD May 05 2016 dey.abhishek99 Gmail

As you can see, the CPM is 0.6 Canadian dollar. In USD it is coming to as $0.46. Since, I am running 5 ad units with them, the effective RPM is close to $2.3

Pro Tips: Since Ads served are purely CPM based, you can run 3 Monetizemore ad tags on your website at locations which are not prime from a click generating point of view. Alternatively, you would consider using 2 of your own ad units and place them at positions which generate the maximum number of clicks. You can also use AdPushup with these 2 ad units since AdPushup’s expertise lies in increasing the CTR of your AdSense ads and they are tremendous strong in their field and can help you increase the CTR by 50%.

Advantages of Partnering with MonetizeMore

  • MonetizeMore partners with Google to offer double click Ad exchange, which is a premium version of Adsense, exclusively for large websites with millions of users, for its premium publishers.
  • This ad exchange offers publishers access to the largest online advertisers in the world who pay largest CPMs.
  • Publisher websites gain access to leading ad exchange networks in the industry and MonetizeMore would manage and optimize the ad exchange ads on an ongoing basis to maximize the average eCPM of its publishers.
  • Its team of specialists are industry leaders in websites monetization who combine technology with knowledge and experience to drive better results.
  • Double click ad exchange is google Adsense + large pool of big brand advertisers who spend large CPMs for quality inventory.
  • Current publisher partners of MonetizeMore are able to realize CPM increase from 25% to 100%.
  • Publishers could connect with top performing Ad networks.
  • 24/7 expert ad optimization assistance.

Monetizemore Revenue Share

Monetizemore takes 15% of the served ad impressions directly from the ad tags you’re serving. This means, 85% of the time your AdX ad tags will be shown to the visitors and 13% of the time MonetizeMore AdX tags will be shown to the visitors.

Monetizemore Referral Program

You can refer MonetizeMore to any of your friends’ or colleagues’ website(s) that you think are a great fit to have their ad revenues increased by MonetizeMore. Take note, a publisher referral must get at least 1 million page views per month.

Follow the steps below to join the referral program: Send us (Moonetizemore) an email to: [email protected] and cc: the publisher owner/representative. In the Subject Line, kindly indicate this: MonetizeMore Referral: <Insert Website Address> In the body, it is ideal that you include some info about the site you are referring, such as:

Site address
Publisher owner/representative’s name
Monthly average page views
Monthly average ad revenue

The more qualified referrals you bring in, the more cash you get! You are eligible to receive 15% of the MonetizeMore earnings for the first 30 days after the referred publisher is registered. Your referral fees will be paid to you 75 days after the referred publisher has successfully been registered with MonetizeMore via your preferred payment method.

Here some additional information about the MonetizeMore Referral Program:

Referring publishers will get:
– 15% of all M2 revenues earned from Publisher via Google (exclusive of tax) for the first 90 days
– 10% of all M2 revenues earned from Publisher via Google (exclusive of tax) for the next 90 days
– 5% of all M2 revenues earned from Publisher via Google (exclusive of tax) for the next 180 days (5% perpetuity stays for a maximum period of 180 days)

All paid out in CAD within 30 days
The referral program do not apply to the sites you currently own.

Monetizemore Payment Structure and Payout

Monetize more pays its publishers in a NET 30 basis after the last date of the billable month. It makes payments on time and its payment portals are through Wire, PayPal and Hyperwallent and through ACH for its customers from USA. I have used Monetizemore in past and has been satisfied with their service and offerings. Here is a screenshot of the payment which I received from Monetizemore.

PayPal Transaction Details

Its publishers would gain 85% of the total doubleclick Ad exchange revenue every month. Minimum payment threshold in $50, if the amount is less than the minimum threshold, it gets carried forward to the payouts of the next month.


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MonetizeMore is a certified partner of Google AdSense that works towards maximizing the potential of its publishers and take their earnings to the next level. It helps its publishers reach their ad revenue potential through ad optimization, Ad Exchange tags, AdSense and hundredths of ad networks through DFP. Get started at if you are looking forward to increase your ad revenue.

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