RevenueHits Review: Best Performance Based Advertising Network

A lot of people have taken up blogging as their profession and few their passion. But they were not able to make good money even after long hours of blogging and gaining a good number of visitors on their blogging page, owning to strict restrictions placed by advertising platforms. The scenario would not be the same with Revenue Hits as this performance-based advertising network helps publishers earn easily by monetizing their website. As a part of out commitment to help publishers choose the most relevance ad networks, we are introducing RevenueHits, a CPA based ad network which is making some buzz in the ad network industry.

RevenueHits Revenue Superheroes

About RevenueHits:

RevenueHits is a performance based advertising platform based on CPA (cost per thousand impressions). It helps bloggers make good money by blogging and advertising and pay $30 eCPM irrespective of the type of website. Revenue hits show offers and ads depending on the traffic brought by the publisher and not on the needs of the advertiser. This makes it a highly sought after advertising network compared with its rivals and bloggers are able to make easy money with revenue hits.

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RevenueHits is a Geo -targeting Advertisement Network that adjusts according to the nature and volume of traffic the blog receives and not on the requirements of the advertiser. Their innovative performance base was designed to help bloggers and publishers monetize their toolbars, websites, IM applications and search widgets. RevenueHits is a highly scalable platform that serves billions of ads everyday with 99% uptime.

RevenueHits is operated and owned by Intango Ltd, based in Israel. It was founded in 2008 by a team of tech professionals and online marketers. Its technology scans millions of online ads and analyzes their performance over time. Its inventory of ads is comprised of display ads and effective text to offer performance based offers and through these ads it helps publishers to improve their revenue.

Website Niches that Can Make Good Money with Revenue Hits

I would suggest you to run revenue hits on sites which doesn’t generate you much RPM from AdSense. Since this is a CPA based network and caters to software/app downloads, you might not be willing to use RevenueHits on content rich sites. However, forums which are focused on downloads, torrent sites, music, video and wallpaper sites have a huge potential to earn from RevenueHits.

The machine learning algorithms would take some time to understand your website’s traffic and then show relevant CPA offers on your site as pop-unders.

i. Music/file sharing websites

ii. Wallpaper websites

iii.Torrent sites

iv. Forums related to movies, music and more

RevenueHits might show more relevant ads after a weeks optimization, as the system gains more insight about the traffic quality of a website.

Requirements for a Publisher to Join the Network

  • Publishers need not have any technical expertise to be a part of Revenuehits. In fact, it is based on the SaaS platform and thus publishers need not pay any transaction fees, ad-serving CST or referral fees.
  • Publisher’s needs to create their unique credentials at the time of signing up for the website and these credentials would accompany them all through the process, from defining sites to taking payment.
  • Revenue hits aim to maintain a respectable and a decent business and thus expects the same from its publishers as well. Publishers are not expected to place tags that are not approved in their website, they should not alter, lease or rent their network tags to third parties, and they should not place network tags on blank pages and so on.

Signing up with Revenuehits is very easy and the process goes as follows,

  • Visit the website
  • Sign up as a publisher if you wish to advertise on the blogs and websites or sign up as an advertiser if you want to place your ads
  • Click the sign up button
  • Fill in all the required fields
  • Check mail for confirmation of account activation and activate the same
  • You are now part of its publisher network
  • Create your ad unit and integrate it with apps, widgets, blogs and websites.

How Does RevenueHits Work

RevenueHits follow a stringent optimization process and presents the most targeted offers to the users of the website, to improve their revenue. Some publishers are able to enjoy earning $10 eCPM revenue and these earnings depend on factors such as traffic origin, content of the website, positioning of ads, user behavior and so on. Nevertheless RevenueHits offers publishers with maximum efficiency within a few days with 100% satisfaction of traffic potential.

Revenue Hits make use of the best tracking technologies and optimization services so as to help publishers make real money from their websites, widgets and applications. It offers more than 2 billion impressions every day and promises 100% fulfillment on all geo-locations, based on its variety of networks and advertisers all over the world.

Pros of RevenueHits

  • RevenueHits offer more than 2 billion impressions every day and has more than 10 million active users across the world. It thus helps advertisers enhance their revenue and maximize their return on investment
  • It is not limited to a small number of advertisers, its system scans thousands of ads and offers everyday and analyze their performance over time. It also selects optimal advertising campaigns to engage with.
  • It is possible to withdraw money easy through it, once the credit limit reaches $50.
  • Earnings are realized quickly, earnings for a particular month are paid at the end of the month itself. Payment is released through PayPal.
  • It pays according to the records available in his dashboard; it does absorb its own bank fees. Payee bank or any correspondent bank might charge additional fees for processing the payment.

Cons of Revenue Hits

  • Revenue hits does not support video ads
  • It does not have a real time monitor to analyses status promptly
  • It does not pay according to pay per impression basis in contrast to other ad networks.

Payment Structure and Payout, CPM Rates of Revenue Hits

RevenueHits does not pay based on ad clicks or ad impressions, but on CPA, it is a cost per action advertising network. These actions could be anything from visiting a website, interaction on forums and so on and thus payments could be highly fluctuating on a daily basis. Payment gets transferred through Paypal, Wire transfer and Payoneer. Minimum payout made is $50.

Referral Program

RevenueHits surprises all its bloggers through its pleasant referral program. Every publisher you refer to us is automatically registered under your name.

  • For a publisher with monthly revenues up to $1500, you will receive 5% share from his earnings for one year.
  • For a publisher with monthly revenues over $1500, you will receive 10% share from his earnings for one year.

An affiliate commission of 5-10% is a standard rate. However, if the publisher you refer doesn’t have much traffic, you will end up earning less.  To be a part of its affiliate program,

  • Visit the publishers tab and click on the sign up button
  • Fill in all the details relevant to the website to serve better ads.
  • After signing in, a referral tab would be available on the dashboard of the account
  • Click on the tab and find the referral link.
  • Refer friends and make more money out of it


RevenueHits is one of the best alternatives for a number of ad networks that helps bloggers earn a good sum of money with fewer efforts. It pays on time and does not ban any account. It monetizes the websites of its publishers and helps them gain more money. Its performance and support is exceptional and its representatives are always in contact with publishers, helping them  monetize ads and to make the best revenue out of it.

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