Best Ad Networks for Bengali Blogs 2018

Native content language is on the rise as Google plans to expand its search dominance and increase its user base. The company has come up with Ad serving for regional content languages like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and recently Telugu to help publishers in the Indian ecosystem to increase their ad revenue through contextual advertising. Over the next few years, we expect more native languages to be AdSense approved. Additionally, there is a growing number of ad formats like display, native, and video that can help publishers with superior ad monetization. In this article, we are going to discuss the top ad networks that you can use to monetize your Bengali blogs.

Google AdX (Google Ad Exchange)

This Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange service is for maintaining and managing multiple monetization sources of online display advertising. In this Ad Exchange service, the publishers and the publisher networks are the sellers and the advertisers and advertising networks are the buyers. Publishers featuring AdX on their websites are presented with the world’s most hhonored advertisers who are enthusiastic to spend significant advertising budgets on sites that are widely trafficked.

Featuring Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology AdX pairs up premium websites with premium advertisers. AdX can feature a maximum of 5 Ads per page and has access to advertisers AdWords, AdX, Local and Global DSPs with RTB Integration. The CPM pricing is determined by the Publishers themselves who keep 80% from Open Auctions and 90% from Private Auctions and Preferred Deals. An advanced version of AdX has flexible reporting with creating queries based on a publisher-defined parameter. The full potential of AdX is reached when it is able to compete with other Ad networks through Google’s ad serving platform – DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).


Sulvo provides higher revenue, deeper insights and accurate pricing. Sulvo can operate and deliver proper results both in the US and internationally. The patent-pending technology of Sulvo relies greatly on the artificial intelligence it is powered by. To protect all the transactions conducted, Sulvo runs on a 256-bit bank-level encryption. Sulvo tries to be beneficial to both the Publisher and the Advertiser by helping them maximize revenue and reach the highest potential of their present inventory; and eliminating waste and focus on quality impressions respectively. A few of their special features are:

  • Variety of Ad formats- Ads which will best suit the content of the website can be selected from the wide choice.
  • Custom segmentation- segmenting custom variables.
  • Advanced support- full technical support is provided.

A few of Sulvo’s ad tech partners and buyers are Media math, adform, trademob, OpenX, etc.


Another Ad network to drive quality traffic in your website, get conversions and grow revenue. Taboola supports native languages. The topmost publishers have all selected Taboola to get a better-engaged audience and due to the increase in their revenue. Few of the features are:

  • ‘Reach the world’- Engage with over one billion relevant users across premium publishers at a massive scale.
  • ‘Connect confidently’- Videos and native content campaigns can be operated in a non-disruptive, brand-safe environment through programmatic or direct channels.
  • Meet all your marketing objectives.

Both Publishers and Advertisers have embraced native Ads to help grow their business. Native Ads helps users engage with branded content they like on their own terms. Companies like Expedia, Whirlpool, Nissan, Pandora, etc are all partners with Taboola.


MGID also provides native monetisation for both the Advertisers and the Publishers. The brand’s message is best delivered to all the relevant and promising audiences, through native placements on thousands of premium entertainment and lifestyle websites. MGID provides an appealing solution consistent with the publisher’s platform behavior. “Publishers can either monetize the traffic or recirculate their audiences.” There are a number of regional websites who use Mgid as their preferred ad network.


Revcontent Dashboard

Revcontent is yet another popular native ad network that monetizes publisher inventory with highest CPM rates when compared to other ad native ad networks. However, you need to have a good volume of traffic to ensure that the website is performing well in terms of revenue. The rates although CPC based are optimized for performance and publishers who are providing the maximum return for their advertisers actually end up gaining higher CPC rates from the network.


Adgebra is one of the fastest growing native ad network for regional language. The network has partnered with a number of Indian brands and promise to deliver ROI driven native advertising campaigns. Adgerba offers a variety of solutions for publishers. It is India’s largest regional language native ad platform and reaches up to 250 mm audience and servers 5 Billion monthly impressions per month.


Instant articles offers monetization opportunity for regional content websites and platforms which operate solely on Facebook. The ads are served through Facebook Audience Network that offers publishers the benefit of placing ads on their website content at fixed intervals. All regional publishers can use Audience network to monetize their ad space and thus is recommended for Bengali blogs as well. Generally, the CPM rates from Facebook Audience Network is much higher in comparison to other ad networks including Google.

While, monetizing regional traffic was difficult in the recent past, it is not so these days as there are more ad networks which are foraying into these segments. If you’re running a Bengali blog and monetizing it with ad networks, do let us know which ad networks you’re using and how is the revenue.

Contributor- Sayantani Saha

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