Mobile eCPM Rates in India 2020

India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. The nation has seen the rise of plethora of startups which are in the online segment and the market competition is fierce. Advertising technology is becoming a game changer in this segment and with more than 90 per cent of the Indian engaging themselves on mobile devices, the need of in-app advertising is growing in the Indian market. There are a lot of mobile ad networks that offers good CPM rates for Indian traffic. Although the marketer is emerging, and it is not as strong as that of the US, still, there are a much of marketers and advertisers who are using in-app advertising as their preferred method of communication (be in terms of branding, engagement or sales generation). In this article, we are going to discuss mobile COM rates in India for the year 2018. There are a lot of app developers who want to have a greater insights into the opportunities available to them in terms of revenue for their app and for them, knowing which mobile ad networks offer the best CPM for Indian traffic is crucial. Thus we have made a compilation of the revenue rates for mobile which you may take a look below.

Admob eCPM Rates in India 2018

Admob is the biggest mobile ad network globally with a high fill rate for all geography. The network is run by Google and have a huge number of advertisers across its network. Here, let us take a look at the CPM rates offered by Admob for banner, interstitial, and rewarded videos. The CPM rate of the traditional Admob banner is 5 cents with a fill rate of 60 per cent. The Admob interstitial fill rate is around 15% and offers a CPM of 88 cents. The rewarded video CPM rate also tends to be in the same range as that of the interstitial ads for Indian traffic. The following data is for Android users.


  • Banner 0.05  (60%)
  • Interstitial  0.88 (15%)
  • Rewarded Video 0.85 (18%)

When compared with Android, the Admob rates are quite higher for iOS. This is due to more advertisers competing for the premium audience in India. The iOS banner CPM rates for Admob is around 22 cents. For Admob interstitial than CPM rates are close to 1.5$ and for rewarded video ads the CPM rates tends to be close to $4.16. Thus, the iOS rewarded video CPM is almost 5 times more than that of Android. Although the Admob CPM rates in India is comparatively lower when compared with tier one countries as the advertisers are not maturated enough to advertise of in-app inventory. However, we believe that the competition will continue to grow and also more mobile in-app inventory will be available as more and more people are getting mobile first.


  • Banner 0.22 (58%)
  • Interstitial  1.54 (50%)
  • Rewarded Video 4.16 (22%)

Facebook eCPM Rates in India 2018

Facebook is one of the fastest growthing mobile network that is competing Admob in a global scale with its vast base of advertisers. The Facebook CPM rates in India has been quite consistent and the adpp developers have been able to monetize their inventory with targeted Facebook ads meant for in-app inventory. The native ad units offered by Facebook gives a CPM rate of around 7 cents. The interstitials and rewarded video ads have a CPM value of 33 cents and 63 cents for Android traffic. The rates for iOS are comparatively higher and can be found below.


  • Rewarded Video 0.63  (40%)
  • Native  0.07 (25%)
  • Banner  0.03 (25%)
  • Interstitial 0.33  (50%)

iOS rates are again much higher for Facebook when compared to its Android counterpart. The native banner ads offered by Facebook typically performs well for iOS and has a CPM rate of 64 cents. The interstitial and the rewarded videos are offered at rates equal to 97 cents and 4.8 dollars. On an average, Facebook CPM rates in India for mobile traffic is above USD 1 in the year 2018.


  • Rewarded Video 4.8 (57%)
  • Native  0.64 (90%)
  • Banner  0.05 (36%)
  • Interstitial 0.97  (62%)

Chartboost eCPM Rates in India 2018

Chartboost is yet another popular mobile ad network and a lot of Indian app developers use this network in addition to Admob to supplement their overall income. The network is known for its interstitial ads which offers lucrative CPM rates to app developers. Here, let us take a look at the rewarded video and interstitial CPM rates for Indian traffic. The Chartboost CPM rates for rewarded video is around 44 cents and that of interstitial ads is around 19 cents. This is typically much lower than the rates offered for US traffic, since the network has lesser number of advertisers targeting for Indian traffic.


