AdPlexity Review 2022- Best Ad Spying Tool

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Making decisions prior to having a clear image of which ads do better than the others and which do not, does not only make the decision making process easier, but also makes the result quite reliable. But for the same, one needs reliable ads spying tool. Ad Spying basically is a tool that spies on the varying landing pages that are running on various mobile campaigns and on different traffic sources. There are loads in the market, if you look for them but here, we are going to target AdPlexity alone. AdPlexity is known to be the best mobile and desktop ads spying tools that is available in the market. It helps you learn about the campaigns that are running in about 75 nations, inclusive of almost every major country. It is very helpful if you need real-time insight right on campaigns running on the desktop and mobile ads exchanges. Not only would it make making the decision a lot easier but also help you easily uncover profitable campaigns that are basically turning on desktop and mobile popup traffic sources. They play quite an important role in the affiliate marketing game. This article would put them out for you, proving an extensive AdPlexity Review.

Benefits of Ad Spying Tools

Ad Spying tools allow you to spy on various landing pages which are running various mobile campaigns on various traffic sources and check the top landing pages or top mobile campaigns being promoted online. That significantly reduces your work of checking and testing mobile campaigns and figuring out what works best. Not only that, it also helps find offers that are well converting. There seems to be two mannerisms in which the given could be carried out; one of which is manual spying which does not just seem to be a tedious task but is also very time consuming. The other way to do it, obviously is a spying tool that does all the work for you, saves you time and finds the perfect offers, traffic source, networks and more.

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AdPlexity Product Features

AdPlexity is not called the best spying tool for nothing. It has hoards of features that the other spying tools do not offer.

  • It has an exotic feature that allows you to download every landing page and another one, that helps in tracking campaigns that are generally running on pop-under ads.
  • It has wide coverage of about 75 countries all over the world and also some of the less competitive countries.
  • It monitor a huge number of websites that is usually running on adult websites.
  • The best part about it is that it is not confined and supports all platforms, be it Windows, PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android too.
  • A feature called 120 Carriers, majorly shows all the hidden campaigns that are running on mobile carrier traffic and right worldwide.
  • A feature, namely, 100 Affiliate Networks, helps find the best ads that are promoting affiliate offers right from over 100 affiliate networks, all in one click.
  • Also, it allows the results to come out right within the fraction of seconds that can be searched by advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks and more things in a row.
  • They help locate successful campaigns quickly and quite conveniently with the help of their extensive filters that allow you separate on the basis on keywords, advertiser, publisher and affiliate network.
  • Not just that, they help analyze every piece of the campaign, and show you how long the campaign was up and when it performed the best, which devices it targets the best, and also the the traffic sources used.
  • They show the specific affiliate network and tracking tool used for particular landing pages, the offer that is being promoted on the landing pages or the outgoing URLs, as well as the campaigns run by the affiliate/advertiser.
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AdPlexity Product Offerings

They have quite an array of products to offer which includes- AdPlexity Mobile, AdPlexity Desktop, AdPlexity Native, AdPlexity ECommerce, AdPlexity Carriers and AdPlexity API.

  • AdPlexity Mobile helps keep track of the competitor’s most profitable ad campaigns on mobile traffic sources.
  • AdPlexity Desktop helps keep track of the competitor’s most profitable ad campaigns for desktop traffic sources.
  • AdPlexity Native helps keep track of the competitor’s most profitable ad campaigns for native traffic sources.
  • AdPlexity ECommerce helps keep note of the competitors profitable eCommerce stores and provides quite some data on the same.
  • AdPlexity Carriers helps browse campaigns in foreign demographics and allows you to make use of REAL 3G/LTE proxies from 80+ mobile carriers in 30+ countries.
  •  AdPlexity API provides you access to all of AdPlexity’s competitive intelligence data.

AdPlexity Pricing

AdPlexity has a very straightforward and simple approach with pricing, that is one has to simply pay their monthly fees and nothing more. It is very affordable and they provide everything that has been described already, at the cost of $199, every month. You should try it for a month, and that would be enough to convince you to pay them another month.

Should you Use an Ad Spying Tool

Spying has become necessary at an age like this, where it is important to be utterly informed before reaching a conclusion. Also, spying tools like AdPlexity are major time savers and before the creation of these, you had to look for everything manually, which meant looks up sites that have ads, which technically means almost every site, downloading or screenshotting those ads, changing IP, refreshing, and rinse and repeat the same for more than a dozen times on varying sites. But these spying tools pull it all together at a dashboard that shows you everything at once. You can view the landing pages, copy them or even download them. By simple clicks on links, you get to know about the CPA offers they promote and exactly how long that same iteration of the landing page has been live. So, from the looks of it, it is super powerful and beneficial.

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AdPlexity is not just responsible for changing the game for Ad Spying Tools with its out of the box features,but is also the best in the market at the present moment, It gives you just what you need to make an informed decision and makes sure that it would pay you well. It is highly beneficial for an affiliate marketer and certainly the best choice they can make. They cherry on top of it all is they it does not cost you a lot of money or time. So, it looks like it is the best way to go if considering an Ad Spying Tool.

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