Ezmob Review 2020: Best Ad Network for Mobile Traffic

Getting integrated with Ezmob ad units would help publishers connect with more than 40 networks, so as to target potential customers better; right on their handsets. The ad units of Ezmob are in the form of mobile popups, messages that would expose the publisher and their ads to at least x20 times better click through rates. Advantages of this mobile ad network is that, it does not promote its brands though banner display, as it is not effective in a mobile space, but through mobile pop ups- to drive better engagement from mobile phone users.

Mobile Advertising Solutions EZmob

A Brief about the Company

Ezmob is a one stop advertising platform that allows its publishers monetize their mobile ad inventory and offers them engaging and quality mobile ad units through a single gateway for RTB. It helps them in generating better in-house advertising revenue and world wide direct sales and in running an optimized ad campaign across thousands of mobile publishers, through largest third party exchanges in the world.

The mobile ad network makes use of mobile only ads, which are essentially text based pop ups, capable of generating additional revenue with the same traffic for the publisher. It connects its publishers directly its advertisers, mobile networks and search partners so as to help them generate the best eCPM in the industry.

We exist to offer our clients the best of class mobile advertising strategy, design and media services that exist around tablet and mobile devices. We harness our experience and technology constantly deliver creative and innovative solutions to our publishers  –

It offers a number of engaging ad campaigns and has been paying its publishers based on CPC, CPA, CPM and CPI basis. Its dashboard offers real time reports for publishers based on their sales and traffic. The network is being built on Android and OS platform and uses the best ad tracking platform so that advertisers are able to target their audience through GEO, Carrier and Device based option. It is easy to join the network, it offers the best support for its publishers to help them realize better ROI.

Requirements for a Publisher to Join the Network

Getting integrated with ad units is as easy as a cakewalk, it does not demand clever formatting knowledge from its publishers as that required with banner ads. Publishers are required to only integrate the simple one line ad code to the pages they would like the ads to show on to monetize it better.

After the code is pasted publishers have to save that page on their server, after integrating with the ads successfully, Ezmob team reviews the publication and starts serving it with live ads. It requires its publishers to hold a minimum 100 monthly impression and a minimum of 100 unique every month. It does not support websites with adult contents, nor does it promote adult content ads.

It helps its publishers to make extra money through their websites by adding a more effective monetization layer over the existing banner ads so as to monetize the existing inventory. Integrating with the network is also easy and once done it exposes its publishers to more than 1000 unique advertisers and their offers from different verticals and ensures that all of its users are engaged with the most relevant and attractive offers.

How Does EzMob Work

Mobile phones have transformed the way people communicate, search and shop, Ezmob leads this way of innovative thinking, targeting all hurdles surrounding mobiles and coming up with excellent solutions. It monetizes the fragmented and fast paced world of mobiles to enhance sales, develop productivity and user engagement. Its media expert market the businesses of its clients to drive sales and customer engagement by generating traffic and through exclusive publisher networks.

The key behind its business is its proprietary advertising technology, its team of mobile engineers focus on offers the best advertising tools in the industry along with first hand forecasting and tracking of industry trends. All of its services starting from banner designs with technical builds are being customized by the most experienced hands in the industry.

After integrating with the ads and connecting with the direct advertisers from over 20 leading mobile ad networks, Ezmob will match each impression with the highest performing offer available through its ad network so as to enhance the eCPM and overall revenue of its publishers. Mobile banners would gain anywhere between  0.5% to 1% Click through rate on a standard source of traffic. It is possible to realize more than 20x better click through instantly through Ezmob. It has developed mobile ads and other ad units for its publishers, so as to engage their mobile users and monetize thero business. These ad units could either be used as stand alone mobile units or as an additional monetization layer to improve the bottom line  publishers. Its ad unit does not demand the website to be mobile friendly or to dedicate real estate space for ads to get integrated. Its ad units get integrated on the additional monetization layer on top of existing banner ads or are used as stand alone mobile ads, generating revenue.

EzMob CPM Rates, CTR and Earning Reports-

I wanted to try EzMob since majority of my traffic is from mobile. Although I was a bit skeptic about popups and pop-unders, but still I thought to try this mobile ad network since their site’s presentation, interaction with the op teams made be believe in the product. I though of running them for a week, but after seeing their performance, I thoughts it’s better not to try EzMob on my blog since my readers are engaged and I don’t want to give them the experience of obtrusive popups.

EZMob Revenue

Although the CTR is much high compared to banner ads, the CPC and the eCPM is extremely low. However, if you have mixed traffic and you’re not much focused on return visitors, you may consider running Ezmob since it offer a eCPM of around $0.30 and their algorithms should show relevant ads once it is fed with sufficient data, enabling it to understand your website’s traffic. However, the sad part is, they still need to increase their CPC by tons.

Also, here is a screenshot of the Ezmob dashboard.

EZMob Dashboard


  • Many publishers claim that Ezmob is the best way to engage mobile users
  • Its targeted ads are visually appealing and are highly effective.
  • Its targeted ads achieve high CTR rates and its payment methods are fast and reliable as well.
  • Its online dashboard offers real time reports on both traffic and sales for its publishers.
  • It targets its customers on a number of targeting features such as iOS targeting, Geo Targeting, Vertical targeting, targeting by Carrier and WIFI and so on.
  • Ads in the form of pop up units, bookmarks and slider ads are targeted by them.


  • Its services are limited with websites and are not extended for mobile apps at the moment.
  • Its network does not cover blogs and its services are limited to formal websites.
  • It displays ads at a definitive size and there is less scope for banners of larger dimensions.

Payment Structure and Payout

Ezmob pays its publishers on CPM, CTR, CPI rates and thus making money with this ad network easy, simple and fast. Publishers are able to generate quick revenue with the network and enjoy the fruits of their work through fast and reliable payment gateways.

Payments are mediated through International Wire/ Bank Transfer or via PayPal within 60 days after the end of every month, on a Net 60 Basis. The minimum payment threshold is $100. Publishers who have not gathered this minimum threshold would get their accumulated revenue carried forward to the next billing cycle.


Ezmob ad network for mobiles monetizes the website of its publishers through standard ad units and a range of engaging mobile creatives to help them generate maximum revenue across the board. It takes just a minute to set up and integrate with the network and its online dashboard offers daily reports for its publishers, thus making it the fastest and reliable ad network to monetize a website. Ezmob can be a good network for mobile sites which are focus on downloads, wallpapers etc since they generate a lot of traffic and this can be a good consistent additional revenue stream.

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It is one of the growing mobile ad networks that focuses on mobile pop-unders, push notifications, and pops to supplement publishers overall ad revenue.

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