  • Rewarded Video  0.41 (55%)
  • Interstitial  0.19 (40%)

However, the CPM rates offer on iOS by Chartboost is a bit higher for rewarded video ads and tends to be around a dollar. The interstitial rates remains the same in the range of 20 cents.


  • Rewarded Video 0.96 (27%)
  • Interstitial 0.21 (38%)

Vungle eCPM Rates in India 2018

Vungle is a leading in-app mobile video ad network that helps publishers with higher monetization rates due to its cutting edge optimization technology. It is ranked as one of the top performing mobile ad network. Again, the CPM rates offered by Vungle for Indian traffic is not too great mainly due to lesser number of advertisers under its network who are targeting Indian traffic. The CPM rates for rewarded video is around 0.35 cents and that of video is around 33 cents.


  • Rewarded Video  0.35 (31%)
  • Video 0.33  (46%)

The iOS CPM rates for Vungle is a bit higher. Typically, the rewarded video ads CPM rates for iOS is above a dollar and the video CPM tends to be around half a dollar.


  • Rewarded Video 1.03 (15%)
  • Video 0.44 (24%)

Adcolony eCPM Rates in India 2018

Adcolony is yet another popular mobile video ad network that has a great presence across US and mainly other tier one countries. The network again fails to offer good rates for tier 2 and tier 3 traffic. It offers premium CPMs and high fill rates for its publishers and is able to do some mainly because of its advertising tie-ups with most of the Fortune 500 companies. The rewarded video CPM rates offered by Adcolony is around 75 cents and those of normal video is around 35 cents.


  • Rewarded Video 0.75  (34%)
  • Video 0.35 (19%)

As always, the rates for iOS is a bit higher than Android. The rewarded video rates are around 80 cents and those of normal video is around 30 cents. The fill rates ranges anywhere between 20-30%.


  • Rewarded Video  0.84 (23%)
  • Video 0.32 (23%)

Unity Ads eCPM Rates in India

Unity Ads is known to provide better CPM rates for Indian traffic than many other mobile ad networks. Also the network offers good fill rates in the range of 40-50% for Indian traffic. Unity ads is driven by advertisers who are in the gaming segment and thus they offer good rates across world wide traffic mainly due to the niche. If you have good in-app inventory which appeals to the gaming segment, unity ads can really boost your overall revenue. The CPm rates offered by Unity for rewarded video us around 60 cents and those of normal video is around 40 cents. It is partnered with major technology and gaming companies and offers high CPM rates since most of its ads are of top quality.


  • Rewarded Video 0.61 (52%)
  • Video 0.45 (55%)

The rates offered by Unity ads for Indian traffic on iOS is typically double than that of android. Here, you can see the CPM rates for rewarded video ads is around 1.30$ and those of video is 0.86$. Further revenue uplift is possible if you’ve an audience type that is strong tuned towards gaming since that will increase the overall conversions.


  • Rewarded Video 1.30 (37%)
  • Video  0.86 (38%)

Thus to wrap up, we are seeing that the mobile banner CPM rates in India is extremely low and tends to be around 5 cents. It needs to be noted here than the CPM rates for in-app banners is usually low and is an ongoing trend in many countries.

  • Rewarded video CPMs ranges close to a dollar while normal video CPMs are near 50 cents.
  • CPM rates for iOS is around 50-100% higher than Android mainly due to more number of advertisers competing for the same traffic.
  • There has been a decreasing overall trend for mobile interstitial CPMs and the rates offered by ad networks like Admob and Facebook are not competitive for Indian traffic.

We hope mobile app developers like you now have a clear idea of the eCPM rates for Indian traffic and you can calculate your potential earnings based on the overall impressions severed by your app for native, video, and interstitial ad formats. Also, it needs to be mentioned here that the eCPM rates for tier one countries are much higher and one much target those countries along with India to make more revenue from in-app advertisement. Do check out article on Mobile eCPM rates in the US here.

The CPM rates are sourced from Appodeal which is one of the best mobile mediation network. The data is the average of the CPM rates for a week for each of the month of January, February, and March. So, the CPM rates will be approximate and the rates that you will be seeing on your app may vary since the CPM rates also depends hugely on the audience type, niche of the app, and the engagement of the users with the advertisements.

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