Click Bank Review: Best Affiliate Network to Make Money Online

Click Bank is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks that serves digital products such as software, membership sites in different categories and eBooks. The ClickBank platform handles credit card processing, payouts and accounting. There are two sides of the network, Vendors who wish to promote their products and services online through ClickBank and affiliate marketers who promote such products through their websites/blogs.

A Brief about the company

The idea behind the ClickBank Affiliate network erupted when its founders observed the tremendous growth of internet marketing through digital content and websites.  But this tremendous growth could make it difficult for people to choose the product they sought. Thus ClickBank was started with an inspiration to help people locate products in the year 1998. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. The network has grown up to be one of the 100 internet retailers and leaders in digital marketing with a net worth of $3 billion in sales.

It is currently working with more than 6 million entrepreneurs in 190 countries, and improves the lives of 200 million consumers all over the world. The network has physical offices in Idaho, Boise and Broomfield, Colorado, with a dedicated customer support team that handles more than 2,000 calls a day. The network partners with some of the best lifestyle modification products in the world that are being formulated by passionate entrepreneurs, and thus brags on improving the lives of consumers all over the world, with a single click.

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How does ClickBank work?

It partners with some of the unique products in the world, that are being created by passionate entrepreneurs with a keen focus on improving consumer lives either through coaching, inspiring or instructing. The network harnesses the power of digital marketing through its stock of 6 million unique products, so as to reach more than 200 million consumers from all over the world. The network features the best products from trusted merchants to satisfy its affiliates and consumers, and also offer prompt tools for merchants to publish and market their products and grow their business.

The network also works in close association with merchants and product creators so as to translate passion into products that motivate and inspire consumers. The network reviews every single product with strict guidelines and works with merchants, to ensure that their products are in tune to be sold through ClickBank. Its digital marketers and affiliates stick on to the network for its quality digital products and unparalleled reputation and reliability. It also pays its commissions to its associates on time.

Specific Features of ClickBank affiliate Network

  • The network pays some of the highest commissions for its marketers, as high as 75% and recognizes the importance of quality marketing.
  • It encourages its affiliates to choose the product they wish to promote, to gain a profitable appeal to the audience. Its online marketplace is loaded with thousands of products to choose from.
  • It pays its affiliates on time through a number of payment options. Its Hoplink tracking system credits its affiliates for sales initiated even if the customer waits for 60 days to make a payment after clicking on the link.
  • Most of its products are sold on a recurring subscription basis. This benefits affiliates tremendously, as long as consumer continue the subscription, they continue earning commissions, even long after the original sales.
  • As part of the purchase process, affiliated could choose products that consumers up-sell, and end up gaining more commissions.
  • ClickBank offers a unique joint venture program, that allows affiliates to split earning with other partners of ClickBank. Joint venture deals and payment sharing contracts are available only with CLickBank, and it is also able to handle payments in collaborations easily.
  • Its advanced analytics and reporting system offers access for its affiliates to detailed stats on clicks, impressions, and sales. This helps publishers to fine tune their campaigns and gain more earnings.

Its E-commerce solutions:

  • Its dedicated E-commerce solutions helps affiliates in getting their product notices all over the world, and they could also create partnerships and access tools to enhance sales conversions and repeat sales.
  • Affiliate finder: helps Merchants reach more than 5,00,000 digital marketers to promote their business
  • Quick purchases: Once click purchases to enhance revenue and back end offers
  • Mobile shopping: order forms are mobile optimized to be used in tablets and smartphones.
  • Subscription management to manage monthly memberships and ongoing subscriptions.
  • Joint venture contracts to split the profits

Requirements for publishers to join ClickBank

It’s easy for affiliates to partner with Click Bank Ad network through a simple registration form. They are also free to choose the product they wish to promote. They simply have to click the promote button on the product catalog. This would generate a link that consists of  a referral tracking URL. This link could be used to promote a product and receive commissions through sales. Affiliates are offered with a complete analysis dashboard with detailed statistics about their business. These are,

  • Hops per day, which tracks sales by vendor through tracking ID
  • Impressions on the order forms.
  • Reports on sales that includes, re-bill sales, gross sales, initial sales, refunds, net sales and Chargebacks.
  • Tools to manage subscriptions and reports.
  • Advantages of the network
  • It helps affiliates reach a global audience and covers more than 190 countries
  • It offers reliable and on time affiliate payouts
  • It supports re-marketing to enhance return customers and increased sales.
  • Guidance and support are available for consumers instantly.


  • Its promotional tools are insufficient, it does not offer banners and tracking tools on conversion for its affiliates. Affiliates have to rely on vendor for everything
  • It promotes a number of get rick quick products, affiliates have to think twice before choosing to promote such money making opportunities.
  • It offers a high refund rate of 60 day guaranteed refund policy. Thus consumers make a purchase, use it and return in leaving affiliates pockets empty.
  • Payment structure and payout
  • Affiliates are free to fix their minimum payment threshold, which could be anywhere between $10 – $1,000,000. The default payment threshold setting however is $100. The network releases the first payment, once the affiliate has crossed a minimum of 5 sales. It pays through a number of payment channels such as American express, Discover, Diners Club, Maestro, Carte Bleue, Visa, PayPal and MasterCard.


Click Bank is an excellent affiliate marketing network for newbies. It is important for affiliates to perform thorough research before starting to promote a product to realize decent commissions.

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